Court Orders Govt to Make Public Names of Treasury Looters and Amount Looted


A Federal High court sitting in Lagos has ordered the Federal Government to make public the names of  high profile public office holders  who have forfeited public funds to the government.

The court also ordered the Government to disclose the  the exact amount recovered  and the circumstance leading to the recovery.

This was the judgement on Wednesday of Justice Hadiza Rabiu Shagari  in  a Freedom of Information suit number: FHC/CS/964/2016 filed by the  Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP).

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Justice Shagari noted that ” “the Federal Government has a legally binding obligations to tell Nigerians the names of all suspected looters of the public treasury past and present”.

In addition, Justice Shagari  granted the undermentioned  reliefs:

A DECLARATION that by virtue of the provisions of Section 4 (a) of the Freedom of Information Act 2011, the Defendants are under a binding legal obligation to provide the Plaintiff with up to date information relating to the following:

To widely disseminate including on a dedicated website information about the names of high ranking public officials from whom public funds were recovered since May 2015
The circumstances under which stolen public funds were returned

SERAP is now processing a certified true copy of the judgment.

Nigerians Should Desist from Embarking on Negative Prayers Against President Buhari-Cleric

Nigerians have been called upon to desist from embarking on negative prayers against President Muhamadu  Buhari who is presently, recuperating  in a London hospital.

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This call was made by the Chairman, Christian  Association of Nigeria(CAN), Oluyole Local Government, Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria Chaplain(Evangelist)E.A Babalola, who also doubles as the Commandant General, Royal Chaplain Global  Mission in a chat with Federationews2day in Ibadan, Nigeria.

”So, what Nigerians have to do ow, is to encourage President  Muhammadu Buhari  and to pray for him to have good health, in order for him to fulfill the destiny  God has placed on him  for Nigeria. So, what the President needs now,is not devilish prayers against his life, the prayers he needs now, are prayers to preserve his life, prayers for healing, prayers for good health  and prayers for long life. It is not a matter for religion, but a matter  of service to our fatherland”.

Chaplain(Evangelist) Babalola condemned those on negative prayers against the President, saying ”that is to show how wicked people can be, nobody owns anybody’s life, it is only God that owns life, and nobody can kill, unless God permits it. if it is not ordained for the President to die at this time, no amount of prayers that they will pray against him will come to pass, because there is a purpose why God brought  him in to be President at this particular time and everybody is vulnerable to fall sick,  he is a man and he is of age, the job of  presiding a nation is not a small job, the load of a nation is a very heavy one. So for him to  be thinking of Nigeria is enough for him as an old man”.

Nigerian Leaders Seek Medical Attention Abroad To Avoid Been Consumed By Power Play-Cleric

The popular discussion among Nigerians at present, revolve round how the personal interests of those whom they voted into power have surprisingly, taken over the landscape.  Those  voted into power are engaged in a fierce covert battle to take control of power at the centre, while millions of citizens  are contending with hunger and poverty.

In this interview with Federationews2day, the Founder and Spiritual head of  Shafaudeen worldwide, Wakajaiye, Ibadan, Nigeria, Professor Sabitu Olagoke speaks on this and the recent release of the Chiobok girls. Excerpts:

Unfolding events at the seat of power are a source of concern for Nigerians; do you think anything is wrong?

There is a lot of power play in Government Ethnicity is playing  a major role, tribal sentiments are also playing major roles, including religion, which is another factor. And it is unfortunate that the people of Nigeria are not helping matters.  We do not need any sentiments at this particular critical period, what we need is to forget about religion and ethnic background.

Nigeria is an experiment in their hands; they need to take it as a project and they need the peoples’ support, the two of them. So, that is number one, there is a lot of power play in Government, because in Nigeria today, when you have somebody in a position of power, the major problem is that of sycophants, always around them. These sycophants will continue to advise them negatively and wrongly, because the President and Vice President are investments in their hands. So, that is why we are having all these problems.

The man is sick and in Nigeria there is always a myth and mystery around people getting sick, that is why they are not really seeking medical treatment in Nigeria, because they know that there might be another power play, that they may send them to their graves that are why they run abroad.

So0, they are not really doing Nigeria a favour, because they are not been patriotic and sincere: the people who surround them and the people who are at work; this is the result of the situation in Nigeria presently.

Govt. Should Allow Parents to See Their Freed Children

82 Chibok girls have been released by the terrorists, what is your reaction?

Naturally I don’t expect that since they are just coming from the den of the terrorists, they should be released to their parents, because they are already ‘’monsters’’. They must have been traumatized, they must have been cloned into monstrous beings, their psyche needs to be changed, because of the too much delay in rescuing them, and they have already imbibed the culture of the terrorists.

So, their allegiance would be to those people. So, it is a psychological problem, but  if government  is not allowing their parents to see them, that is when Nigerians may raise eyebrows, because the thinking everywhere is that , all these girls may not necessarily be the Chibok girls, however later on they may be having  some  ‘’cosmetic and magical fathers and mothers’’ who will come up.

I will only plead that this issue must not be dragged too far, what they should do, is for Government to allow such parents to visit their children and now come out to accept or deny that those they visited are their children or not their children.

Until such evidence comes from the parents, we cannot insinuate that it is a gimmick or propaganda. Since they are I the custody of the Federal Government, this is far great and better, they will receive the best care and treatment.

Rather Than Commit Suicide, Nigerians Should Revolt Against Those Causing Economic Hardships-Union Leader

Nigerians have been called upon to shun the temptation to commit suicide  in the face of Economic challenges confronting them.


This  call was made on Tuesday by the immediate past Chairman of the Trade Union Congress(TUC)Oyo state council, who is also the incumbent Chairman Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria(ASCSN)Oyo state chapter, Comrade  Andrew Emelieze,in a chat with Federationews2day,in Ibadan,Nigeria.

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”For Nigerian,I beckon on them,I beckon on my brothers and sisters to stop taking their lives,rather, they should start pulling their energies together, so that we can use it for a popular revolution,against those causing us stress and crisis in this country.  I plead with you all,I call on you all, my brothers and sisters, stop taking your lives. Stop committing suicide. Direct your energies to Aso Rock, direct your energies to state Houses of Government in Nigeria”.

”Direct your energies to the National Assembly,  direct your energies to the different state  Houses of Assembly in protest, stop committing suicide. I call upon you, to stop thinking about  suicide. Suicide. Suicide is not the way out. Suicide can never  be the way out,we should come together to fight our common enemy. And who are the common enemy ? The ruling class.Brothers and sisters stop taking your lives. There is judgement,there is punishment for suicide. I f you kill yourself,the problem will still be there”, Comrade Emelieze declared.

He lamented that corruption had impacted negatively on the lives of workers in the country, saying”what about corruption of the Government against the people ?  Take for instance,those who are paid N18,000 minimum wage,in the face of a dwindling economy, is that not corruption of the Government against the workers ? The workers who are earning N18,000 minimum wages, they cannot go home with N18,000 minimum wages. It is also corruption. Until we change the system, that is when we can be free from all these  corruption”.

”The economy we are practicing now, is pirated.  It is an economy that is putting wealth in the hands of a few,while the majority of the people are going through hell. What President Muhammdu Buhari is doing now, is a distraction, he is diverting  the attention of the Nigerian people,from the incompetence of the ruling class in Nigeria, from the  failure of his government. So that people will think that he is working and our attention will be diverted towards fighting corruption, meanwhile the economy is going down the drain by the day.And who are those  enjoying it ? It is still the same ruling class,who are enjoying”,he concluded.

Anti-Corruption War : Govt. Should Also Watch its Appointees


The Federal Government has been called upon to extend its anti-corruption war to its appointees.

This call was made by a one time Minister of Lands , Housing and Urban Development, Nduese Essien in Eket, Akwa Ibom state.

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The former Minister also called on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC)to account for all the monies recovered from the anti-corruption fight.

“Government should not only tackle corruption involving those who have been in government taking a good chunk of money but, should also battle and watch those who are currently in office, so that we do not end up recovering money again when they are no more in office.”

”We expect that such monies when uncovered, should be accounted for by the anti-corruption agency”.

“The monies recovered from people’s homes do not have effect on the economy of the country because, we have had reports of discoveries of monies but after such reports, we are not told of what happened to the monies so recovered”, Essien concluded.

Governance : Nigerians Should Commend Osinbajo-Prof. Olagoke


The Acting President, Professor  Yemo Osinbajo has been commended for keeping the country united ,despite  the absence of the President.

This commendation was made by the Founder and Spiritual head of Shafaudeen worldwide, Professor Sabitu Olagoke in a chat with Federationews2day, in Ibadan, Nigeria.

”It will be very wrong to say that nothing has been happening,  the fact that the Vice President has been able to hold Nigeria and Nigerians together, deserves that we give him kudos. And it portends that even though that the President  maybe abroad, they do communicate, because there are policy issues which political ideology has to override. Political leanings through the All Progressives Congress(APC) is still a one house, so  whether the President is around or is not around is out of the way”.

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”Even during the time of Former President Goodluck Jonathan, the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) made us to believe that you can rule Nigeria from outside, so, this is what is really happening now. They do communicate,it may not really be officially. The Vice President has signed almost up to four(4)bills into law, but there are some that he may want to, but which the party caucus of President Buhari himself, may not even  allow him to do, because you have the Aso Rock, you have the kitchen cabinet and you have other loyalists, so all these people will have to play their own roles underneath, not everything will come to public glare, a lot of things are going on underground”, Professor Olagoke concluded.

Nigerians Should Continue to Pray for President Buhari-Cleric

Nigerians have been called upon to continue to pray for President Muhammadu Buhari and the country.

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This  call was made by the General Overseer of the Love of Christ Apostolic Church, Oke-Idande, Ibadan, Nigeria, Pastor I.O. Olorunkosebi, in a chat with Federationew2day.

”Nigerians should  continue to pray for President Muhammadu Buhari and the  country. There is no  other way but by prayers. Nigerians should also be patient, because things will become better in the course of time. Every body should pray for good health and stable life. Those in  Government should  cooperate with the President. Once a President is elected, it is now left for the people to cooperate and assist the President to succeed”, Pastor Olorunkosebi asserted.

President Buhari Should Introduce A Policy To Protect Whistle Blowers-SSANU

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The Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities(SSANU)  has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to introduce a policy that  will protect those who expose corrupt practices in the country.

This call was made recently, in a text delivered by the  by the National Vice President and Chairman, Comrade Alfred Jimoh Western zone of SSANU  at a Press Conference in Ibadan, Nigeria.

”It appears unbelievable to us that, our members in FUNAAB, FUTA and UNIABUJA could be left to suffer this reprisal attack from the corrupt officers in their respective universities, simply for demonstrating faith in the Anti-corruption crusade of the government of the day without government coming out openly to identify with them and protect them. The world over, wherever there is Anti-corruption war, there is  deliberate government policy to encourage and protect whistle blowers and we call on President Muhammadu Buhari to adopt this policy, more so, in the Universtiy system, Autonomy or no Autonomy. We also call for the review of the Autonomy act”.

Comrade Jimoh also gave an update on the situation in the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Federal University of Technology, Akure and Universtiy of Abuja. Excerpts :

”As we speak now, these ”evil geniuses” of FUNAAB have succeede in their evil machinations. Right now we are in possession of letters of warning issued to all the 23 SSANU members purported to have been recalled ”unconditionally”. If thisd is allowed to stay, it will not only defeat the unconditional clause of recall, it will no doubt activate another round of struggle as such a disguised punishment for our members arising from the on-going struggle against corruption, shall be unacceptable to us. We wish to sate loud and clear that SSANU will not stand by and watch while anybody unjustly punishes its members. We therefore call on the Minister of educatyion and Executive secretary of NUC, to without delay wade in, and call Prof. Oyewole to order. He(Oyewole) does  have the moral right to punish anybody over the  recent crises. Neither does the council nor any of its committees. Any sanctions on any of our members for actions directly or indirectly connected to whistle blowing, is not only prejudicial(as both cases of corruption and wrongful sack of our people are in court)  It  also amounts to a miscarriage of justice for an obviously stage-manged council committee to recommend ”Warning” and other serious sanctions for our members,, while saying nothing about Prof. Oyewole and other council members, whose illegalities and corrupt practices led to the whole problem. We wish to make it abundantly clear that, this recent development shall not go unchallenged by SAANU, as it is totally unacceptable”.


Unlike the situation in FUNAAB, were the accused have been arraigned, the case of the Vice Chancellor of FUTA is yet to be taken to court as at the last information at our disposal. We are surprised that, despite all the assurances by the EFCC to speedily arraign Prof. Biyi Daramola, the man is as at today, 6th January, 2017, still gallivanting about and allegedly boasting that, he would soon be freed by the EFCC, because he is well connected even within the EFCC itself. The boastful disposition of Daramola, coupled with the inability of the EFCC to arraign him, is a source of serious concern to us. It is our humble opinion that, the delay is not in the best interest of the university(FUTA) and the larger society. This is a man that lost the  confidence of the staff, whom he is to work with, to deliver the core mandate of the university. Any attempt to reopen the university and allow Daramola to continue preside as the Vice Chancellor, just as Oyewole is being allowed to continue to preside over FUNAAB, even after he was  granted bail in the court, would not only ridicule Nigeria among international communities, but it would seriously  vitiate the Nigerian Anti-Corruption war. We therefore call on the EFCC,  as a matter of utmost  urgency and in a bid to speedily restore normalcy to FUTA,  arraign Prof. Biyi Daramola and as soon as he is arraigned, he should be removed by the Council of the University to allow normalcy and genuine reconciliation in FUTA”.


The case of UNIABUJA is similar to the case in FUTA. Serious allagtions of corruption and abuse of office have been leveled against the Vice Chancellor of UNIABUJA(Prof. Michael Adikwu). For instance, the Vice Chancellor of UNIABUJA is alleged to have employed over 200 people through the back door without following due process. The university has lost NUC accreditation in many of its core courses in spite of the huge sums of money which the Vice Chancellor claimed to have spent on accreditation. SAANU members, led  by its branch chairmen and Secretary exposed these and many  other financial atrocities of the Vice Chancellor by holding Peaceful Protest and sending Petition to the Federal Ministry of Education, which initiated investigation by the House of Representatives Committee on Education and the ICPC. We are aware that the House Committee has issued a query to the Vice Chancellor over this matter.

This man has not been able to absolve himself, neither has the investigating agency of government been able to arraign  him in court. Instead of the man directing his efforts at defending himself on the myriads of allegations against him, he has resorted to vindictiveness  and victimization of the whistle blowers. As we speak the man has suspended the Chairman and Secretary  of SSANU in UNIABUJA without even half salary, contrary to the Civil Service Rules. This he did without following due process and fair hearing. Yet the Vice Chancellor who has so much cases to answer, is still  presiding over the university while the whistle blowers have been left in the cold without salaries for the past 6 months.

What more, the official SSANU car in the custody of the branch Chairman was vandalized in front of the University Senate building(in broad day light) in what appeared as a ‘sponsored Terrorist attack” on the 21st of July, 2016, a day after the SSANU Congress was held in UNIABUJA and all the atrocities of the Vice Chancellor was exposed. The laptop of the Chairman containing vital information was stolen from the car and up till now the perpetrators have not been apprehended.

We call on the government Agents and Agencies that are connected with the case of UNIABUJA, to expedite action with a view to arraigning the man in court and immediately recall our men(Chairman and Secretary of SSANU) unconditionally.

Nigerians Should Pray For President Buhari-Religious Cleric

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Nigerians have been called upon to pray for President Muhammadu Buhari, as they begin the new year, just as the Federal Government has been urged to address the biting hunger in the country.

This call was made by the  General Overseer of the Love of Christ Apostolic Church, Oke-Idanade, Inalende, Ibadan, Nigeria, Prophet(Pastor)Olorunkosebi, in a chat with Federationews2day.

”Nigerians should pray for the President, things will become better, as President Muhammadu Buhari  has stated Presidnet Buhari is a man of God, where he is today, God is behind him, God will continue to be behind him.  God will not allow the President to be put to shame. This Government is good, the past ones are good. What is happening is not new, we have been passing through this,for years.   Tomorrow shall be better.  I urge all the people of God to be patient. Nigeria would have been destroyed, if not for God. The end of everything is joy.

Similarly, Reverend Taiwo Thompson of the Victory Gospel Apostolic Church urged the Federal Government to address the plight of hungry Nigerians saying” People are hungry, we thought that there will be a change, but that is not so.  Government should do something about this. Nigerians should be steadfast in all they do, although churches are on the increase the genuine ones are not many”.