Guided Living


A very essential factor in an individual’s personality is a noble philosophy of life.

An individual internalize such a philosophy of life while passing through the stages of maturity.

What the purpose of life is and how to live, constitutes self-ideal.

A philosophy of life cannot be given an individual, but a systematic direction his/her thinking, as regards life’s goals,rather than short term pleasures and assessing his/her daily activities by acceptable principles in society, go a long way aiding focused development.

Discipline is the basis of a stable society. Education without morality is void and of no value.



To Your Creator-Devotion

To Your Father-Humilty

ToYour Mother-Good Conductimages

To Your Teacher-Obiedience

To Your Employer-Hard Work

To Your Child- Good Example


To Your Nation-Service

To Your Elders-Respect

To The Needy-Help


To Your Friends-Sincerity

To Yourself-Respect

ToAn Opponent-TolerTolerance

To All Men-Charity

Discipline is the basis of a stable society

 Lay A Solid Foundation For the  Future