President Muhammadu Buhari visits Ebonyi And Anambra states

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Cultists Rob Journalist in Ibadan

Cultists at the  Olorunsogo, Molete, area of Ibadan on Tuesday morning attacked and  dispossessed the Editor-in-Chief of Federationews2day(    Solomon  Adewunmi  of his valuables.

The cultists led by one Pelumi,  at about  10. 30 am, in the morning(24, Ocotober, 2017) harmed with butcher’s knives, forcefully collected  Adewunmi’s wrist watch, wallet containing money and vital documents and micro tape recorder.

The hoodlums who operate from the house of one late Mr. Idowu, a retired Police officer, beside a white two storey building, at the back of Femola bus-stop in the community, have for a long time threatened to deal with the Journalist.

Of worry, is the fact that adults, who belong to the Landlords and Tenants Association in the community, covertly support the activities of the criminals, who, have continued to attack  and dispossess innocent citizens of their valuables, despite the regular patrol of the Police.

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Arms Build Up and The Fate of Harmless Nigerians

Armed gangs,  which creations of the political class, ethnic militia, kidnappers, private citizens and armed robbers, could be said to be responsible for the dangerous spate of arms build up in Nigeria today.


Indeed, whenever a violent crime occurs in any Geo-Political zone of the country, eye witnesses always give detailed accounts of the sophisticated weapons brandished by the assailants.

During the tenure of  former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, precisely November, 2001, the then Inspector General of Police, Musiliu Smith, informed the President, that a large consignment of arms and ammunition were intercepted at a Police check point along Kafia/Makurdi road in Nasarawa state. The interception of arms and  ammunition by security agencies is the trend presently.

The proliferation of illegal  arms, continue unabated, despite seizures, so far made by men of the Nigerian Customs at the Lagos Port.  Indeed, most seizures are made without arrests.

Of worry, is the increasing rate of poverty, official corruption and brigandage, which have become hallmarks of daily living in the country. Without doubt, this has made the land fertile for illegal arms trade for the purpose of perpetrating  evil.

Sadly, violent crimes have been followed, closely, by breathtaking orders from Government to the Police to bring the perpetrators to justice.  This is usually a step ahead of the Police call on members of the public to furnish it with useful information that would aid its investigation, while reassuring that it is on top of the situation. But members of the public take the Police call with feverish suspicion.

Not done, the Police go on further to inform helpless and harmless citizens that their  duty of securing lives and property could be boosted, with input from the public.  Curiously, the people insist that they can only make inputs, when confidentiality of inputs become a reality.

The parade and arraignment  of suspected criminals trail the foregoing,  with suspects having a field day recanting and denying involvement in the crimes for which they were arraigned.

At the end of it all, nothing, till this moment, has been done  to unravel how these criminals procure sophisticated weapons.

This has prompted a cross section of Nigerians to conclude that those  with ”recognition and steam” are better positioned to get to the root of the matter. Possibly.

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Policing The People: The Nigerian way

In July 2005, the  then  Acting Inspector General of Police,  Sunday Ehindero, put in place a committee to investigate the circumstances that led to the alleged killing of five Igbo traders and their female friend, by some policemen, at the Apo Mechanic village, on  June 7 of the same year.


The committee which was headed by Mike Okiro, then a Deputy Inspector General of Police(DIG), was dissolved by the  then President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

The President hinged his decision on the fact that the Police could not be a Judge in its own case. In addition, the President’s action was predicated on the testimonies of one Chukwu, a photographer hired by the Police in the Federal Capital Territory, to take photographs of the lifeless bodies of the six Nigerians.


The photographer had confessed that the Police were responsible for the crime, as he stated that he saw the Police bring guns and placed by the side of the six, to make them look like armed robbers, after which the Police ordered him to take their photographs.

The photographer also revealed that he was very shocked, when he saw the Commissioner of Police of the FCT Command, explaining to Nigerians that those killed were armed robbers, while relying on the photographs to give flesh to his explanation.

This development emboldened the President to put a stop to the Police investigation, to avert a situation whereby the outcome of the investigation would be favourable to the Police.

Without hesitation, the President set up a Judicial Commission of Inquiry to find out how the six were killed and the role of the Police in the incident.

Nigerians now felt that the action of the President was an indication of his lack of confidence in the competence of Ehindero, as Inspector General of Police.

Corruption and inefficiency have become recurrences in the Nigeria Police Force; this has affected almost every senior Police Officer, who  has occupied the office of the Inspector General of Police.

In this dispensation, when Ibrahim Idris assumed office as the Acting Inspector General of Police, Nigerians heaved a sigh of relief, with the thinking that they would soon begin to sleep with their two eyes closed. This is, sadly, not the case.

Indeed, for several years, there has always been a disconnect between the IGP’s office and the 36 state Police Commands. This informed the establishment of special task forces by successive Inspectors General of Police, to tackle crime all over the country. What are the states Police Commands doing then?

Accusations of deprivation of funds and counter accusations of mismanagement of funds and corruption have characterized the relationship between the    IGP’s office and the states Police Commands. On issues bothering on corruption, the Police cannot be a Judge in its own case, although the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is an Anti-Graft agency.

The funding of the Police still remains in the circle of administrative bottlenecks and the late release of funds by the Federal Government. Sabotage now takes prominence.

Of worry, is the communication lag between the office of the IGP and the Police Service Commission(PSC). Since the PSC is not responsible for the appointment of the IGP. Successive occupants of the seat of the Inspector General of Police have always been suspicious of any suggestion or advice emanating from the commission.

Interestingly, some state Governments, which are promoters of state Police, have since  taken advantage of the situation and have also become part of the issue for debate. However, state Police cannot fly, in an environment filled with political  office holders bereft of ideology and principles.

Nigerians should not be deceived by the activities of some selfish  and greed-driven citizens, who continuously discredit the present structure of the Police, in favour of sectional interests and designs.

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Blame State Governors and Other Political Office Holders for the Crises In Nigeria Today-Spiritual Head Shafaudeen

Insurgency, armed agitations, kidnapping for ritual and ransom, armed  robbery, car snatching and other crimes have taken over the Nigerian landscape. With this  as a background, the Nigerian Military launched Operations Python Dance One and Two, in the South East Geo-Political zone, and also  Operation Crocodile smile in the South South and  some parts of the South West, to reverse the ugly trend. In this interview with Federationews2day, the Founder and Spiritual Head of Shafaudeen Worldwide, Wakajaye, Ibadan, Nigeria, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke, says state Governors are part of the problem. Excerpts :


Military operations in those parts of Nigeria that are in crises are underway, what is your assessment of the situation ?

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The operation wouldn’t have been necessary if the intention had not gone to the level of breaking the country to pieces, besides that, the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) and the South South militants, they are armed with arsenal and other weapons of destruction and most of them are been sponsored by foreign interests.

It is unfortunate that Nigeria has been plunged into this abysmally regrettably stimulation. Unfortunately, a lot of things are not really working in Nigeria. For example the Nigeria Police Force is supposed to be efficient to quell all agitations, but how adequately equipped are the police ? So, in an environment of abnormalities, it would  continue to be a matter of surprise to see things been done accordingly. Take for example, restructuring, through having state Police would have  been the best , because we have some nations which are operating through this principle, but in Nigeria, the politicians would just  use  the opportunity to strangle the necks of their enemies, through the state police.

So, a lot of things that are working else where, favorably, are really not working here.

Also, another example, the civil war, we thought it would end in three months, but it lasted for three solid years, with  more than three million Igbos dead and also millions of those on the Federal side affected. Unfortunately,  the actors then, who are  gladiators from the North, are now our elder statesmen, controlling the affairs of the country.

One should not expect such people to look away, when there is about to be  a resurgence  of the  ugly past. I think that those we are supposed to blame in Nigeria, for all the chaos confronting us, are primarily the state Governors and those  who are holding political offices such as the Ministers and other appointees of Government. For instance, in the South East, the Governors were late in intervening, one feels very sad , when the break down of rules and laws are considered, as  that  of our core values. In this situation,  we expect the people to have a hold on the elites and the youths. But in the present circumstance,  the youths are been marginalized and denied  access to all the good  things of life in the country and as a result  one should not expect any respect for the so called elderly people, who are  in control of power. To this extent, things have fallen apart and the centre, is finding it so difficult to be in control. State Governors  are the Security  Chiefs of their states and they are closer to the agitators and at the same time working very closely with the Federal Government, if there is synergy in governance, things  will be well at the  centre, they are not supposed to   have  this kind of problem in quelling insurgency, militancy and proffering solution to the root cause of youth restiveness.

The root of all these problems  is the mismanagement of the nation’s resources, inequality, denial of access to life’s basic needs and the high rate of unemployment among the youths. Poverty will always make any system to be ungovernable.

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Agitations : Nigerians Should Follow The Path of Constitutionality and Law- Senator

Nigerians with grievances have been called upon to follow due process and the rule of law, while agitating for a change in the status quo.


This call was made  by the Senator representing Delta Central Senatorial District in the upper chamber of the National Assembly, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege.

“Whoever has genuine grievances should follow the path of constitutionality, law, dialogue, love, brotherhood and peace. We are one. We have the resilience and infinite capacity to handle all challenges confronting us as a people”.

“Every Nigerian should feel at home and protected wherever he or she finds himself or herself in the territory of Nigeria”.

“So I want to strongly advise and appeal for peace and urge our security agencies to be vigilant and maintain the peace at all times. We don’t want our fellow citizens to be intimidated, harassed or killed extra-judicially for whatever reasons”.

“I must advise also that this should not be a pretext by any security agent to harass our peace-loving people. That shouldn’t happen at all.  Let’s constantly engage with ourselves in wisdom as we build a better society for all, Senator Omo-Agege  concluded.


Igbos Must Pray for All That will Bring Total Nigerian Citizenship -Ohaneze Ndigbo

The apex Igbo socio-cultural organization, Ohaneze Ndigbo, has called on Igbos  at home and in diaspora to use this year’s  Igbo day to pray for Justice, Peace, Equity  and full Nigerian citizenship.


This call was made on Tuesday  by the Chairman of the National Organising Committee of the 2017 Igbo Day celebration, Dr. Greg Ibe, in a news conference,  at Enugu.

“Our prayer points are numerous. It ranges from justice, peace, equity and all that will bring us in total belonging to this country called Nigeria.”

“Against the backdrop of the current challenges of Ndigbo and as a way of seeking divine solutions to these problems, Ohanaeze Ndigbo has decided to use the annual Igbo Day celebration for 2017 to mobilise Igbo across the globe to pray and seek the face of God for Nigeria and Ndigbo in particular”.


Coronation of 21 Obas : Oyo Govt. is very Fraudulent- Sen. Rashidi Ladoja

As the controversy over the recent installation of 21 Traditional rulers in Ibadanland by the Oyo state Governor rages, a former Governor of the state, who is also the Osi Olubadan of Ibadanland, High Chief Rashidi Ladoja, in this interview with Journalists at his Ondo street, Bodija, Ibadan, residence says  the state Government acted fraudulently. Federationews2day was there. Excerpts :


 The bone of contention today in Ibadanland , is the  interference of Government in the Traditional institution ? What is your position on this ?

Where do We start from ? It is not the responsibility of Government to tamper with the 1959 declaration, because they tried to mislead the people, they are now saying it is not the 1959 declaration, it is the 1957 declaration. The 1957 law was the chief’s law, it was under the chief’s law that the 1959 declaration was  gotten. It stated clearly that it was not the responsibility of anybody to do embark on amendment. We are not having the Olubadan of Oyo state, we are having the Olubadan of Ibadanland, so why do you have to bring somebody from Ibarapa, somebody from Oyo, and some people from Oke-Ogun to amend our own declaration. It is not the responsibility of the Oyo state Government to tamper with the Olubadan Chieftaincy  declaration, the case is still in court. And from what we are seeing the Government seems not to respect the courts again. Why did they start after work on Friday and ended on Sunday ? What is the cause ? Are those people going to, die ? They distributed the letters under floodlights, I see what happened in Mapo as a theatre.  If you want to amend the law, you know the procedure. The procedure is that when you amend the law you take it to the House, anyway we expect that he is going to bribe the legislators in the House. I only want to warn them, the legislators, that they should go back to their constituencies to know what their constituencies want. They should not think that because it is an Ibadan issue, the other zones in the state don’t have interest in it, because the Governor has said that when he finishes with Ibadan, the next place is Ogbomosho, all those Baales will become Obas and after Ogbomosho, he will end it up in Oyo. The implication is that since the Ibadan High chiefs, kingmakers are now Obas, the Oyomesis, kingmakers in Oyo, and all associated villages heads Obas can also become Obas. If he does not do that then our point  that he does not have the right to tamper with the declaration is right. He just wants to destroy the institution of traditional rulers. The question now is that what time does he have to reflect on issues pertaining to governance ?

The  state Government  alleges that during your tenure, you attempted same  ?

It is not true. I have said it several times that I did not set up any Adio  commission. Oyo state is in the number 29 position in the country, with all the private schools in the state. If you take away the private schools, it means maybe we would have come last, after Lagos the next place where there are private schools is Oyo state. This was not the case during my time. So the institution of Ibadan Obaship is so complex, that it is better to leave them and face the job of Oyo state. After you might have put Oyo state where it is supposed to be, then you can now go back and look at it. We are not like other places, Saki has not got an Oba now, even Fiditi hasn’t got an Oba now, So what I am saying is that I did not set up the Adio commission, it is either the Governor is been mischievous or the Governor decided to be a lair himself, either of the two, because  if they are say that they cannot find the report then is Adio alive ? then if he is alive they should call him.

You said that Government is no longer respecting the law, now what is the way forward ?

You don’t get the point, the Local Government elections have not been held because their case is in court, the Council of Chief was suspended in 2011 because the case is in court,   this time around there is no case in court ? Abi ? So that is what we are saying, it is not a question of selectively taking advantage of the court, if you want to take advantage of the court, then you take the disadvantage of the court as well. Democracy is Governing by the rule of law, if the rule of law breaks down, then everybody will resort to self help, God save all of us, that is what we are saying. So it is not the question of what is the way forward. The way forward is that at the end of it the court will prevail, the court will prevail, they may delay it, they may do everything, even if you influence the local court, are you going to influence the Appeal Court, are you going to influence the Supreme court ? We are not dead, we are not  dying yet, so why should I bother about how long the case lasts, because I know that some Obas, having spent 15 years on the throne were removed. So, that is the situation. The Governor has no right or the Government has no right to interfere in the Ibadan  declaration.

The impression, is that the High Chiefs, including yourself instituted the  law suit, what made the others back out ?

Well, I don’t know because I am not one of them.  The two of them came to see me, they came on the 22nd, because they went to Government on the 21st, they asked ”What is the quarrel between you and your brother, I asked who ? They said Isiaka Ajimobi , I said no I am not quarreling with Isiaka Ajimobi, I am quarreling with the Governor and if you go to the executive’s office you will see the Governors who  have been there. Starting from Sir John Ranking up to Akala, and on the 29th of May, 2019his own photograph will join us. So, it is the Governor I am having problems with, so many people do know know how to distinguish between the Governor and the holder. Maybe they think it is a solidarity with an Ibadan boy,  but I told them the danger there, the danger there is that when my brother Alao Akala said he wanted to create only six Obaship, the whole Ibadan rose in unity and said that he cannot do it and he did not do it. But now that an Ibadan boy wants to create 50 Obas, nobody is talking. I said that so, if you keep quiet in the face of tyranny, ………And I said, you people you say you want to become Obas, have you looked into the report ? Nobody has seen the report, even though  he is  giving you the sweet part of the report, and maybe the bitter parts are still hidden. Has anybody seen the white paper ? And the only thing they published, they say recommendations, this is recommendation four, where is recommendation one to three ? recommendation four, recommendation five, recommendation eight, where is six and seven ?  Recommendation nine, the High Chiefs will retain the titles of Otun Olubadan, Osi Olubadan, Balogun, Osi Balogun etc, and will not use the titles of Obas, this is what Government has published, as a prefix to their names, in order to avoid any confusion that would be caused by using the title ‘Oba ‘ in conjunction with their titles as Otun Olubadan, Osi Olubadan, Balogun and Osi Balogun etc. The Government now says, the Government rejects this recommendation. You can see that the Government had a plan before they started this, they just want to use the commission to bring out what they have in them. There is recommendation 10, there is no recommendation 11, there is recommendation 12,  so, where is  where is recommendation 13 to 98 and after 99, there is 100, there 101, I don’t know whether that is the end. But where is recommendation 13 to 98 ? So, this is Government print out, not so ? So you can see that the Government is very fraudulent. There is no report, the commission’s report is not there, they didn’t tell us what it is. Secondly, the white paper is not there. They are now talking of 1959 declaration, but when they started it, it was 1957 declaration, but now it is 1959 declaration, so, you can see that they are very inconsistent, so, as I said the Governor is most of the times too busy to look into details, he just allow these people to do whatever they want to do.

Bore Hole Drilling : Govt. Should Introduce Regulations To Stop Quackery-AWDROP PRO

As sub-standard bore holes take over the Nigerian landscape, the Association of Water Well Drilling Rigs Owners and Practitioners(AWDROP)has declared that unless the Federal Government regulates the industry, the activities of quacks will continue unabated.


Indeed, Nigerians have repeatedly expressed worry over the increasing rate of newly constructed bore holes that have seized functioning.

They blame this situation on the sharp practices of some stake holders in the industry.

However, the National Public Relations Officer of the Association, Mr. Richard Ajayi, insists that lack of regulation by the Federal Government is responsible for the present state of things.

”This association is trying all its best to ensure that quackery in bore hole drilling is reduced to the barest minimum. And this association cannot do it alone, except in collaboration with Government, by regulating bore hole drilling activities. And if Government fails to listen to  what this association is saying, then we all will have to bear the consequences”.

”So, it is better they realize now, than later, when our underground water has been bastardized. We  liaise with the Bureau of Public Procurement(BPP), when the issue involves award of Government contracts. Contracts are awarded indiscriminately. If Government fails to regulate  us, and we are trying to regulate ourselves, then people will say that there is no Government policy. Those going all about claiming to be our members, are not our members, because most of them do not adhere by the code of practice, they always say that there is freedom of association. Contracts are not awarded to professionals. The BPP is not following the laid down procedures in the award of contracts. We are just doing things the way we like”, Mr. Ajayi concluded.