Delay in Payment of Salaries Not Good for Image of Govt-Labour


The persistent delay in the payment of workers salaries, is not good for Government image.

This assertion was made recently, by the Chairman of the Oyo state council of the Medical and Health Workers Union of Nigeria(MHWUN)Comrade Ademola Babalola.

”God almighty will help Government, it should endeavour to be paying us at the right time, so that it won’t be when people suffer and suffer, before they can receive a certain amount. It is not portraying Government’s good image. Many people are saying that maybe Government is colluding with the bank. Maybe, that is what people are saying”.

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”It is the fault of the bank, Government gave Heritage bank a month’s salaries and the rest to other banks. This bank does not pay workers as and when they are supposed to have paid within a week, it takes two, three weeks to settle all the workers, one Ministry would be paid, others will not be paid. They don’t know their job, it is better for Government to engage banks that can pay workers at the right  time”.

He noted that there were several challenges confronting workers in the country saying, ”throughout the nation workers are complaining of their working conditions. But I will appeal to Government to make the working   conditions conducive. Workers should be patient with Government, there will be improvement. God will bless our Governments at the Federal and sate levels, so that things will improve”.


Oyo Workers Appeal To State Govt. To Use 100 % of Paris Club Refund To Pay Salary Arrears, As UI Workers Continue Strike


Workers in Oyo state have appealed to the state Government to use the Paris Club deductions refund, about to be released by the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN), on the directive of President Muhammadu Buhari, to offset the backlog of salary arrears owed them.

The workers made the appeal through the Chairman of the state council of the Non Academic Staff Union(NASU), Comrade Olusola Fatoki-Cole.

”We want  to appeal to Government, when this one comes, the one we are expecting, as he has done, we are  expecting more from him, he used 60 per cent of the money to settle arrears of salaries, he can as well use 80 per cent this time around, if  he is not comfortable to use the whole amount. But my own take as the state Chairman of NASU, Oyo state, is that he should sue 100 per cent of the money to offset the salary arrears, so that we will know that there are no arrears of salaries in Oyo state. So that everything will be back to normal”.

”In fact the Government will have a new lease of life, they will be relieved. Thinking of where we will get money to pay salary arrears will no more be there. This is an opportunity for Government to liquidate all the arrears of salaries, it owes Oyo state workers. This is the opportunity, this is God at work, because we were not expecting this refund. It is just like a dream, it is a miracle. And God knows that these people are suffering, that is why God can touche the hearts of the people, who said that we still have some arrears of over payment of loan, that we have paid to collect. And I believe that we  should give kudos to this Government, we should also give kudos to President Muhammadu Buhari, but if it were to be the  immediate past Government, we will not know if there is a refund or not”.

”I think we should give kudos to this government for been transparent, and for been sympathetic to the plight of the workers. I think we should give President Buhari that kudos. I want to use this opportunity to thank the Federal Government, to thank our Governor, Governor Abiola Ajimobi, anticipating  that when the money comes, he will Lliquidate tha arrears that are left to be paid”,Comrade Fatoki-Cole stated.

He urged the workers to pray fervently and exercise patience, while also advising them to cultivate the habit of saving.

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Similarly, the indefinite strike action embarked upon by the workers of the University of Ibadan continued on Wednesday, undisrupted.

The workers have since the beginning of the week, prevented vehicular movement in and out of the  University’s two entry points, by shutting the gates from the early hours of each day till late in the afternoon, however, pedestrians were not affected, as the pedestrian gate remained open.

A visit to a number of locations within the university campus, confirmed that activities were totally shut down, as there was no electricity and water supply, while most of the offices remained under lock and key. Workers were seen discussing in groups within and around the main gate.

The Chairman of NASU in the university, Comrade Oluwasegun Arojo disclosed that the indefinite strike was still on, saying”the university management is yet to accede to the demands of the workers, so the indefinite  strike continues”.

4 Months Salaries : We Have Only Received One month-Oyo Workers


Workers in Oyo state on Monday went about their duties, worried and disturbed over an announcement by the state Government, on salary issues.

The state Government had through its Commissioner for Information, Toye Arulogun, declared that it had paid its workforce four months salaries out of the arrears owed them.

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But a cross section of workers in the state, who discussed the development in groups, at their duty posts,insisted that, after several months, they had only been paid a month’s  salary.

Indeed,  in most recent times, doubtful information have emanated from the state Government through some of its information dissemination channels.

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In his reaction, the state Chairman, Trade Union Congress(TUC), who also doubles as the Chairman Joint Public Service Negotiating Council, Comrade Olusola Ogundiran disclosed that the state Government had succeeded in paying two months salaries in the last three months.

”Our expectations are high, but the fact is that there is a statutory guideline, guiding the fund release. The Federal Government had directed that 50 per cent of whatever is released to the state should go for salaries and pension payments. And going  by the last release, we are not sure if this tranche of release would be up to the last one, the last one was 7.2, the Oyo state Government was even magnanimous to use 60 per cent of the 7.2 to cater for salaries and pensions. So, we are still expecting the same magnanimity, because 50 per cent might not be enough to care of even just one month’s salaries. So we are expecting the same magnanimity that more than 50 per cent would be used to settle salaries and pensions, which would make workers to smile even if at least for one month, and the arrears of salaries owed would have been further reduced.

However, the Vice Chairman of the Public Service Joint Negotiating Council, Kolawole Eniola disclosed logistic problems accounted for the delay in the payment of salaries, stressing that the state Government had paid October salaries .

”So now that another release is about to be made, and been a directive from the Federal Government, that the part of the money should be used to offset salaries, and now that the state is paying the salaries of November which is overdue, our belief that when next the Government, because we are in the period of going for another FAAC  allocation, so when next the representative of Government travels to Abuja for the FACC meeting, I believe that the salaries for November once released, would surely be given, because the amount been used  to pay salaries has increased, so we are sure that immediately the money is released to the state, we are at the Labour side the JNC, NLC TUC, they will intervene to getting the approval of Government again, to use that part of the release to offset the salary arrears that are on ground”, Eniola concluded.

Poor Salaries Cause of Low Productivity Among Teachers-School Administrator


The poor remuneration of Teachers and other unattractive working conditions have been outlined as some of the factors responsible of the low productivity of Teachers in Nigeria.

These are the views  of  the Personal Assistant to the Proprietor of Atanda International High School, Oluyole Estate, Ibadan, Nigeria, Mrs. Oluremi Oladipo.

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”The Government should  please help us make sure they equip Libraries. Le them equip Libraries, let workers salaries be paid on time. When workers salaries are paid on time, parents would  have money to pay the school fees of their children. And the children will have a comfortable environment to sit down to learn”, Mrs. Oladipo said.

She advised parents to  pay more attention to their children’s upbringing saying ”parents should also devote more time  to their children. They should make sure they have time for their children. Let them not just wake up early in the morning and go to work, without even asking what  they have done for the day, without checking what they have done in school for the day”, the school administrator  concluded.

Unpaid Salaries : We are Yet Get To The Root of the Problem-Oyo TUC


We are Perplexed and Frustrated-Oyo NASU

Labour leaders in Oyo state, Nigeria have expressed hopes that the state Government would resolve all issues relating to salaries in good time.

In separate interviews the Chairman of the Public Service  Joint  Negotiating Council, who is also the Chairman of the Trade Union Congress in the state, Comrade Olusola Ogundiran  and the Chairman of the Non Academic Staff Union(NASU) Comrade Fatoki Olusola-Cole  streesed their differing positions on the issue of workers unpaid salaries.

Comrade Ogundiran wondered why the Local Government workers had not been paid for several months  saying”the state Government has it so good, may be because certain sources of funding came in, such as the recently extended refund of the Pairs Club over deduction. We thought that the Local Government should also benefit from this fund, but we wouldn’t know because they have their own separate account”.

”We don’t know what actually went on thereof, what we know is that  at the state level there was a committee, that once salaries are paid it was supposed to be  a standing committee. The committee used to meet, the state Government will open its book of account, will see what comes in, and will know how to pay  salaries. Local Governments were also represented in that committee, but suddenly that committee just stopped meeting and the state Government just told us that they are following whatever we had agreed, religiously So, once allocation comes the state Government will go ahead to pay salaries”.

”Like now, we are expecting October salaries, but we know that the state Government could go ahead  and pay November salaries too. So, as far as the Local Governments are concerned they have their own Joint Account Committee(JAC), it is the Joint Account Committee that deals with the Local Governments’ funds expenditure. So, we are still yet to get to the root of where the problem lies. If  the primary schools could be paid fully in a month, why not the Local Government workers and even the pensioners ?”, Comrade Ogundiran questioned.

Treasures Again

However the Chairman of the Non Academic Staff Union in the state, Comrade Olusola-Cole laments that the living conditions of workers in the state has deteriorated drastically.

”It has been pathetic, it has been frustrating. It has not been easy. They’ve been trying to manage, but  each day the situation aggravates, costs of goods and services have sky rocketed. And for workers who couldn’t get their salaries, and their salaries have ran into arrears, to the tune of between five(5) and six(6) months, you can imagine how pathetic the situation is. Some of them have turned to street beggars, some of them cannot afford to feed their families, some of them cannot afford to pay rents, some of them cannot afford to take care of their health, because their health is deteriorating. Life has been unbearable, so it is quite unfortunate. And it seems that there is no solution in sight”.

”Even with the release of the Paris Club refund that the Government has just obtained, could not solve  the problem. Government told us that it used 60 per cent of the money to pay the salary arrears, which covers two months. So, the money did not go anywhere, it has not solved the problem. the situation has not changed, it is just like a drop of water in the ocean. It is so pathetic. The lives of workers in Oyo state  is nothing to write home about. That is the situation and we are not happy about it We are perplexed and frustrated”, Comrade Olusola-Cole declared.

Salary Deductions in UI: Govt. In Talks With National Leadership of Unions-NASU


Workers in the University of Ibadan have attributed their silence over the issue of unjustified deductions from their monthly salaries, after their last protests, to the ongoing talks between the national  leadership of the affected unions and the Federal Government.

The workers had embarked on a peaceful protest recently, calling for the removal of the Bursar of the institution.

This disclosure was made by the  Chairman Non Academic Staff Union(NASU)University of Ibadan branch, Comrade  Oluwasegun Arojo, in a chat with Federationews2day.

Comrade Arojo,  lamented that the management of the institution had resumed the payment of fractional salaries, while urging  members to be patient  and give  the national  leadership of the union time to resolve the  matter with the Government.

”Normally, when you want to embark on protests, there is still room for dialogue. Our protests drew the attention of Government to our plight and Government had to organize a meeting with our national bodies, to discuss on the issues. They set up committees, to of course, look into all of these demands and that’s why we sheathed our swords, waiting for the outcome of the meeting, between the national  leadership of the unions and the Federal Government”.

”Our aim was to draw the attention of the Government to our demands. Our national leadership gave the directive that the protests should be suspended. In December we were paid in fully and in January we were surprised to see fractional payments again. The reason we cannot say. I will urge our members to be patient, while we should trust the leadership of the unions at the national level. Of course, they will give us the best. I will just plead with them to exercise more patience. And I am sure, by the grace of God, we will all smile, so, it is just a matter of time”, Comrade Arojo concluded.

Federal Government And Its Political Appointees Should Cut Their Salaries By 50% as Oyo Has done-Eze(Dr) Anozie


The Federal Government, Senators, Federal lawmakers and other political office holders have been called upon to review their salaries downward by 50 per cent, as the Oyo state Government has done to its political appointees.

This call was made by the Eze Ndigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state, Eze (Dr) Alex Anozie in a Press Release he personally signed.

”It was good, the wise decision of Oyo state Government, to cut the salaries of Political Office holders by 50 per cent, that is a very big sacrifice coming from the affected officials. I congratulate them for agreeing to make such sacrifice which is in the interest of the state and Nigeria. I am calling on the Federal Government and the Senators, including the Legislators to do the  same, as the Oyo state  Government has done”.

”Let it flow down from the President, to the Senators and Legislators, even the past Presidents and other past political office holders, who are still receiving some monthly salaries or allowances to be slashed by 50 per cent.  By so doing they would be demonstrating practical sacrifice, that would make their fellow suffering Nigerians know that they are also contributing towards salvaging our economy, which is down”, Eze(Dr) Anozie asserted.

Eze(Dr) Anozie, who is also Vice President, Association of Ezeigbos in Diaspora(South) urged Nigerians to be united towards salvaging the  country, saying ”Federal  Government should also intensify  efforts towards looted money recovery.  It is most unfortunate that those  who have been in authority, whom we Nigerians entrusted our wealth and the management of the country into their hands since independence, were the ones stealing the country dry”.

”It is very shameful. It has been from a bad government to a worse government, from the worse government to the worst government. May God help this country, Nigeria, which the world was looking forward to becoming one of the most wealthy and developed countries in the world, the country is now been mocked all over the world”, he concluded.

Salary Arears : Oyo Govt. Should Find Solution-Chairman, Health Workers


The non payment of workers’ salaries has negatively affected their productivity in Oyo state.

This assertion was made by the Chairman, Medical and Health Workers Union of Nigeria(MHWUN),Oyo state council, Comrade(Pastor) Ademola Babalola, in a chat with Federationews2day.

”When people are not paid, how do you want them to work well. Automatically, the  effectiveness will not be there. Then, how would the workers get to their places of work ? It is money they will spend, some people are trekking, some will trek for some distance, before they get to their places of work, people are complaining. Most parents who have their children in private schools cannot pay their school fees.

Comrade Babalola appealed to the state government to urgently address the situation saying ”they should find solution to the payment of the salaries of  workers, because by that it would make them to be effective and efficient and it would also enhance the productivity of the workers.

He also disclosed that workers on Grades levels One to 14 had received their salaries for Novembers, 2015, while awaiting the payment of four months arrears.

Workers Salaries : Oyo Govt Says Its Allocation Is Reducing Monthly-NASU


The monthly allocation that accrues to the  Oyo state Government  nosedives each month, this has greatly affected the salaries of workers in the state. As a result of insufficient funds, the state government has decided to pay its workers in three phases, however, in this interview with Federationews2day, the Chairman of the Non Academic Staff Union(NASU)Oyo state Council, Comrade Fatoki Olusola-Cole insists that unions in the state are not part of the arrangement. Excerpts :

Salaries of workers in Oyo state are now paid by the state government in three phases. Why is this so ?

The situation has not improved  due to the allocation received by the state government from the Federal Government.And the allocation dwindles the more, every month and that makes the situation to be worrisome. There is a Memorandum of Understanding signed with the state government by the labour in Oyo state, stating that as a result of what is coming from the Federal Government as monthly allocation and the IGR of Oyo state put together, which cannot pay the whole salaries of  workers in Oyo state, that we should stagger it, that is  Grades level One to 12 are paid with whatever that comes, that is for example, this month, then the next allocation, will take care of Grades level  13 and above, that was what was in existence until around January, when the allocation received from the Federal Government dwindled and it could not pay Grades level one to 12 again and government now resorted to making an arrangement which we were not part, to pay Grades level one to six, then 7 to 13 and 14 and above later. Government staggered it that way, but we vehemently  opposed it and the excuse that government gave us, was that the allocation that came from the Federal government was short of what it had been collecting. And that is why government decided to stagger it, to make it three categories. We have decided to meet with the state government very soon, and we are going to tell the state government that we are not happy with the situation on ground. And our members will not take this new arrangement, the government is using now. The new arrangement the government is suing now has worsened the situation, but government told us that what it is receiving from the Federal government is getting reduced every time and that is why it resorted to the staggered process. Be that as it may, we are not comfortable with it, we are against it.

Four Months Unpaid Teachers’ Salaries : Oyo Govt Should Act Quickly-NUT Chairman

Teachers in Oyo state have expressed worries over their four months unpaid salaries, just as they lamented that it has become difficult to meet their domestic responsibilities.

The Teachers spoke through the Chairman Nigeria Union of Teachers(NUT), Comrade Niyi Akano in a chat with Federationews2day.

The Teachers appealed to the state government to take urgent steps to save them from the unbearable hardships, they are presently experiencing.

”In Teaching, the Primary school Teachers have collected their December, expecting their January salaries. But it is a very sad situation for those in Secondary schools, because as the month of February ends today now, Secondary school Teachers have a backlog of four months to be paid by government, secondary school Teachers received salaries last in October, 2015,  they Grades levels 1 to 6 collected salaries in November, but do we have any Teacher on Grades level 1 to 6, so that would just affect the non Teaching staff and some others. So it is a very sad situation. I appreciate Teachers in secondary schools because of the zeal for their profession, they hold it as a calling. You can imagine them going to work punctually, because we keep on appealing to them and they are doing it. Burt at the same time, I am just appealing to the Government to please do something, four months, we have some homes where you have both Daddy and Mummy, in the secondary system, how do you think the home would be ? So, I appealing to the government to do something about it, very quickly, so that the input will justify the output”.