We want to Ensure We Get to Govt. House in 2019-Seyi Makinde

Members of the Poples Democratic Party(PDP) in Oyo state have resolved to put aside individual interests and work towards the party’s victory in the 2019 Governorship elections in the state.


This disclosure was made recently, by Engr. Seyi Makinde, in a chat with Journalists after the state congress of the  PDP held at the Baptist Secondary School, Oke-Ado, Ibadan, Nigeria.

”We’ve resolved to work together for the interest of the party. And we want to ensure that we get  to the Government house by 2019”, Engr. Makinde stated.



Any Government that is not performing should be voted out of power-Igbo Leader

Nigerians have a lot to worry about, hunger, poverty and insecurity  are  just some of the  problems in the land. Even though there is a Government in place, the problems seems to have overwhelmed those in charge. In this interview with Federationews2day, Igbo leader and Onyendu Ndigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state , High Chief Alloy Okwudili Obi declares that  any Government that does not perform should be voted out of power. Excerpts :


What are your views on the state of the nation ?

The present situation in the country is  something to make  every citizen worry. Government know there are problems with the economy. Things are not going on well in the country in terms of business, in terms of employment and in terms of the safety of  lives and property, especially in the North East Geo-political zone.

I am so worried about the rate at which people are been killed on a daily basis. I sympathize with the people of Borno state, even animals are not killed that way. This should be a source of worry for all Nigerians. God should intervene in this situation. Even the security agencies are also losing personnel on a daily basis.  I passionately appeal to the insurgents to lay down their arms and tow the line of dialogue. However, as an upright man I don’t believe  in negotiating with criminals, but the situation is worrisome.

The Federal Government should decisively address this issue of insecurity, most especially the atrocities been committed by Fulani herdsmen in the country.  It is very strange to hear of herdsmen going about with sophisticated rifles. It is strange. Nigerians should return to God, the atrocities are just too much. Evil men and women  are everywhere. Government  has no option but to address the high unemployment rate. The number of people who are exploring ways of making money through illegitimate means is on the increase, this is very bad, therefore I call on Nigerians  to have a rethink.

Are you comfortable with situation of the Nigeria Police Force ?

The Police need funds and more hands. Without money they cannot fight crime effectively. If the Police is well funded then they will be active, but such funds should be used for the purpose it is meant for. In these era of insecurity, recruiting more personnel  is necessary. The number of Policemen fighting crime in the country is not enough. So many things are wrong in the country, Government should take urgent steps to address the problems in all sectors, to avoid  unpleasant situations. Nigerians can no longer sleep with their two eyes  closed. Security agents are not  spirits, they cannot be everywhere, corruption led to the present state of things in the country. These days people no longer take the Government serious. Why will they, when the Minister of Finance made two contradictory statements of the borrowing plan of the Government. It is now very difficult to convince the people that all is  well. It is high time Government puts its house in order. The 2015 general elections has proved  that power of incumbency no longer exists,  we are  less than two years to the next general elections. Any Government that is not performing should be voted out of power.




I Remain Head of Igbos in Ibadan and Oyo state-Eze(Dr.)Anozie

Recently, a group, Concerned Igbos in Oyo state,  alleged that it was against the principles of the rule of law and due process for a party to  the Igbo leadership tussle in Oyo state to continue parading  himself as the head of Igbos in the state, when the matter has moved from the state High Court to the Appeal court, Ibadan Division. In this interview with Federationews2day, a party to the matter, Eze(Dr.)Alex Anozie throws more light into the contentious issue, while advising Nigerians to be law abiding by respecting court judgment


Are you aware of any appeal against the Judgement of an Oyo state High Court, which affirmed you as the Head of Igbos ?

First and foremost, I am Eze(Dr.) Alex Anozie, the Eze Ndigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state and the Vice President Eze Ndigbo in Diaspora(South)  who was democratically elected Head of Igbos by Igbos in Ibadan and Oyo state, since 1997. On the issue of appeal, I am aware of it, but did they mention what that judgement stated  ?  That judgment stated that I am the only  head, leader of Igbos, call it whatever name, Onyendu, Ezendigbo or whatever, that I am the one, head of Igbos in Ibadan and Oyo state. The court asked the other person who was challenging me, to stop parading  himself as such, and up to this moment I am talking to you, no superior court has vacated that judgement. And as far as we know and we are law abiding citizens of Nigeria, the  judgment was given by a court of  competent  jurisdiction, and that judgment or ruling has not been vacated by any superior court, that judgment or ruling stands to be obeyed by every  law abiding citizen of the country. So, they went on appeal, about a month after the judgment, they went and slotted a notice of appeal, but the case is still in the Appeal court and the Appeal court has not vacated the judgment of that High court, neither did they succeed in getting any stay of execution against that particular judgment. Therefore, you must agree with me that all and sundry must obey that judgment, until any superior court  will ever vacate it,  by the special grace of God, I know that no superior court will vacate it, because truth will always  remain truth, no matter how much anybody try to bend it.

So, what is your position on the  Igbo leadership issue in Oyo state?

My position on the issue is that I am the one there, my people have said it, God first said it, my  people said it and the High court of competent jurisdiction confirmed it. And that is it,  I have been serving my people joyfully, my people are happy, the law abiding ones are happy, people who believe in the rule of law, people who believe in due process are happy about it, but people who do not believe in due process, people who think that unless they say it, it can never be, those people are not happy.  We have no apologies.

Are you aware of  the existence of the  group named, Concerned Igbos in Oyo  state ?

I am not aware of any such group in existence. I am sure that it is still the same group of people, who were defeated in the High court, that are coming up again, but as far as I know and as far as the Igbos in Oyo state are concerned, we are not aware of any  group called Concerned Igbos or whatever, we are not aware. And anything that concerns the Igbos in Oyo state, if I am not aware of it, Igbos  in Oyo state can claim that they are not aware of it. As far as God has said that I am the leader of Igbos in Oyo state, my people have said it and the court has also  said it, there is nothing left to argue about again.


Ndigbo in Oyo state Pass Vote of Confidence in Eze Dr. Anozie


Igbos in in Oyo state have  passed a vote of confidence in their head, Eze Dr. Alex Anozie.

The community, comprising all the people from the states  in the South East Geo-Political zone of Nigeria, hinged their decision on the forthright and purposeful leadership of Eze       Dr. Anozie.

They expressed concern over the unbecoming activities of some  individuals, geared towards sowing the seed of discord among the people, while advising Igbos in the state to be wary of such individuals.

They reiterated their resolve to continue to stand by the communiqué issued on 28 June, 2014 and signed by the state President of Ohaneze and Igbo leaders from Saki, Oyo, Iseyin, Eruwa and Ogbomosho.

The communiqué had stated ‘’We the various Igbo communities, Trade unions and Traders associations residing in Ibadan and Oyo state, under the umbrella of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Oyo state, do hereby  raise and endorse this communiqué  today, 28th of June, 2014, confirming our total support  and solidarity for Eze Dr. Alex Anozie, as the only Ezendigbo, Onyendundigbo nala Ibadan and Oyo state, sequel to his been democratically elected and sworn in as same since the year 1997 by Ndigbo. This is in addition to the High court judgment of 28 February 2014, which favours only him (Anozie)as the person in  that position with such titles’’.


Similarly, the Ohaneze Ndigbo has made a passionate appeal to media organizations in the country-print and electronics- to resist all attempts by some personalities who  have been bought over and sponsored by ‘’those who lost out in the leadership struggle’’, to use these channels to disseminate wrong or  false information to the public, on the ‘’EzeNdigbo’’ title issue.

”Our Igbo title, Ezendigbo,  is not the title of any other ethnic group and can never be. The interpretation of Ezendigbo is purely ”the leader or head of Igbos”, no more, no less. Anybody that is giving it any other interpretation outside the above is on his own. We also know that there are Oba Yorubas in Abuja, Kano, Kaduna, Abakaliki, Owerri, Jos, Togo and many other places in the world nobody is raising eyebrows. If Ezendigbo means King,  then Oba Yoruba in all the above mentioned areas outside Yorubaland means King as well ”.

”We go further to buttress our point by calling public attention to an NTA Network Programme which was aired on Friday the 12th of May, 2017 between 6.30am and 7.00am. The topic was the Peace and Unity of Nigeria. During the course of the programme, the Oba Yoruba of Kano was clearly shown on air, Ezendigbo, Kano was clearly shown on air, with their ethnic titles boldly inscribed on the screen”

”So we now begin to wonder why such should be possible in Kano and other parts of  Nigeria and even in foreign countries, only to become impossible in Ibadan and South West as the individuals are making people to believe”, the Socio-cultural organization concluded.

Security Tops L/G Chairman’s Priority


As security challenges continue to envelope most communities in Nigeria,  political appointees at all level of governance in the country have started embarking on ways to check the unbecoming situation.

When the crime rate of a community is on the increase, security experts insist that the leaders  of the community  are to blame.

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Indeed, in several communities in Nigeria, owners of houses are  to blame for accommodating questionable  characters, who later turn out to be criminals.

In his views, the newly appointed  Chairman of Ibadan South West Local Government, Ibadan, Nigeria, Hon. Gbenga Opaleye, security of lives and property would be his focus.

”First and foremost, I have already started with security. In my Local Government, we are encountering a lot of security challenges, the area boys, the people from Born Photo, Foko and some other places. Last week, I went round to  speak with some of them”.

”I advised  them that if they are  ready  to remain in my Local Government, they should comply with the  rules and regulation of the Local Government, if they want jobs, we will find  a way of creating jobs for them. But if they  are not ready to  comply, we will send them to where they belong  to. So if there is security of lives and property, that means the environment is enabled.  And if you look  at it very well, Oyo state  is the most peaceful state in the world, not even in the country, courtesy of my Governor, His Excellency, Abiola Ajimobi”, Hon. Opaleye disclosed.

Shafaudeen In Islam Worldwide Rounds Off Annual Ishrat

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The 34th  annual Ishrat and  19th Walimot ‘L Qur’an, of Shafaudeen Is Islam Worldwide was rounded off on Sunday at its international headquarters, Wakjaye, Iwo road, Ibadan, Nigeria, with the grand finale featuring a lecture  titled  ” Restructuring or Revamping the Recessed Economy : The Preferred Alternatives”, delivered by the Founder and Spiritual  Head, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke.

The grand finale also included the   the launching of three books written by Prof. Olagoke: 1) Religion, Beyond the Opium 2) Nigeria and Issues of Security 3) Disability in Voyage of life and an award ceremony.

An official of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Chief Benjamin Maduka Obiechiena and the Oyo state Police Public Relations Officer, Superintendent of Police, Adekunle Ajisebutu, received awards among others.

In addition, the Chief Imam of Ibadanland, Alhaji  Sheik Abubakar Agbotomokekere performed the Walimot Quran blessing for newly anointed spiritual title holders.

Dugbe Market Traders Seek Divine Intervention Over Dwindling Sales

Traders at the  Dugbe Market, Ibadan, Nigeria have embarked on a prayer session to seek divine  intervention towards addressing dwindling sales and other challenges confronting traders as a result of the absence of adequate facilities in the market.

The Traders who turned out in large numbers, at the market venue of the prayer session, lamented that the toilets in the market were not enough to cater for the large number of people in the market.

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They also complained of  irregular electricity supply and lack of potable water, while appealing to the Oyo state Government to consider their plight, by doing the needful.

At the prayer session, were the Otun Iyalaje of Ibadan land, who doubles as the Iyalaje of Dugbe market, Chief(Mrs.) Victoria Lawal-Coker,  Babaloja of Dugbe market, Alhaji  Rasaki Bello, Iyaloja of Dugbe market, Alhaja Limota Adepoju, the Babalaje of Dugbe market, Alhaji Moshood Ayinde,  Chief Security Officer of the market,  Mr. Kelvin Iwuji among other dignitaries.

Anxious Indigent Oyo Residents Await Free Medical Services

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Residents of  Ibadan have expressed gratitude to the Federal Government, on its  soon to commence Free Medical services for indigent citizens at the University College Hospital(UCH)Ibadan, Nigeria.

The Federal Government had  stated through the Chief Medical Director of the hospital, Prof. Temitope Alonge  that close to  3,000 indigent residents drawn from the rural areas in Oyo State would benefit from the  Government’s free screening and treatment for non-communicable diseases including uterine fibroid, diabetes and hypertension.

The screening and treatment,  “Rapid Results Initiative’ is a collaborative initiative between  the Federal Ministry of Health and the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan.

According to Prof. Alonge  the initiative, which would be a routine, would cover the 11 Local Government  Councils in Ibadan, and gradually reach out to other councils in the state.

Before this time, indigent citizens, who are patients of the hospital, were in the habit of begging at the main gate of UCH and at various bus-stops and in traffic jams, for money to offset their hospital bills.

For the Chairman,  Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists, UCH chapter, Oladayo Odedoyin, ”we welcome the development, with open arms, and as professionals, our core area of competence is offering  laboratory diagnosis which is very paramount to medical treatment in the health sector, so we welcome the programme with open arms and we are ever ready to participate fully whenever the  programme is commencing especially at the UCH”.

However, the General Secretary and Treasurer of the Association of Resident Doctors(ARD)UCH, Drs. Oladimeji Adebayo and Kelvin Egbuchulem , outlined the plans they had for members of their association in 2017.

The duo maintained that ”   we are aware of the  Federal Government’s initiative and we believe in the principles of  Government there are quite a number of plans bothering on welfare, and bothering on ensuring that certain issues that have been affecting our members for quite a while are addressed. One of the main things that have been affecting us is the fact that, majority of the centres across Nigeria are collecting full salaries, or to a very great extent almost full implementation of their salaries, however, in UCH, we are still on a much, much, lower percentage”.



Mogaji Akere : Olubadan Should Uphold the Wishes of the Majority- Abdulwasiu Akere

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A contender to the position of the  Mogaji Akere compound, Orita-Merin, Ibadan, Nigeria , Prince Okunola Abdulwasiu Akere has made a passionate appeal to the Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Saliu Adetunji, Aje Ogunguniso 1, to reconsider his choice of the occupant of the position by accepting the decision of the majority of the Akere family members .

Prince Akere made this appeal in a chat with Federationews2day.

”Personally, Olubadan is an institution of respect. Olubadan is reputed for honesty of intention and fear of God.  Overtime we have met with the Kabiyesi, he assured of his good fatherly gesture to the entire Akere family, based on past relationships he had with our fore fathers. So, I don’t see that statement coming from the palace, because Kabiyesi, several times we have been to the palace, said he holds Akere family in high esteem and even says that the decision of the family is paramount to the final installation of the Mogaji. And so far, so good, I, Prince, Honourable Okunola Olasunkanmi Abdulwasiu Akere still remains the Mogaji elect of the vast majority of Akere family of Orita-Merin, Ibadan, Nigeria”.

He stressed that the  Olubadan was a fatherly figure, who could not be disrespected saying, ”We have been to the Kabiyesi, severally and the response of the Kabiyesi, Kabiyesi assured us that he is a father to everybody. He is an institution that is not to be disrespected. But what the family is saying is that the rights and wishes of the vast majority of the Akere family should be respected. And which Kabiyesi himself upheld. And we don’t know how and where the other person, without the consent of the family became the Mogaji Akere, duly recognized by the Olubadan-in-Council”.

”So we are now seizing this opportunity to appeal to Kabiyesi and the Olubadan-in-Council to look into our case, with due respect, without fear or prejudice and fear of actions, so that the wishes of the vast majority of Akere family should be upheld. I still have confidence in Kabiyesi, that he will give us a listening ear, so that the wishes of the entire Akere family will be respected.

However, in its reaction the Olubadan-in-council , in a Press Release dated 8th January and titled  “IBADAN CHIEFTAINCY NOT A DO-OR-DIE AFFAIR” stated its position on the issue. Excerpts :

The Olubadan-in-Council, the highest decision-making organ on Ibadan traditional, Chieftaincy matters has decried the use of violence to protest Chieftaincy disputes, saying henceforth erring parties would face sanctions.
In its emergency meeting at Oba Saliu Adetunji’s Palace, Popoyemoja, Ibadan over the weekend, the council which affirmed the rights of people to lawful protests when aggrieved kicked against derogatory media campaigns against opponents and use of dangerous weapons  such cutlasses and guns to protest disputes.
The council members specifically referred to the recent tussle for the post of Mogaji Akere Compound, Orita-Merin, Ibadan between two brothers – Alhaji Moshood Gbolagade Akere and Mr. Wasiu Okunola Akere which had led to a person being hospitalized following the emergence of Alhaji Moshood Akere as the Mogaji. It therefore summoned his main rival in the contest, Mr. Wasiu Akere and some of his family members to the emergency council meeting to come and explain their roles in the trouble before and after the appointment of Alhaji Moshood Akere as Mogaji.
According to the council, there is sufficient evidence to show that both Wasiu and Moshood Akere had signed up to an undertaking on December 8 last year before the representatives of Olubadan to support whosoever was eventually chosen as Mogaji Akere between the duo.
Before then, a couple of meetings had been called at the instance of Kabiyesi Olubadan with the Akere family members to pick a unanimous candidate between the two contestants. The failure of the family to come up with the consensus candidate after 15days  grace led Kabiyesi to form a committee of two high chiefs  comprising Otun Balogun, High Chief Dr. Femi Olaifa and Osi Balogun, High Chief Tajudeen Ajibola to hold another meeting with the two candidates and their supporters at the Olubadan Palace Mapo Ibadan last December 8 where both of them signed an undertaking to support whosoever emerged Mogaji between them.    
According to them, there is no other way to describe the purported gun shoot-out that trailed the appointment of Moshood Akere as Mogaji than an act of flagrant disobedience to the authority of his Imperial Majesty, the Olubadan of Ibadanland adding that an insult on Olubadan or any of his representatives is an insult on Ibadanland as a whole. The council members who allowed media men to cover the proceedings recalled that the Akere family at Orita-Merin where both Wasiu and Moshood hail from has a proud heritage of being one of the few families that has produced Olubadan twice, stressing they should not allow thugs to infiltrate their ranks and destroy their hard-earned family reputation.
The also advised the new Mogaji Akere, Alhaji Moshood Gbolagade Akere to be magnanimous in victory and his rival, Wasiu to be gallant in defeat as chieftaincy contest in Ibadanland is not a do-or-die affair. They also charged the family elders who have been polarized by the contest between the duo to close ranks in order to move the family forward.
Responding, Hon. Wasiu Akere who expressed appreciation to the council over their concern explained that the Olubadan remains the father of all whose word is law. He stated that he had no hand whatsoever in the trouble that trailed the appointment of his brother.
Present at the emergency council meeting were the Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Saliu Adetunji Aje Ogungunniso 1, Otun Olubadan, High Chief Senator Dr. Lekan Balogun; Balogun of Ibadanland, High Chief Owolabi Akinloye Olakulehin; Otun Balogun, High Chief Dr. Femi Olaifa; Asipa Olubadan, High Chief Eddy Oyewole; Asipa Balogun High Chief Latif Gbadamosi Adebimpe; Ekarun Olubadan, High Chief Amidu Ajibade and Ekarun Balogun, High Chief Kola Adegbola.
Adeola Oloko
Director of Media &
Public Affairs to the Imperial
MajestyOlubadan of Ibadanland        

Sack of 662 Oyo Workers :We Need To Be careful-Labour


Labour  Unions in Oyo state  have said that the issue of the sack of 662 workers is been approached with all carefulness.

According to the Chairman Medical and Health Union Workers of Nigeria(MHWUN) Comrade Ademola Babalola, who made this vow on behalf of other labour unions, in a chat with Federationews2day, ”if the labour unions in Oyo state wants to raise eye brows on what Government is doing that means we are backing fraudulent practices. But we need to be careful, we labour, are  careful concerning the issue, in the sense that, the government is our employer, there is nothing any labour union can do when their employer say that they want to conduct screening”.

”With the screening that they have done, we cannot say that it is 100 per cent okay. But what we  are doing at the labour level is to verify, we need to verify the individual cases. Any worker that has genuine case , we have told them to report to their various unions for verification, they will go to the  7 man panel set up by labour to look into their cases. Anyone having genuine  case  will be presented to the government, but without that, there nothing labour can do. And I know that our government has listening ears. Not all of them are  culpable, some have genuine cases. First of all, let us put our house in order, then we can table the genuine cases before government, and I am believing God that the Government of Oyo state has  a listening ear and will do justice to the genuine cases.