Oyo Govt. Should Thread Cautiously on Issues Pertaining To Places of Worship-Spiritual Head Shafaudeen

As religious houses in Oyo state express reservations over the state Government’s position on the environment and worship and praises to God, they insist that all power is from the Almighty God. In this interview with Federationews2day, the founder and spiritual head of Shafaudeen worldwide, Wakajaiye, Ibadan, Nigeria, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke  cautions the  state Government to thread cautiously on issues pertaining to religion. Excerpts:

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What is your reaction to the clamp down on religious houses in the state over noise pollution, by the state Ministry of Environment  ?

I am an environmentalist, noise pollution has resulted in partial deafness of a number of people,and so we must try as much as possible to control the noise. But when you regard what comes out of the houses of God as noise, are we not insulting God ? We have to be very careful in the way we use words. It is true that some people have deviated from  the course of real evangelism, of the real  dawah or jihad. The real evangelism or dawah demands that we speak the truth, we have a target audience, we must do things in ways that must not encourage unnecessary noise pollution, because whatever you’re saying becomes a noise, when you are no more communicating. So Government got it wrong in declaring that what comes out of the church or mosque is noise, this is an insult to divinity. They would  have  gone  there to correct the practice. Take for example, there was a time that I was treating some verses in both the Bible and the Quran that deals with family cohesion and family surprises, despite the fact that the song happened to be from a Muslim base, most Christians and some other faiths, came to me that I should allow the voice to get to their doors because what I was treating, regarding how to discourage people calling their mothers witches and even if they are witches, the position of the scriptures on this and how to manage such crisis. So, because it was more of teaching, it was problem solving, people loved to hear it, even if it was coming as music, it was supposed to be devoid of hate speeches, must be constructive and suiting. So, all these are lacking in the way we manage Churches and Mosques these days. So, the root of all these ought to be treated, because Churches and Mosques ought to be the divine environment for sustainable development of any community or nation. But in a situation whereby we begin to insult the senses and sensibilities of Pastors and Imams, by generalizing that what comes out of the houses of God constitute noise, is unfortunate.  We cannot compare our country with the developed nations, where their culture does not revolve on religion, but with time they discovered that they were having a lot of problems, which their Psychologists and Sociologists could not manage. They now resorted to faith based solutions. And out there the culture is more of individualism. Here in Africa or Yorubaland, we keep extended family structure, here we are our brother’s keeper. No doubt Government needs to intervene, but this is not the way to go about it. They are supposed to help us to control and normalize things. Most of us are not Teachers, we only find ourselves holding the Bible or the Quran to teach people, so we don’t expect expertise. But if they would be structure with guidelines, mainly that nay teaching from the mosques or churches must be based on the scriptures and must not be abusive. It must contain messages on morals and discipline, and if it is music, it has to be constructive and designed to solve problems. But declaring houses of God places of noise ? It is very insulting. We need to rethink the agenda, we have to be very careful, because I don’t want the case of this Government or nay Government, that wants to correct the situation to be like that of the beggars’ strike, a book written,  here most of them consulted their Alfas before they got to power, just like it happened in one nation. The beggars, you use them to get to the position of power, and because you want the city or community to be clean, you now say that they are dirty, and you move them somewhere, by the time such an individual starts having problems, the oracle consult, direct him to return to the beggars with gifts. The beggars reject the gifts, so his prayers are not answered and in the process he dies. So, we have to be very careful. Those in power still consult these houses of God. So, there is a need for us to restructure things in the houses of God. We must be scripture compliant in everything we do.




One Per cent Levy in Oyo Schools : Nigerians Are Suspicious of Govt.’s Intention-Prof Olagoke

Parents and residents at  the location of one of the Models  schools have expressed worries over the unbecoming  behavior of students of the school, who daily patronize cybercafes within the vicinity of the school, during school hours, in preference to the academic comfort of their school. This is a reflection of the incompetence  of the school management and Teachers to impart the right values on the students. Even as mushroom private schools continue to spring up in room and parlor and three  Bedroom apartments at different locations in t Oyo state, parents  also expressing worries over the announcement by the  state  Government that beginning from next session,  one(1) per cent levy shall be imposed on the fees collected  by both Public and Private schools in the state, they insist that this amounts to double taxation. In this interview with Federationews2day, the Founder and Spiritual Head of Shafaudeen worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke advises the state Government to approach the levy with caution. Excerpts :

The Oyo state Government has announced its intention to collect 1 per cent from all the fees collected by both public and private secondary schools in the state,  what is your reaction to this announcement  ?

My opinion is that the Government of Oyo state is ready to  re fix to a rightful position the education status, most especially in Oyo state. Government itself realizes that there are problems in the educational structure and practices The problem manifest in the state of things in public schools, most of them have dilapidated buildings, some do not have  furniture. Public schools have the best Teachers, but there are no facilities to work with. Unfortunately, those in Government and the elites do not patronize the  public schools. When Chief Obafemi Awolowo started his education programme, , he ensured that all his children attended these schools, and through each of them he was able to feel the pulse of the public schools, as regards the state of things in these schools. Unfortunately, Government, presently, has all the structure and mechanism through which education facilitation can  be effective and  result oriented, but corruption and indiscipline have permeated the fabric of every unit of the system, so that even before  a file is moved, you must grease the palm of the clerk, before anybody is promoted you must have greased the palms of the powers that be along the line When it comes to pension some people insist on getting 10 per cent out of your gratuity, before your file will see the light of the day.  So, when you have this kind of erratic system, the goal of education is already defeated. So, that is the situation of things in the education sector in Nigeria, Oyo state in particular.

The lapses on the side of Government has made every Tom, Dick and Harry to venture into education, but with the perspective of becoming an entrepreneur, whereby you commercialize everything. When  I was in secondary school, my prorietor of blessed memory, Mr. T.A Ogunkoya, had B.A History form Newcastle in 1950, he single handedly left Isonyin, for Abanla, bought acres of land and built all the structure in the school and unfortunately in 1976, Government took it  over and bastardized the very good work the man had done. The place is now a caricature of its old self. This is to say that Government  has not been able to understand what it takes to follow Chie Awolowo’s legacy. Now a lot of people have ventured into education without knowing anything about it.  You see a lot of private schools in dilapidated buildings and these people are capitalizing on the fact that most of our people are illiterates, most of the parents. They only repackage these children with good clothing, so that the parents will believe  that their children are attending good schools, whereas most of these schools are mushroom. And now that Government is restructuring, all these things are more of theories, because since they have started, we have not felt the impact. Not all the private schools are  registered with the state Government. And indeed, Government officials pass by all these  schools, but because of their relationships with the owners, nothing is done.  These are the areas that we are having problems. So, the first thing Government ought to do, is to go through all the nooks and crannies of Oyo state in the Morning, Afternoon, Night and during the weekend, to identify all these schools, good or bad. After assessment those found wanting should be shut. So in the area of Government collecting one per cent of fees collected by public and private schools in the state, those that are registered and Government still says that whatever you are getting from the intakes, one per cent should go into the coffers of Government, then this is unfortunate, Government is supposed to encourage private individuals, who float private schools,  so long as their intentions are genuine and once they have the right concept on ground, not vice versa.

However,Government must have looked into another perspective, Government must have the belief that all privately owned schools are for commercial purposes and once you are running schools for commercial purposes, the goal of education has already been defeated, because you won’t be able to deliver. You will be more into what you will realize in terms  of gains or profits. Education and schools are not supposed to be commercial ventures. UNICEF says education is a right. Chief Awolowo promoted free education, now that the various tiers of Government in Nigeria have failed in giving us free education and corruption  has now permeated the whole system, the major problem we are now having is  what is to be done. Government should be very cautious. Although some schools were founded on the premise that their founders have been able to corruptly enrich themselves and now using the money for education, if that is the perspective of Government to collect one per cent , it is okay, they want them to at least pay back, but some of us have genuine intentions. They should firstly go into how much we collect as school fees, then some of us may even be assisted by Government, but for those of us who they might be suspecting  have corruptly enriched  themselves, the one per cent can apply. But if it should be generalized, there is nothing we can do, but to seek to know what Government has been doing  from all the money collected. So, the people are suspicious of Government’s intentions and they think it is another way of selfishly enriching the purse of some Government functionaries. So, they must not allow the society to think that there is a bad motive behind the intention of Government to collect one per cent from the fees of  public and privates  schools. Government should be able to justify what they are going to do with the money, so, they must have a rethink.

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Government has Lost the Support of The People-Prof. Olagoke

The political class in Nigeria are currently engaged in unending  acrimony, intrigues, backstabbing, blame game and unpatriotic schemes. In this interview with Federationews2day, the Founder and Spiritual Head of Shafaudeen Worldwide, Wkajaiye, Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria, Professor Sabitu Ariyo Olagoke says political office holders have lost the support of the people. Excerpts:

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Insecurity and Corruption is the order of the day in Nigeria, Nigerians  are worried and now insinuate that the political will is no longer there, what is the way out ?

They have the political will, but they don’t have the political might, their intention initially was to redeem the situation in Nigeria, the economy, security situation and even enthroning good governance. But getting there they discovered that Nigerians have been morally debased. Corruption is at its highest, to the extent that the treasury has been looted to the point of not been able to pay workers’ salaries. So in this particular scenario, the masses whose support they are supposed to enjoy became antagonistic because they have been impoverished, unfortunately what they would have done to continue to enjoy the support of Nigerians was to cut salaries from the top across board, so that they will depend less on borrowing and the perception will be that they are there to serve, through self-sacrifice, which every country including the United Nations is advocating. Unfortunately, they have continued the game of impoverishing the masses, not paying their salaries and the wasteful spending continues.  And what would have endeared the people to them is no more there. The people are working without salaries and the  case of unemployment is on the high side. So, they have the will to do it, but they do not have the might again.

They have lost the support of the people. And those state Governors who are still having their people in place, it must be through coercion, the coercive approach.. A situation whereby you create Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs), without putting infrastructure on ground, a situation whereby you fail to pay workers’ salaries and a situation whereby you do not allow elections into the Local Governments to take place, all these are some kind of coercive means of preventing the people to react, either positively or negatively, incapacitating the people. So without the might, which is no longer there, eventually they have lost the will, they had the will before, but they have lost it because they are now in disarray.

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The President is indisposed and outside, and the Vice President, who is acting is not having the majority support of the people. Even between the Executive and the Legislative arms, they are eyeing the number one position, someone to emerge as Mr. President, in case of any eventuality.

The country is just like a cursed nation in which nothing works again ad everybody is just at the mercy of God. So, that is Nigeria’s situation, it is a bad scenario. So, the solution lays in the opposition, not the People’s Democratic Party this time. The solution lays in stopping to recycle people into political positions.  Let us focus on the youth, encourage them to join politics, and whoever wants to sponsor them for any political position, should critically examine them at the party level, so that they do not gang up against the masses to continue the game of shame.  I was abroad recently, London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester, everything was working. You see technology in the real life situation.

You will see science impacting positively on the people, you see education working. They don’t need to consult the Church, Mosque or Ifa oracle, before they do anything there Education there, is more of a culture, here in Nigeria it is a luxury, most of the public schools here are not patronized by the elites. They prefer to send their children abroad with looted funds. Unfortunately, all sectors of the Nigerian economy are bedeviled. South Sudan seceded, it continues to be at war, so our salvation is not in secession, our salvation is in ensuring everyone realizes his or her negative contribution, and corrects it. Nigerians need a general change of attitude towards work, towards the nation, towards the home, towards themselves, it is highly imperative; we resort to that on time.


Relocation Notice to Igbos : A Product of Eroded Values-Prof Olagoke

The erosion of norms and values in society has been identified as one of the factors responsible for the relocation notice given  to Igbos in the North by some youth groups.

prof 1

According to the Founder and spiritual head of Shafaudeen worldwide, Wakajaye, Ibadan, Nigeria, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke, who made this assertion in a chat with Federationews2day, the younger generation no longer look up to the elderly for guidiance.

”In the  book Things fall Apart by late Prof. Chinua Achebe, things fall apart, the centre can no longer hold. That is really what is happening. in Yoruba land, how many parents have  a say on their children ? The Hausas, do they have control on their children ? The Igbos, do they have  control  over their children ?  This is the cause of the problems. Agitations for secession are expected, but we are not ripe for it, because in every region , there is always a disagreement among the tribes  and among the ethnic groups, so we are not ripe enough  for it. The elderly ones should be able to re examine themselves, in a way that they would have control over the younger ones”, Prof. Olagoke concluded.

Nigerian Leaders Seek Medical Attention Abroad To Avoid Been Consumed By Power Play-Cleric

The popular discussion among Nigerians at present, revolve round how the personal interests of those whom they voted into power have surprisingly, taken over the landscape.  Those  voted into power are engaged in a fierce covert battle to take control of power at the centre, while millions of citizens  are contending with hunger and poverty.

In this interview with Federationews2day, the Founder and Spiritual head of  Shafaudeen worldwide, Wakajaiye, Ibadan, Nigeria, Professor Sabitu Olagoke speaks on this and the recent release of the Chiobok girls. Excerpts:

Unfolding events at the seat of power are a source of concern for Nigerians; do you think anything is wrong?

There is a lot of power play in Government Ethnicity is playing  a major role, tribal sentiments are also playing major roles, including religion, which is another factor. And it is unfortunate that the people of Nigeria are not helping matters.  We do not need any sentiments at this particular critical period, what we need is to forget about religion and ethnic background.

Nigeria is an experiment in their hands; they need to take it as a project and they need the peoples’ support, the two of them. So, that is number one, there is a lot of power play in Government, because in Nigeria today, when you have somebody in a position of power, the major problem is that of sycophants, always around them. These sycophants will continue to advise them negatively and wrongly, because the President and Vice President are investments in their hands. So, that is why we are having all these problems.

The man is sick and in Nigeria there is always a myth and mystery around people getting sick, that is why they are not really seeking medical treatment in Nigeria, because they know that there might be another power play, that they may send them to their graves that are why they run abroad.

So0, they are not really doing Nigeria a favour, because they are not been patriotic and sincere: the people who surround them and the people who are at work; this is the result of the situation in Nigeria presently.

Govt. Should Allow Parents to See Their Freed Children

82 Chibok girls have been released by the terrorists, what is your reaction?

Naturally I don’t expect that since they are just coming from the den of the terrorists, they should be released to their parents, because they are already ‘’monsters’’. They must have been traumatized, they must have been cloned into monstrous beings, their psyche needs to be changed, because of the too much delay in rescuing them, and they have already imbibed the culture of the terrorists.

So, their allegiance would be to those people. So, it is a psychological problem, but  if government  is not allowing their parents to see them, that is when Nigerians may raise eyebrows, because the thinking everywhere is that , all these girls may not necessarily be the Chibok girls, however later on they may be having  some  ‘’cosmetic and magical fathers and mothers’’ who will come up.

I will only plead that this issue must not be dragged too far, what they should do, is for Government to allow such parents to visit their children and now come out to accept or deny that those they visited are their children or not their children.

Until such evidence comes from the parents, we cannot insinuate that it is a gimmick or propaganda. Since they are I the custody of the Federal Government, this is far great and better, they will receive the best care and treatment.

Shafaudeen In Islam Worldwide Rounds Off Annual Ishrat

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The 34th  annual Ishrat and  19th Walimot ‘L Qur’an, of Shafaudeen Is Islam Worldwide was rounded off on Sunday at its international headquarters, Wakjaye, Iwo road, Ibadan, Nigeria, with the grand finale featuring a lecture  titled  ” Restructuring or Revamping the Recessed Economy : The Preferred Alternatives”, delivered by the Founder and Spiritual  Head, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke.

The grand finale also included the   the launching of three books written by Prof. Olagoke: 1) Religion, Beyond the Opium 2) Nigeria and Issues of Security 3) Disability in Voyage of life and an award ceremony.

An official of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Chief Benjamin Maduka Obiechiena and the Oyo state Police Public Relations Officer, Superintendent of Police, Adekunle Ajisebutu, received awards among others.

In addition, the Chief Imam of Ibadanland, Alhaji  Sheik Abubakar Agbotomokekere performed the Walimot Quran blessing for newly anointed spiritual title holders.

The Essence of Revelations : All Should Be Proactive Against The Avoidable-Prof Olagoke


The Founder and Spiirtual Head of Shafaudeen Worldwide, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke reviews the outgoing 2016 and advises Nigeria’s leaders and followers to be proactive in the new year to avoid unpleasant situations. Excerpts :

A review of the outgoing year is as good as a carry over of the past. Negative resultant effect of our been fanatastyically corrupt. Inflation crept in and paucity of funds is the vogue, as reflected in states not been able to pay salaries of workers.

Prices of essential commodities have gone up, and almost out of the reach of the common man.  Although the Federal Government’s policy of Treasury Single Account(TSA) effectively controlled all transactions involving money, however, the policy has proven not to be perfect, because of its side effects, which has created hardships for consumers and threats to investments.

In fact, foreign currencies like the Dollar became scarce, while some guys became emergency millionaires in the process. The consequent economic hatrdships on the people gave the opposition the oppurtunity to hide their shame and proving to be better than the All Progressives Congress(APC) led Federal Government. Nigerians are in the Theatre. The scenario is of great woory to Nigerians, who have not seized to continue witness8ing the political panorama of the present.

However, the Federal Government has been able to win the battle against the insurgents and have also been successful in rescuing som eof the Chibok girls. This achievement has rekindled the hope of Nigerian that the Niger Delta crisis would soon be over.  Porvided the use of dialogue comes into force.

And that the menace  of the herdsmen in the game of kidnapping and blood letting will soon come to an end, if and only if, the Federal Government could be more strategic, in resolving all the conflicts.

For the year, 2017,  which revolevs on divine messages, on the socio-economic  based statistical data at hand, reveal the following :

  1. Governemnt will be serious in initiating programmes and projects, that impact positively on the people.
  2. Politicians will be involvesd in the war of attrition, in whicvh some will fall by the wayside.
  3. Economic construction will receive boost, relief, to a reasonable extent, in the current recession being experienced.
  4. Education will receive boost , but some aspects of Education shall be neglected.
  5. Security measures will be strong enough to resist any form of insrugency.
  6. Some Houses of God will be functional, while others will be bereft of the presence and favour of God.
  7. Sports shall be visited for better performance.

We need to pray  hatrd against accidents. Most especially on road accidents. Pray and prevent fire outbreak, that may destroy  property of significant magnitude, with possible attendant loss of lives.

The essence of revelations is to proactively prepare, against warnings, to be able to avoid sad and destructive happenings both at government level and at the home front. Reference : Koran Chapter 6,6-7 and Mathew 5,18

Government Behind The Recruitment of People With Doubtful Character Questionable Certificates-Prof. Olagoke

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Over time successive governments have had to inject their loyalists into the civil and public service, for interests considered to be self serving. This has without doubt resulted in the low quality of service delivery in Ministries, Departments and Agencies. In this interview with Federationews2day, the Founder and Spiritual Head of Shafaudeen Worldwide, Wakajaye, Ibadan, Nigeria, Professor Sabitu Olagoke speaks on the sack of over 662 workers in Oyo state and how government has been responsible for the presence of presence of people of doubtful character and questionable certificates in government service. Excerpts :

What is your reaction to the laying off of over 662 workers in Oyo state ?

This has nothing to do with labour, it is a fact that productivity has to take precedence in service. People with forged certificates or fake certificates, are not basically qualified to be in service and if they have been able to smuggle themselves into it, we expect that they ought to have made some remedies That been as it is, the attack should not be directed at the passive nature of labour. Kudos should go to the state Government for detecting this category of workers. With regards to labour there is something we need to appreciate and understand, with regards to the present government. Most of them had been in the vanguard of fighting for peoples’ rights, before they got into power, which means on getting to power, they will use all the strategies to tame any reactionary group or any group that they may want to fight for the masses.  And so, Labour’s passive nature might have been due to the expectations of the political class in taming labour. Been as it is this time around, there is no job at hand anywhere, the elements in Labour are expected to be passive, mainly because they themselves, are feed fat, some of them, from the government end. Like all unions we are having, whether that of the NURTW or that of the Trade Union Congress or that of Teachers, it is on record that most of them, on getting to office, after some months or years, they are lready living fat on people’s money. It is easily detected by the fact that their children will never be found in public schools, they are either somewhere in Ghana, or overseas where we have the best schools at the expense of the welfare of the people and the children of the people they say that they are representing. So, the political class and the unions are almost the same as of now,  they fight less for the rights of the people, but fight more for the protection of their jobs and how to live well. So, it is not a surprise, it will continue like this, because they are products of this government. They’ve been together before these people got into power, so it is not a surprise that  it is happening. I am not saying that it is right, because a union that stands by a pledge and oath to defend liberty of the people they represent, now turning to neglect them in their period  of travails, will never enjoy the people’s positive comments and observations. I believe it will change , when government changes.

Normally, one ugly scenario  has been in existence since the period of former Governor, Christopher Adebayo Alao Akala, most especially in this Oyo state and even if you look throughout the federation, state Governors have their squad, for political reasons. And it is part of the strategy, that people with doubtful character and with questionable  certificates were always recruited, mainly for dirty  jobs, but after been used and overspent, they dump them, so we only want a regime that is so conscious of the fact that merit must be the basis upon which any fabric of governance should be laid. And that is the more reason why one feels for these people, who have been weeded out, at a time when unemployment is so high in the country.

Nigerians Honour Prof. Olagoke At 60


Nigerians from all walks of life on Sunday converged on the Shafaudeen International Headquarters, Wakajaye, Ibadan, Nigeria, to honour  Professor Sabitu Olagoke on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

The event, which also featured the launch of a book titled  ‘Disability in Voyage of Life” authored by Prof. Olagoke, had as Chief Launcher, Alhaji Olaniyi Dauda Salami, Chairman ODS Global Investments.

Also in attendance were the Otun Olubadan of Ibadanland, High Chief Lekan Balogun, the Agbaakin Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oloye Lekan Alabi, former Chief Judge of Oyo state, Hon. Justice Badejoko Adeniji, Olgburo of Ogburo, Oba Sadiq Asimiyu Agboluweje, Oyekan ll, among others.

The peak of the event was the conferment of the title ”Ajagun -Nla in  Islam(The Grand Warlord In Islam, Egbeda Local Government and its Environs) on the celebrant by Alhaji Sheik Alamal Yekeen-Olakeu, President General League of Imams-Alfas, Egbeda Local Government.