Coronation of 21 Obas : Oyo Govt. is very Fraudulent- Sen. Rashidi Ladoja

As the controversy over the recent installation of 21 Traditional rulers in Ibadanland by the Oyo state Governor rages, a former Governor of the state, who is also the Osi Olubadan of Ibadanland, High Chief Rashidi Ladoja, in this interview with Journalists at his Ondo street, Bodija, Ibadan, residence says  the state Government acted fraudulently. Federationews2day was there. Excerpts :


 The bone of contention today in Ibadanland , is the  interference of Government in the Traditional institution ? What is your position on this ?

Where do We start from ? It is not the responsibility of Government to tamper with the 1959 declaration, because they tried to mislead the people, they are now saying it is not the 1959 declaration, it is the 1957 declaration. The 1957 law was the chief’s law, it was under the chief’s law that the 1959 declaration was  gotten. It stated clearly that it was not the responsibility of anybody to do embark on amendment. We are not having the Olubadan of Oyo state, we are having the Olubadan of Ibadanland, so why do you have to bring somebody from Ibarapa, somebody from Oyo, and some people from Oke-Ogun to amend our own declaration. It is not the responsibility of the Oyo state Government to tamper with the Olubadan Chieftaincy  declaration, the case is still in court. And from what we are seeing the Government seems not to respect the courts again. Why did they start after work on Friday and ended on Sunday ? What is the cause ? Are those people going to, die ? They distributed the letters under floodlights, I see what happened in Mapo as a theatre.  If you want to amend the law, you know the procedure. The procedure is that when you amend the law you take it to the House, anyway we expect that he is going to bribe the legislators in the House. I only want to warn them, the legislators, that they should go back to their constituencies to know what their constituencies want. They should not think that because it is an Ibadan issue, the other zones in the state don’t have interest in it, because the Governor has said that when he finishes with Ibadan, the next place is Ogbomosho, all those Baales will become Obas and after Ogbomosho, he will end it up in Oyo. The implication is that since the Ibadan High chiefs, kingmakers are now Obas, the Oyomesis, kingmakers in Oyo, and all associated villages heads Obas can also become Obas. If he does not do that then our point  that he does not have the right to tamper with the declaration is right. He just wants to destroy the institution of traditional rulers. The question now is that what time does he have to reflect on issues pertaining to governance ?

The  state Government  alleges that during your tenure, you attempted same  ?

It is not true. I have said it several times that I did not set up any Adio  commission. Oyo state is in the number 29 position in the country, with all the private schools in the state. If you take away the private schools, it means maybe we would have come last, after Lagos the next place where there are private schools is Oyo state. This was not the case during my time. So the institution of Ibadan Obaship is so complex, that it is better to leave them and face the job of Oyo state. After you might have put Oyo state where it is supposed to be, then you can now go back and look at it. We are not like other places, Saki has not got an Oba now, even Fiditi hasn’t got an Oba now, So what I am saying is that I did not set up the Adio commission, it is either the Governor is been mischievous or the Governor decided to be a lair himself, either of the two, because  if they are say that they cannot find the report then is Adio alive ? then if he is alive they should call him.

You said that Government is no longer respecting the law, now what is the way forward ?

You don’t get the point, the Local Government elections have not been held because their case is in court, the Council of Chief was suspended in 2011 because the case is in court,   this time around there is no case in court ? Abi ? So that is what we are saying, it is not a question of selectively taking advantage of the court, if you want to take advantage of the court, then you take the disadvantage of the court as well. Democracy is Governing by the rule of law, if the rule of law breaks down, then everybody will resort to self help, God save all of us, that is what we are saying. So it is not the question of what is the way forward. The way forward is that at the end of it the court will prevail, the court will prevail, they may delay it, they may do everything, even if you influence the local court, are you going to influence the Appeal Court, are you going to influence the Supreme court ? We are not dead, we are not  dying yet, so why should I bother about how long the case lasts, because I know that some Obas, having spent 15 years on the throne were removed. So, that is the situation. The Governor has no right or the Government has no right to interfere in the Ibadan  declaration.

The impression, is that the High Chiefs, including yourself instituted the  law suit, what made the others back out ?

Well, I don’t know because I am not one of them.  The two of them came to see me, they came on the 22nd, because they went to Government on the 21st, they asked ”What is the quarrel between you and your brother, I asked who ? They said Isiaka Ajimobi , I said no I am not quarreling with Isiaka Ajimobi, I am quarreling with the Governor and if you go to the executive’s office you will see the Governors who  have been there. Starting from Sir John Ranking up to Akala, and on the 29th of May, 2019his own photograph will join us. So, it is the Governor I am having problems with, so many people do know know how to distinguish between the Governor and the holder. Maybe they think it is a solidarity with an Ibadan boy,  but I told them the danger there, the danger there is that when my brother Alao Akala said he wanted to create only six Obaship, the whole Ibadan rose in unity and said that he cannot do it and he did not do it. But now that an Ibadan boy wants to create 50 Obas, nobody is talking. I said that so, if you keep quiet in the face of tyranny, ………And I said, you people you say you want to become Obas, have you looked into the report ? Nobody has seen the report, even though  he is  giving you the sweet part of the report, and maybe the bitter parts are still hidden. Has anybody seen the white paper ? And the only thing they published, they say recommendations, this is recommendation four, where is recommendation one to three ? recommendation four, recommendation five, recommendation eight, where is six and seven ?  Recommendation nine, the High Chiefs will retain the titles of Otun Olubadan, Osi Olubadan, Balogun, Osi Balogun etc, and will not use the titles of Obas, this is what Government has published, as a prefix to their names, in order to avoid any confusion that would be caused by using the title ‘Oba ‘ in conjunction with their titles as Otun Olubadan, Osi Olubadan, Balogun and Osi Balogun etc. The Government now says, the Government rejects this recommendation. You can see that the Government had a plan before they started this, they just want to use the commission to bring out what they have in them. There is recommendation 10, there is no recommendation 11, there is recommendation 12,  so, where is  where is recommendation 13 to 98 and after 99, there is 100, there 101, I don’t know whether that is the end. But where is recommendation 13 to 98 ? So, this is Government print out, not so ? So you can see that the Government is very fraudulent. There is no report, the commission’s report is not there, they didn’t tell us what it is. Secondly, the white paper is not there. They are now talking of 1959 declaration, but when they started it, it was 1957 declaration, but now it is 1959 declaration, so, you can see that they are very inconsistent, so, as I said the Governor is most of the times too busy to look into details, he just allow these people to do whatever they want to do.


Ndigbo in Oyo state Pass Vote of Confidence in Eze Dr. Anozie


Igbos in in Oyo state have  passed a vote of confidence in their head, Eze Dr. Alex Anozie.

The community, comprising all the people from the states  in the South East Geo-Political zone of Nigeria, hinged their decision on the forthright and purposeful leadership of Eze       Dr. Anozie.

They expressed concern over the unbecoming activities of some  individuals, geared towards sowing the seed of discord among the people, while advising Igbos in the state to be wary of such individuals.

They reiterated their resolve to continue to stand by the communiqué issued on 28 June, 2014 and signed by the state President of Ohaneze and Igbo leaders from Saki, Oyo, Iseyin, Eruwa and Ogbomosho.

The communiqué had stated ‘’We the various Igbo communities, Trade unions and Traders associations residing in Ibadan and Oyo state, under the umbrella of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Oyo state, do hereby  raise and endorse this communiqué  today, 28th of June, 2014, confirming our total support  and solidarity for Eze Dr. Alex Anozie, as the only Ezendigbo, Onyendundigbo nala Ibadan and Oyo state, sequel to his been democratically elected and sworn in as same since the year 1997 by Ndigbo. This is in addition to the High court judgment of 28 February 2014, which favours only him (Anozie)as the person in  that position with such titles’’.


Similarly, the Ohaneze Ndigbo has made a passionate appeal to media organizations in the country-print and electronics- to resist all attempts by some personalities who  have been bought over and sponsored by ‘’those who lost out in the leadership struggle’’, to use these channels to disseminate wrong or  false information to the public, on the ‘’EzeNdigbo’’ title issue.

”Our Igbo title, Ezendigbo,  is not the title of any other ethnic group and can never be. The interpretation of Ezendigbo is purely ”the leader or head of Igbos”, no more, no less. Anybody that is giving it any other interpretation outside the above is on his own. We also know that there are Oba Yorubas in Abuja, Kano, Kaduna, Abakaliki, Owerri, Jos, Togo and many other places in the world nobody is raising eyebrows. If Ezendigbo means King,  then Oba Yoruba in all the above mentioned areas outside Yorubaland means King as well ”.

”We go further to buttress our point by calling public attention to an NTA Network Programme which was aired on Friday the 12th of May, 2017 between 6.30am and 7.00am. The topic was the Peace and Unity of Nigeria. During the course of the programme, the Oba Yoruba of Kano was clearly shown on air, Ezendigbo, Kano was clearly shown on air, with their ethnic titles boldly inscribed on the screen”

”So we now begin to wonder why such should be possible in Kano and other parts of  Nigeria and even in foreign countries, only to become impossible in Ibadan and South West as the individuals are making people to believe”, the Socio-cultural organization concluded.

Shafaudeen In Islam Worldwide Rounds Off Annual Ishrat

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The 34th  annual Ishrat and  19th Walimot ‘L Qur’an, of Shafaudeen Is Islam Worldwide was rounded off on Sunday at its international headquarters, Wakjaye, Iwo road, Ibadan, Nigeria, with the grand finale featuring a lecture  titled  ” Restructuring or Revamping the Recessed Economy : The Preferred Alternatives”, delivered by the Founder and Spiritual  Head, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke.

The grand finale also included the   the launching of three books written by Prof. Olagoke: 1) Religion, Beyond the Opium 2) Nigeria and Issues of Security 3) Disability in Voyage of life and an award ceremony.

An official of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Chief Benjamin Maduka Obiechiena and the Oyo state Police Public Relations Officer, Superintendent of Police, Adekunle Ajisebutu, received awards among others.

In addition, the Chief Imam of Ibadanland, Alhaji  Sheik Abubakar Agbotomokekere performed the Walimot Quran blessing for newly anointed spiritual title holders.

Dugbe Market Traders Seek Divine Intervention Over Dwindling Sales

Traders at the  Dugbe Market, Ibadan, Nigeria have embarked on a prayer session to seek divine  intervention towards addressing dwindling sales and other challenges confronting traders as a result of the absence of adequate facilities in the market.

The Traders who turned out in large numbers, at the market venue of the prayer session, lamented that the toilets in the market were not enough to cater for the large number of people in the market.

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They also complained of  irregular electricity supply and lack of potable water, while appealing to the Oyo state Government to consider their plight, by doing the needful.

At the prayer session, were the Otun Iyalaje of Ibadan land, who doubles as the Iyalaje of Dugbe market, Chief(Mrs.) Victoria Lawal-Coker,  Babaloja of Dugbe market, Alhaji  Rasaki Bello, Iyaloja of Dugbe market, Alhaja Limota Adepoju, the Babalaje of Dugbe market, Alhaji Moshood Ayinde,  Chief Security Officer of the market,  Mr. Kelvin Iwuji among other dignitaries.

Mogaji Akere : Olubadan Should Uphold the Wishes of the Majority- Abdulwasiu Akere

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A contender to the position of the  Mogaji Akere compound, Orita-Merin, Ibadan, Nigeria , Prince Okunola Abdulwasiu Akere has made a passionate appeal to the Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Saliu Adetunji, Aje Ogunguniso 1, to reconsider his choice of the occupant of the position by accepting the decision of the majority of the Akere family members .

Prince Akere made this appeal in a chat with Federationews2day.

”Personally, Olubadan is an institution of respect. Olubadan is reputed for honesty of intention and fear of God.  Overtime we have met with the Kabiyesi, he assured of his good fatherly gesture to the entire Akere family, based on past relationships he had with our fore fathers. So, I don’t see that statement coming from the palace, because Kabiyesi, several times we have been to the palace, said he holds Akere family in high esteem and even says that the decision of the family is paramount to the final installation of the Mogaji. And so far, so good, I, Prince, Honourable Okunola Olasunkanmi Abdulwasiu Akere still remains the Mogaji elect of the vast majority of Akere family of Orita-Merin, Ibadan, Nigeria”.

He stressed that the  Olubadan was a fatherly figure, who could not be disrespected saying, ”We have been to the Kabiyesi, severally and the response of the Kabiyesi, Kabiyesi assured us that he is a father to everybody. He is an institution that is not to be disrespected. But what the family is saying is that the rights and wishes of the vast majority of the Akere family should be respected. And which Kabiyesi himself upheld. And we don’t know how and where the other person, without the consent of the family became the Mogaji Akere, duly recognized by the Olubadan-in-Council”.

”So we are now seizing this opportunity to appeal to Kabiyesi and the Olubadan-in-Council to look into our case, with due respect, without fear or prejudice and fear of actions, so that the wishes of the vast majority of Akere family should be upheld. I still have confidence in Kabiyesi, that he will give us a listening ear, so that the wishes of the entire Akere family will be respected.

However, in its reaction the Olubadan-in-council , in a Press Release dated 8th January and titled  “IBADAN CHIEFTAINCY NOT A DO-OR-DIE AFFAIR” stated its position on the issue. Excerpts :

The Olubadan-in-Council, the highest decision-making organ on Ibadan traditional, Chieftaincy matters has decried the use of violence to protest Chieftaincy disputes, saying henceforth erring parties would face sanctions.
In its emergency meeting at Oba Saliu Adetunji’s Palace, Popoyemoja, Ibadan over the weekend, the council which affirmed the rights of people to lawful protests when aggrieved kicked against derogatory media campaigns against opponents and use of dangerous weapons  such cutlasses and guns to protest disputes.
The council members specifically referred to the recent tussle for the post of Mogaji Akere Compound, Orita-Merin, Ibadan between two brothers – Alhaji Moshood Gbolagade Akere and Mr. Wasiu Okunola Akere which had led to a person being hospitalized following the emergence of Alhaji Moshood Akere as the Mogaji. It therefore summoned his main rival in the contest, Mr. Wasiu Akere and some of his family members to the emergency council meeting to come and explain their roles in the trouble before and after the appointment of Alhaji Moshood Akere as Mogaji.
According to the council, there is sufficient evidence to show that both Wasiu and Moshood Akere had signed up to an undertaking on December 8 last year before the representatives of Olubadan to support whosoever was eventually chosen as Mogaji Akere between the duo.
Before then, a couple of meetings had been called at the instance of Kabiyesi Olubadan with the Akere family members to pick a unanimous candidate between the two contestants. The failure of the family to come up with the consensus candidate after 15days  grace led Kabiyesi to form a committee of two high chiefs  comprising Otun Balogun, High Chief Dr. Femi Olaifa and Osi Balogun, High Chief Tajudeen Ajibola to hold another meeting with the two candidates and their supporters at the Olubadan Palace Mapo Ibadan last December 8 where both of them signed an undertaking to support whosoever emerged Mogaji between them.    
According to them, there is no other way to describe the purported gun shoot-out that trailed the appointment of Moshood Akere as Mogaji than an act of flagrant disobedience to the authority of his Imperial Majesty, the Olubadan of Ibadanland adding that an insult on Olubadan or any of his representatives is an insult on Ibadanland as a whole. The council members who allowed media men to cover the proceedings recalled that the Akere family at Orita-Merin where both Wasiu and Moshood hail from has a proud heritage of being one of the few families that has produced Olubadan twice, stressing they should not allow thugs to infiltrate their ranks and destroy their hard-earned family reputation.
The also advised the new Mogaji Akere, Alhaji Moshood Gbolagade Akere to be magnanimous in victory and his rival, Wasiu to be gallant in defeat as chieftaincy contest in Ibadanland is not a do-or-die affair. They also charged the family elders who have been polarized by the contest between the duo to close ranks in order to move the family forward.
Responding, Hon. Wasiu Akere who expressed appreciation to the council over their concern explained that the Olubadan remains the father of all whose word is law. He stated that he had no hand whatsoever in the trouble that trailed the appointment of his brother.
Present at the emergency council meeting were the Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Saliu Adetunji Aje Ogungunniso 1, Otun Olubadan, High Chief Senator Dr. Lekan Balogun; Balogun of Ibadanland, High Chief Owolabi Akinloye Olakulehin; Otun Balogun, High Chief Dr. Femi Olaifa; Asipa Olubadan, High Chief Eddy Oyewole; Asipa Balogun High Chief Latif Gbadamosi Adebimpe; Ekarun Olubadan, High Chief Amidu Ajibade and Ekarun Balogun, High Chief Kola Adegbola.
Adeola Oloko
Director of Media &
Public Affairs to the Imperial
MajestyOlubadan of Ibadanland        

Residents of Two Ibadan LGS Receive Free Health Care


Residents of Ibadan South West and South East Local Governments of Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria have been treated for various health conditions affecting them by a private organization.

Indeed, Nigerians have been experiencing difficulties  accessing  quality health care delivery in the country, this has actually led  to negative situations for  families, which are at most times  helpless.

The private organization, ODS Global Investments,  in collaboration with some Nigerians in diaspora, provided drugs and treatment for the residents of the two local governments at the Mapo hall for two days.

Mr. Ademola Folarin, who spoke on behalf of the organization said ”we sort of think  of the people, who have various ailments, these people cannot go to hospitals due to their financial constraints, that is why we organized this forum, to give them the medications they need, free of charge”.

”We are treating them for various health conditions, we also have 30 wheel chairs here to give whoever needs it, we are also treating people with different types of eye conditions and we also pay for surgery for those who require it”, Mr. Folarin concluded.

Ibadan Residents Continue to Dump Refuse Indiscriminately, As Oyo Govt Appeals For Understanding

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Recently, the National Hydrological Agency(NIHSA) announced Oyo state, as one of the states in Nigeria, which are flood prone, while advsing the affected states to take proactive measures to avert disaster.

Before the announcement, the state government had been contending with the problem of dissuading residents from dumping refuse in unauthorised places.

Sadly, residents of the  state, most especially the state capital, Ibadan, remain adamant, the residents have continued to dump refuse in drainages, other peoples’ residence and along the road side.

In the Olorunsogo, Molete area of the state, the recalcitrant attitude of the residents, is on display, as a Landlady of a two storey building(5, Kehinde Aderibigbe street) and her tenants  have converted  the drainage in front of a house and the surroundings of the same building, ( No.3 )to a dumpimg ground for their refuse. This is just one out of several cases that abound all over the state capital.

Indeed, lawlesseness and lack of proper education on the dnagers of dumpimg refuse in drainages and other places, constitutes a major  challenge, even as refuse contractors are in a dilemma over how to approach these residents, who have continuosly refused to partner the contractors, in ensuring a clean environment.

Meanwhile, the State Government has appealed to the ”good people of Oyo state, to show understanding and cooperate with the government by observing all the rules and regulations guiding flood disaster risk reduction program of the State Government”.

This appeal was made on Monday, on  behalf of the State Government by the Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources, Chief Isaac Ishola in an address delivered at a Press Conference on Flood Disaster Reduction Strategies in Oyo state.

”Dumping of refuse into drainages, river channels and other illegal places are to bestopped forthwith. All owners of properties in Oyo state should as a matter of civic responsibility construct free flowing darainages in front of their proerties to secure longetivity of our roads”, Chief Ishola concluded.