Non-Inclusion of Igbos In NNPC Board : The World is Watching-Igbo Leader

The cries of marginalization continues across Nigeria, as the Federal Government intensifies efforts to have a firm grip of Governance. In this interview with Federationews2day, an Igbo leader, who is also the Onyendu Ndigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state, High Chief Alloy Obi, says that the South Eats Geo-Political zone of the country has not been treated fairly, in appointments into the board of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation(NNPC). Excerpts :


What is t your reaction to the suit filed by Dr. Olisa Agbakoba against the Federal Government on non inclusion of Igbos in appointments made into the board of the NNPC ?

The issue is very clear, how can there be 15  appointments on the board of the NNPC and no single person from the South East was appointed, 10 are from the North, three from the South West, two from the South-South, it is very bad. This is marginalization. The  whole world is watching, do we really belong to this country ? Why can’t they give us our own share of appointments ? Out of 15 appointments, they do not deem it fit to give us just one or  two slots.  It is very bad, so, I support Dr. Olisa Abakoba for instituting a suit against the Federal Government.

Are you of the belief, that the rule of law and due process exists in Nigeria ?

There is no rule of law i Nigeria.  There is nothing like that as far as I am concerned and there is nothing like due process Those at the top don’t respect the law.

What is your position on restructuring ?

Call it whatever name, the fact remains that we have to sit down and talk. Agitations will not stop unless Government does the right thing. People are not having what they are  entitled  to. I am an apostle of one Nigeria, but the issue of marginalization must be addressed.

Are you comfortable with  governance in Nigeria ?

Come 2019,  Nigerians should vote out the old brigade, the future of the young one is under threat, if one should go by all that is happening. There a lot of young people, who are competent enough to steer the mantle of leadership. My view is that come 2019, the old  people in governance should be voted out. We are blessed in this country, but the problem is bad leadership. Politicians are holding this country to ransom. I commend the wife of the President, Hadjia Aisha Buhari, for exposing the poor state of the Aso rock Villa clinic, Look at what is happening inside the villa clinic, I sorry for this country.

What are your views on the crisis rocking the traditional institution in Ibadan ?

I don’t like what is going on in the Ibadan traditional institution presently.  I will appeal to His Imperial Majesty and the Oyo state Government to resolve their differences amicably. We are also part of this state, I have been here for the past 45 years and anything that is going to affect the peace of the state, we must speak out. Everybody must make concerted efforts in sustaining the prevailing peace in the state. The traditional institution should not be desecrated.

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Restructuring : Is the People’s Welfare the Issue ?

In 1998, the Igbo socio-cultural organization, Ohaneze Ndigbo restructured, 12 months after the structure became the platform to campaign for Igbo Presidency.


In 2004,  the socio-cultural organization restructured, even though  the general elections came up in 2007, and Nigerians  were of the opinion that the Presidency of Nigeria was for  all Nigerians. Their argument was hinged  on the fact that no section of the country was excluded from aspiring to become the number one  citizen.

Indeed, there has never been and there is  still not any  constitutional law  that stated that a particular  tribe  cannot vie for the position of President.

Interestingly, Ohaneze is a South East  Geo-Political zone based organization, which seeks to project the image of the Igbos and the  rest of Nigeria in  general.

Although at a particular point in time, the organization was accused of been elitist, its  objective  according to a cross section  of  members is to  ensure that the ordinary  man  in the street  is  a member.

The members  argue that anybody who  is  Igbo or  of Igbo  extraction, within  Igboland or in diaspora, should be considered as a member of Ohaneze. Such individuals, according to them  can attend meetings without a  third party making  introduction.

”You can come to Ohaneze meeting without anybody introducing you. If  there is need to introduce yourself, you get up and tell them who you are”, they stated.

In an interview session with a Lagos based news magazine in 2004, the then President of the Anambra chapter of Ohaneze, Dozie Ikedife, insisted that restructuring was on course, irrespective of any presidential election.

”If it happens that no  Igbo man is installed  as President this  time around, Ohaneze will still play  its role to ensure that a President is installed  in this  country and that things move peacefully with a sense of  equity, fair play, justice and enhancement of the sense of  belonging  for  all”, Ikedife had declared.

Since no  tribe or ethnic  group has been excluded from Nigeria, the debate about who occupys the  number one seat in 2019 and other election dates, should be for  all and sundry. Perhaps.

Igbos Must Pray for All That will Bring Total Nigerian Citizenship -Ohaneze Ndigbo

The apex Igbo socio-cultural organization, Ohaneze Ndigbo, has called on Igbos  at home and in diaspora to use this year’s  Igbo day to pray for Justice, Peace, Equity  and full Nigerian citizenship.


This call was made on Tuesday  by the Chairman of the National Organising Committee of the 2017 Igbo Day celebration, Dr. Greg Ibe, in a news conference,  at Enugu.

“Our prayer points are numerous. It ranges from justice, peace, equity and all that will bring us in total belonging to this country called Nigeria.”

“Against the backdrop of the current challenges of Ndigbo and as a way of seeking divine solutions to these problems, Ohanaeze Ndigbo has decided to use the annual Igbo Day celebration for 2017 to mobilise Igbo across the globe to pray and seek the face of God for Nigeria and Ndigbo in particular”.


Involve Ethnic Diaspora Heads in National Issues-Vice President, Ezendigbo in Diaspora(South)

Nigerians  agree  dialogue could be effective  in solving the multifaceted problems of the country, but a sizable number of Nigerians fail to adopt dialogue as a solution to the challenges that confront them on a daily basis. In this interview with Federationews2day, the Eze Ndigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state, who also doubles as the Vice President of Ezendigbo in Diaspora, Eze(Dr.)Alex Anozie urges Government to include diaspora Ethnic Heads in meetings to find solutions to the country’s problems. Excerpts :


What are your views on the constitution of any  body, set up to discuss the country’s problems ?

I am in support of Ango Abdullahi’s idea. I read his suggestion in a national newspaper of Saturday 5th August, 2017, page 3, there he suggested that the Federal Government should invite both Northern and Southern agitating youths and their elders to a round table, where he hopes some common ground shall be reached. I seriously support the idea, but with some additions. (1) When the Federal Government is making such arrangement, they should insist that diaspora ethnic group Heads of all the states in the country should be included in that meeting. Why do I say so ? In all the meetings that have been held on this particular issue before now, nobody had ever thought it wise to bring in these ethnic group Heads, whom we all know play vital roles in the mutual interaction and unification of the country, as they are the ones living, mixing, relating on daily basis with each other in the various states of the Federation. They have become friends and this has brought about inter ethnic marriages. The diaspora ethnic Heads feel concerned for their safety and that of their property, when threats are issued, such as directing everyone to return to their ethnic regions. When the diaspora Ezendigbos and Oba Yorubas and the South South heads all from the South residing in the North alongside the Northern Ethnic heads, who also reside in the Southern part of the country, sit down in any meeting of such, it will definitely be easier to reach a compromise, that will go a long way in getting the country out of this very dangerous situation, we find ourselves. So, I support Ango Abdullahi’s idea seriously, Federal Government should go ahead to implement this suggestion, without much delay, please.

Ozubulu Killings : Govt Should Pull Down the Church If It was Built With Drug Money-Vice President Ezendigbo in Diaspora(South)

Security agencies have been called upon  to do the needful, if established, that the Catholic Church in Ozubulu, Anambra state, where 13 people were shot  dead and  many others  severely injured, was built with proceeds from hard drug business.


This call was made in a Press Release  dated 9 August, 2017 and signed by  the Ezendigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state and Vice President Ezendigbo in Diaspora(South), Eze(Dr.)Alex Anozie.

”If after all proper investigations, and it is confirmed that the particular Ozubulu Catholic Church was built and donated by a drug lord from his ill gotten wealth, please let the church be pulled down without delay”.

”I am of this opinion, because like I said, if it is confirmed to be so, the souls of those innocent people, who were massacred in that gruesome incident will join hands with the conscience of anybody wanting to walk into that church again to worship henceforth and forever to work against the answering of anybody’s prayers from God, who is Holy, in that church, therefore the church deserves to be pulled down”.

Read this from Commission Crowd

”When this is done it  will make our  church leadership and even that of the Muslims to sit up and do what they should be doing, and abandon the rampant  preaching for money by most Churches and Mosques. It is  common knowledge that everywhere in our country now,  only the rich ones are appreciated and worshiped because of their wealth, nobody bothers to know the source of  the wealth been flaunted about. Who is even sure,  that God did not  allow this particular Ozubulu incident to happen  in order to open the eyes of the world to the wicked crimes going on in our assumed holy place of God. These are the things that have killed our societal integrity and  discipline, because every youth now have the belief that if one is not stinkingly  rich,   life is not worth it, because he is nobody in society”.

”We all heard how the drug lord built roads for the community, and the churches, and in the eyes of the community, he is an hero. Some  of our politicians who  stole the country’s wealth in billions of Dollars, have embarked on this kind of gesture in various communities and churches, that is for those of them, who are bold enough to come out to do such, there are many who out of fear of been suspected or exposed of their crime, just steal the wealth and go out to any part of the world and stash the money away in banks, thereby  developing the economy of those countries, while our country’s economy is disintegrating rapidly. And when the looter passes on, the loot gets stock permanently in those countries”; Eze (Dr.) Anozie noted.

He lamented that it was the absence of Government in these communities that resulted  in the intervention of questionable characters in issues of development.

”If the Federal and State Government had built roads for the communities, the way it ought to be and had the wealth of the country not been stolen, these criminals would have seen no reason to build anything for the communities with their blood money”.

” There are no jobs for our youths, no electricity, no easy transportation system working, no good water, no salary for workers and pensioners, no good health facilities, our leaders are all going abroad to treat themselves, flood is threatening to consume the whole country, due to erosion and bad drainage systems, our security agencies are  increasingly finding it difficult to cope, as a result of their negligible number and inadequate equipment. This is happening because the country has no wealth anymore to cater for these challenges. Fellow Nigerians, we have a lot of work to do. May the soul of those unfortunate people, who lost their lives in that gruesome murder rest in peace in the Lord. I seriously condole with the people of  Ozubulu community and the  Anambra state Government over this wicked act. May God give them the fortitude to bear the loss”, Eze(Dr.)Anozie concluded.


Any Government that is not performing should be voted out of power-Igbo Leader

Nigerians have a lot to worry about, hunger, poverty and insecurity  are  just some of the  problems in the land. Even though there is a Government in place, the problems seems to have overwhelmed those in charge. In this interview with Federationews2day, Igbo leader and Onyendu Ndigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state , High Chief Alloy Okwudili Obi declares that  any Government that does not perform should be voted out of power. Excerpts :


What are your views on the state of the nation ?

The present situation in the country is  something to make  every citizen worry. Government know there are problems with the economy. Things are not going on well in the country in terms of business, in terms of employment and in terms of the safety of  lives and property, especially in the North East Geo-political zone.

I am so worried about the rate at which people are been killed on a daily basis. I sympathize with the people of Borno state, even animals are not killed that way. This should be a source of worry for all Nigerians. God should intervene in this situation. Even the security agencies are also losing personnel on a daily basis.  I passionately appeal to the insurgents to lay down their arms and tow the line of dialogue. However, as an upright man I don’t believe  in negotiating with criminals, but the situation is worrisome.

The Federal Government should decisively address this issue of insecurity, most especially the atrocities been committed by Fulani herdsmen in the country.  It is very strange to hear of herdsmen going about with sophisticated rifles. It is strange. Nigerians should return to God, the atrocities are just too much. Evil men and women  are everywhere. Government  has no option but to address the high unemployment rate. The number of people who are exploring ways of making money through illegitimate means is on the increase, this is very bad, therefore I call on Nigerians  to have a rethink.

Are you comfortable with situation of the Nigeria Police Force ?

The Police need funds and more hands. Without money they cannot fight crime effectively. If the Police is well funded then they will be active, but such funds should be used for the purpose it is meant for. In these era of insecurity, recruiting more personnel  is necessary. The number of Policemen fighting crime in the country is not enough. So many things are wrong in the country, Government should take urgent steps to address the problems in all sectors, to avoid  unpleasant situations. Nigerians can no longer sleep with their two eyes  closed. Security agents are not  spirits, they cannot be everywhere, corruption led to the present state of things in the country. These days people no longer take the Government serious. Why will they, when the Minister of Finance made two contradictory statements of the borrowing plan of the Government. It is now very difficult to convince the people that all is  well. It is high time Government puts its house in order. The 2015 general elections has proved  that power of incumbency no longer exists,  we are  less than two years to the next general elections. Any Government that is not performing should be voted out of power.




I Remain Head of Igbos in Ibadan and Oyo state-Eze(Dr.)Anozie

Recently, a group, Concerned Igbos in Oyo state,  alleged that it was against the principles of the rule of law and due process for a party to  the Igbo leadership tussle in Oyo state to continue parading  himself as the head of Igbos in the state, when the matter has moved from the state High Court to the Appeal court, Ibadan Division. In this interview with Federationews2day, a party to the matter, Eze(Dr.)Alex Anozie throws more light into the contentious issue, while advising Nigerians to be law abiding by respecting court judgment


Are you aware of any appeal against the Judgement of an Oyo state High Court, which affirmed you as the Head of Igbos ?

First and foremost, I am Eze(Dr.) Alex Anozie, the Eze Ndigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state and the Vice President Eze Ndigbo in Diaspora(South)  who was democratically elected Head of Igbos by Igbos in Ibadan and Oyo state, since 1997. On the issue of appeal, I am aware of it, but did they mention what that judgement stated  ?  That judgment stated that I am the only  head, leader of Igbos, call it whatever name, Onyendu, Ezendigbo or whatever, that I am the one, head of Igbos in Ibadan and Oyo state. The court asked the other person who was challenging me, to stop parading  himself as such, and up to this moment I am talking to you, no superior court has vacated that judgement. And as far as we know and we are law abiding citizens of Nigeria, the  judgment was given by a court of  competent  jurisdiction, and that judgment or ruling has not been vacated by any superior court, that judgment or ruling stands to be obeyed by every  law abiding citizen of the country. So, they went on appeal, about a month after the judgment, they went and slotted a notice of appeal, but the case is still in the Appeal court and the Appeal court has not vacated the judgment of that High court, neither did they succeed in getting any stay of execution against that particular judgment. Therefore, you must agree with me that all and sundry must obey that judgment, until any superior court  will ever vacate it,  by the special grace of God, I know that no superior court will vacate it, because truth will always  remain truth, no matter how much anybody try to bend it.

So, what is your position on the  Igbo leadership issue in Oyo state?

My position on the issue is that I am the one there, my people have said it, God first said it, my  people said it and the High court of competent jurisdiction confirmed it. And that is it,  I have been serving my people joyfully, my people are happy, the law abiding ones are happy, people who believe in the rule of law, people who believe in due process are happy about it, but people who do not believe in due process, people who think that unless they say it, it can never be, those people are not happy.  We have no apologies.

Are you aware of  the existence of the  group named, Concerned Igbos in Oyo  state ?

I am not aware of any such group in existence. I am sure that it is still the same group of people, who were defeated in the High court, that are coming up again, but as far as I know and as far as the Igbos in Oyo state are concerned, we are not aware of any  group called Concerned Igbos or whatever, we are not aware. And anything that concerns the Igbos in Oyo state, if I am not aware of it, Igbos  in Oyo state can claim that they are not aware of it. As far as God has said that I am the leader of Igbos in Oyo state, my people have said it and the court has also  said it, there is nothing left to argue about again.


Decision of Igbo Leaders A Good Omen For Nigeria-Vice Chairman, Ezendigbo in Diaspora(South)

The Governors and leaders of thought  of the South East Geo-Political zone  have been commended for adopting a definite position on the raging debate between the people and their leaders on the contentious issue of secession and restructuring.


This commendation was given  on Tuesday in a chat with Federationews2day in Ibadan, Nigeria by the  the Ezendigbo nala Ibadan and Oyo state, who doubles as the Vice Chairman, Ezendigbo in Diaspora(South), Eze(Dr.)Alex Anozie, .

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”It  is a very good omen for our country, Nigeria.  I commend them for that bold step they have taken, these are people who have seen Nigeria both in the night and in the day, these are people who have seen the war, many of them even fought the war, many of them were in the battle field, and they saw war and what war means. So, everything that can be done to avoid war, I think I support it, so, I commend them for been courageous enough, despite whatever, whatever our youths may want to think about them or the way they may want to frown at their action, I commend them, it was a good move. I support it, and their stand, we must shed blood no more in Nigeria”.

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”We do not want to lose lives any longer, be it the life of Onye Igbo, or Yoruba or Hausa, or any Nigerian, even non Nigerians. So, whatever peaceful sacrifice anyone or group can make, let us go ahead to make such sacrifice, in order to have peace in our country, I think it is worth it. I am appealing to everyone to show understanding. And I am also appealing to those who are fund of doing the wrong thing in Nigeria, to please begin to do things the right way, in order to allow frayed nerves to calm down”.

”I am sure it is the stand of the majority of people of Igbo extraction, who have seen things and things in Nigeria. If restructuring is allowed to have its way, most of the problems would have been taken care of. So, we are still within the confines of one Nigeria, with restructuring, marginalization will minimize, injustice will minimize, killings here and there will minimize, corruption will minimize, and agitations here and these will fizzle out, because all the zones will put machinery in motion towards eradicating these social vices within their zones. So, it is a very good omen for our country, Nigeria”, Eze Dr. Anozie concluded.