Any Government that is not performing should be voted out of power-Igbo Leader

Nigerians have a lot to worry about, hunger, poverty and insecurity  are  just some of the  problems in the land. Even though there is a Government in place, the problems seems to have overwhelmed those in charge. In this interview with Federationews2day, Igbo leader and Onyendu Ndigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state , High Chief Alloy Okwudili Obi declares that  any Government that does not perform should be voted out of power. Excerpts :


What are your views on the state of the nation ?

The present situation in the country is  something to make  every citizen worry. Government know there are problems with the economy. Things are not going on well in the country in terms of business, in terms of employment and in terms of the safety of  lives and property, especially in the North East Geo-political zone.

I am so worried about the rate at which people are been killed on a daily basis. I sympathize with the people of Borno state, even animals are not killed that way. This should be a source of worry for all Nigerians. God should intervene in this situation. Even the security agencies are also losing personnel on a daily basis.  I passionately appeal to the insurgents to lay down their arms and tow the line of dialogue. However, as an upright man I don’t believe  in negotiating with criminals, but the situation is worrisome.

The Federal Government should decisively address this issue of insecurity, most especially the atrocities been committed by Fulani herdsmen in the country.  It is very strange to hear of herdsmen going about with sophisticated rifles. It is strange. Nigerians should return to God, the atrocities are just too much. Evil men and women  are everywhere. Government  has no option but to address the high unemployment rate. The number of people who are exploring ways of making money through illegitimate means is on the increase, this is very bad, therefore I call on Nigerians  to have a rethink.

Are you comfortable with situation of the Nigeria Police Force ?

The Police need funds and more hands. Without money they cannot fight crime effectively. If the Police is well funded then they will be active, but such funds should be used for the purpose it is meant for. In these era of insecurity, recruiting more personnel  is necessary. The number of Policemen fighting crime in the country is not enough. So many things are wrong in the country, Government should take urgent steps to address the problems in all sectors, to avoid  unpleasant situations. Nigerians can no longer sleep with their two eyes  closed. Security agents are not  spirits, they cannot be everywhere, corruption led to the present state of things in the country. These days people no longer take the Government serious. Why will they, when the Minister of Finance made two contradictory statements of the borrowing plan of the Government. It is now very difficult to convince the people that all is  well. It is high time Government puts its house in order. The 2015 general elections has proved  that power of incumbency no longer exists,  we are  less than two years to the next general elections. Any Government that is not performing should be voted out of power.




Our Members are Still Been Paid Percentage Salaries in Universities-National Vice President SSANU

Workers in Nigerian universities have a tale or two to tell those interested in listening. They are not happy, their unhappiness revolves on the nonchalant attitude of the managements of universities towards issues concerning salaries and welfare of workers. In this interview with Federationews2day, the National Vice President, Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities(SSANU)Western zone, Comrade Alfred Ilesanmi Jimoh says that all is not well with senior  staff of  Universities in the South West and other parts of the country. Excerpts :


How have Senior Staff in Universities in the South West Geo-Political zone of the country fared in recent times ?

I must say that the state of affairs has not changed significantly, a good number of universities  in the South west and even nation wide too, are still been paid percentage salaries. Even though that we heard that the Federal Government, particularly,  has released the outstanding shortfall  owed universities. But unfortunately some Vice Chancellors have been very economical with the   truth, they have not reflected this development in the salaries of the staff.

Talking about SSANU in the Western zone,  the very sore point that we are having now, which is making our hearts to ache and bleed, is the case of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology(LAUTECH)Ogbomosho, as a union leader I feel pained that two Yoruba states been governed by the All Progressives Congress are saying that they cannot fund LAUTECH, and LAUTECH is gradually left to die a natural death. It is giving us very serious concern and headache, that things can be like that. In a situation where we have states in the North that do not have the kind of resources, the kind of Internally Generated Revenue(IGR), that do not have the kind of exposure that we have in the Western  part of the country, are sponsoring and funding their own universities, Oyo and Osun states are saying that they cannot fund LAUTECH, as a result students are languishing, staff are not paid salaries for between 8 to 9 months. They are now begging to offset the outstanding bills in LAUTECH, it is painful.

On this note, we in SSANU want to join our voice to the voices of Nigerians who are calling on the Federal Government to take over LAUTECH and give LAUTECH  a bail out. As a matter of fact the Federal Government should totally take over LAUTECH, the Federal Government should give LAUTECH a bail out, a bail out, specifically for LAUTECH is imperative. I also want to call on the OODUA owner states to take interest in the university, if the Federal Government will not take it over. And let all of them put hands together to fund  LAUTECH, because LAUTECH is a veritable institution, it was once the best university in Nigeria. Generally things have not improved much among SSANU members in the Western zone and nationwide.

Another sore point is the issue of University staff schools, Primary schools, it is also painful that over  six months after  SSANU got a  National Industrial Court Judgment in its favour, the Government has  failed to implement it. Worse still, a Minister whose office  was created by law, pretended that he is not aware of the  Judgment, and went ahead to issue a circular, stating that no Vice Chancellor should include the names of University Staff School Teachers in the budget of 2018. And that anybody that does that will be considered as willfully including the names of ghost workers in the budget. This is painful to us in SSANU and nobody in government has spoken about it. The Attorney General of the Federation, who I am aware has been served with  the Judgment, the Minister of Labour, who also has been served with the Judgment,  saw that circular and has not said anything about it. The Minister of Education saw the circular and  has not said anything about it. The executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission, probably, has seen that circular and he has not done anything about it. And our members who were sent out of the staff schools are languishing, they are still been paid half salaries, their names are not back on the payroll of the universities, despite the Judgment. And this is Democracy, where the rule of law is held in high esteem. All of this put together is making SSANU, particularly in the  Western zone very unhappy. We call on stakeholders  within the university system and people in government who are concerned with all these issues that we have raised, to, please use their good offices to do the needful, so that SSANU, Western zone and  SSANU nationwide can be very very happy with the Government and the system can move forward.

I Remain Head of Igbos in Ibadan and Oyo state-Eze(Dr.)Anozie

Recently, a group, Concerned Igbos in Oyo state,  alleged that it was against the principles of the rule of law and due process for a party to  the Igbo leadership tussle in Oyo state to continue parading  himself as the head of Igbos in the state, when the matter has moved from the state High Court to the Appeal court, Ibadan Division. In this interview with Federationews2day, a party to the matter, Eze(Dr.)Alex Anozie throws more light into the contentious issue, while advising Nigerians to be law abiding by respecting court judgment


Are you aware of any appeal against the Judgement of an Oyo state High Court, which affirmed you as the Head of Igbos ?

First and foremost, I am Eze(Dr.) Alex Anozie, the Eze Ndigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state and the Vice President Eze Ndigbo in Diaspora(South)  who was democratically elected Head of Igbos by Igbos in Ibadan and Oyo state, since 1997. On the issue of appeal, I am aware of it, but did they mention what that judgement stated  ?  That judgment stated that I am the only  head, leader of Igbos, call it whatever name, Onyendu, Ezendigbo or whatever, that I am the one, head of Igbos in Ibadan and Oyo state. The court asked the other person who was challenging me, to stop parading  himself as such, and up to this moment I am talking to you, no superior court has vacated that judgement. And as far as we know and we are law abiding citizens of Nigeria, the  judgment was given by a court of  competent  jurisdiction, and that judgment or ruling has not been vacated by any superior court, that judgment or ruling stands to be obeyed by every  law abiding citizen of the country. So, they went on appeal, about a month after the judgment, they went and slotted a notice of appeal, but the case is still in the Appeal court and the Appeal court has not vacated the judgment of that High court, neither did they succeed in getting any stay of execution against that particular judgment. Therefore, you must agree with me that all and sundry must obey that judgment, until any superior court  will ever vacate it,  by the special grace of God, I know that no superior court will vacate it, because truth will always  remain truth, no matter how much anybody try to bend it.

So, what is your position on the  Igbo leadership issue in Oyo state?

My position on the issue is that I am the one there, my people have said it, God first said it, my  people said it and the High court of competent jurisdiction confirmed it. And that is it,  I have been serving my people joyfully, my people are happy, the law abiding ones are happy, people who believe in the rule of law, people who believe in due process are happy about it, but people who do not believe in due process, people who think that unless they say it, it can never be, those people are not happy.  We have no apologies.

Are you aware of  the existence of the  group named, Concerned Igbos in Oyo  state ?

I am not aware of any such group in existence. I am sure that it is still the same group of people, who were defeated in the High court, that are coming up again, but as far as I know and as far as the Igbos in Oyo state are concerned, we are not aware of any  group called Concerned Igbos or whatever, we are not aware. And anything that concerns the Igbos in Oyo state, if I am not aware of it, Igbos  in Oyo state can claim that they are not aware of it. As far as God has said that I am the leader of Igbos in Oyo state, my people have said it and the court has also  said it, there is nothing left to argue about again.


33 Local Governments in Oyo are Comatose-NULGE


A few days ago, Teachers in Oyo state under the umbrella of the Nigeria Union of Teachers(NUT)Oyo state council organized a rally to oppose the clamor for Local Government autonomy in the country.  In this interview with Federationews2day, the President of the  state branch of the Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees(NULGE), who also double as the Vice Chairman of the state council of the  Nigeria Labour Congress(NLC) Comrade Bayo Titilola-Sodo peaks on this and the current situation of things in Local Governments in the state. Excerpts :

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Workers in the 33 Local Governments of Oyo state have expressed worry over the  non payment of their salary arrears, they blame this on the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the executive of  the state branch of the Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees(NULGE) and the state Government on percentage salaries. What is your reaction ?

There is no time that the Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees has entered into a separate agreement with  since we came on board The agreement that has covered us up to date, is the agreement with the Nigeria Labour Congress, Joint Negotiating Council and the Trade Union Congress, signed.  We are under the umbrella of the NLC, so whatever agreement the NLC signs covers us. I am the Vice Chairman of the NLC  in the state. So the labour movement in Oyo state signed this agreement with government and it is expressly stated that we would not take percentage payments, it is expressly stated that we would always take full salaries, it is expressly stated that where there is no sufficient funds, they should start paying from levels  on e, and will come up when the next payments comes and will go up and up like that until a month’s salaries are fully paid, rather than paying percentages  in any month for that matter.  But unfortunately, some of these Local Governments in collaboration with some of the people now complaining, we are going against the content of the two agreements, so they w ere colluding to pay themselves percentage  salaries. Where I work, which is Ibarapa Central Local Government, we have never paid  percentage salaries, we’ve always maintained, where there is insufficient funds, to start from level one, maybe to stop at level 7,  wherever the funds gets to, and when the next  funds come we pay the topmost levels. But where the funds are sufficient, we just pay everyone a full month’s salary at once, which is the case in the last two months. So, there is no time NULGE or the umbrella  under which NULGE operates, the NLC entered into any  agreement with government to pay percentage salaries.

The state Government is laying off  Local Government workers who have questionable certificates, what is NULGE doing about this ?

The exercise started last year with the verification of the WAEC and NECO certificates of workers,  and the Government came out with thousands of names alleging their certificates  to be fake or forged,  came out with the list and dismissed such staff  summarily an insisted that each staff should approach the court individually. And labour  took the matter up and a committee was set up,  my humble self is the chairman, up till today the committee still sits and we requested every member of staff,  sure of the authenticity  of their certificates to come before the committee, we collected their names, made our own, made our own independent investigation and requested  them to verify from the examination body and write a letter to the Head of Service and I can assure you that over 80 per cent of those people that came before us, have been reinstated, that action has  shown that the government has  reversed from its former position that the people should go to the courts to seek justice, secondly it is implied that the consultant is incompetent to carry out the job, because the letters from the examination bodies, authenticating these certificates were again passed to the same consultant, who now agreed that it was a mistake and that the certificates were genuine, that shows incompetence, it show that  he does not know his onions, it shows he did not do a thorough job and therefore on that ground the government should have decommissioned that consultant, the consultant should have been relieved of that assignment and if the government is still interested in continuing with the verification, to appoint a more competent consultant who will do a more thorough job, but unfortunately, the government continues to use these consultants, who does shoddy assignment and that has led to the issue of the Trade Test Certificates. NULGE has requested all their members affected by this issue to go the way we handled the earlier matter, bring their matters before us at NULGE office and it would be taken up. But as we speak,   no member off staff, none of them has been served a letter to that effect, but we have heard, we even heard that some names were pasted on the notice board, but you don’t relieve people of their jobs through notice boards, you write them individual letters terminating their appointments on whatever grounds.

Teachers in Oyo state have held a rally to protest against Local Government autonomy, what is the position of NULGE ?

Unfortunately, I waited  and waited for a rebuttal or a refutal of that story by the relevant  that is the NUT and its leadership and I have not seen any, therefore it is safe to believe that indeed their rally was against Local Government autonomy, I think their rally was misdirected, the issue of Local Government, what is their reason ? They claim that  when the payment of salaries  of Teachers was put under the administration of Local Governments about 25 years ago they suffered a lot of hardships, that was 25 years ago and the issue of Local Government autonomy transcends  matter of salary payments. I want them to know that  their salaries been paid by SUBEB, is from Local Government funds, through the Joint Account Allocation Committee(JAAC), if they now know this, why are they trying to misinform the public that their salaries should not be put under Local Government administration. There is no Local Government that insists on taking up the responsibility of the payment of Teachers salaries, in fact the constitution provides that we should participate in Primary education, and if we should participate, why is that the total salaries of Teachers is now been paid with Local Government funds, with the state contributing nothing, so we would like to state that the payment of their salaries should taken up by the state, so that we can participate and determine the percentage of participation, however they are saying no to Local Government autonomy is incredible because the matter of  Local Government autonomy is about development in Nigeria, it is about development at the grass roots, it is about service delivery at the third tier of government, which is the tier of government closest  to the people,  which is the tier of government easily accessible to the people. How many citizens of any state can work into the Governors office ? How many citizens of any state can work into the Commissioner’s office ? But the Chairman’s office  is freely accessible in all Local Governments, you know his Father’s house, you know his house, you know wives, you know his children, you know his relations, you know where to report him and you can mobilize yourselves to go to his office to lay down your facts, our roads require grading, we require culverts,  we require bridges, we want schools built , it is Local Governments that can provide all these services.  As we speak now in Oyo state all Local Governments are comatose, they have not been able to discharge their functions to the people, they cannot render the dividends of Democracy, which they all promised us, why ? , because there is paucity of funds, their funds is being cornered somewhere before getting to the Local Governments and therefore the Local Governments cannot grade roads, they cannot provide and  a number of these Teachers who have cars can no longer drive to the front of their houses, because Local Governments can no longer grade roads.  So, I don’t know the correlation between Local Government autonomy and the payment of Teachers salaries and why they think that Nigeria should not develop, they are in tandem with the idea that the public funds should be continue to be mismanaged, diverted and stolen, under the guise of paying their salaries, this clearly shows to me, that the leadership of the NUT has been collaborating to divert, mismanage and steal  Local Government funds in Nigeria, because the instrument, through which Teachers salaries are paid, SUBEB, is manned by retired Teachers, you cannot be the chairman of SUBEB, if you are not a Teacher, you cannot be a full time or part time commissioner of SUBEB, if you are not a Teacher, you cannot even be a Permanent Secretary or Executive secretary in SUBEB, if you are not a Teacher, it means they don’t want that route through which they have been collaborating to steal Local Government money to be blocked, that  is why they are not just talking about their salaries, but they are kicking against Local Government autonomy. What are the components of Local Government autonomy that we are clamoring for, one is political autonomy, you can see that in Oyo state elections have not been held in Local Governments in  Oyo state for 10 years, when you don’t elect people, who is now representing the interests of the electorate,  of the citizenry and of that constituency. Is it the kind of person they want to govern them that is governing them  ? Even when elections are held at all, the party in power at the state level clear all the seats, the chairmanship seats including all the councillorship seats, in Oyo state we  should have 33  chairmen and at least 330 councillorship seats. They will claim that the Government at the state level has won all those wards and Local Governments which is impossible, we know that does not reflect the true position of things are the grass roots. They should scrap state Independent Electoral Commissions, let the Independent National Electoral Commission conduct the elections, that will be free and fair and reflect  the true position of things at that level. Secondly , we are talking about financial autonomy, with financial autonomy, the Local Government funds would come to them directly, and you can now hold them responsible, even if the payment of Teachers salaries, remains their responsibility. In 1992/93, there were no EFCC, no ICPC, there are now several anti-graft bodies and the chairmen and Councillors don’t have immunity,  it is the Governors who have immunity, if any chairman should mismanage or divert, it is just one month he would do it, and he would be reported right here in Oyo state, we have an EFCC in Iyaganku, here in Ibadan, so he would be reported to the EFCC, these organizations were not available 25 years ago, when they claimed to have been shortchanged. Therefore, we should be building institutions that would be in the interest of Democracy in  Nigeria, that would be in the interest of the citizenry of Nigeria. Institutions that would ensure at the grassroots and ultimately across the length and breath of our country, Nigeria. Thirdly, we are also talking of administrative autonomy, these Chairmen and Councillors when they are elected, at least in Oyo state where I reside, I know   the spending  limits of the Chairman, his Vice and 10 Councillors , 12 elected people, their spending limits, is N500,000 since 1991, can you imagine a project  you could  carry out with N500,000 when the cost of a fairly used car was N30,000, so what you can ow do with N500,000, when there is no fairly used car that you can get for N500,000. But it has remained static that way, is that Democracy ?  Are those people been held accountable for their funds, someone else is managing the funds, they are just there as figure heads, whereas there spending limits is N500,000, someone who is now appointed, who was not elected by anybody would have an approving limit of N5 million, is  that fair  ? is that just ? is that Democracy ? is that accountability ? Therefore we clamor for administrative autonomy, let them be able to decide, they are the representatives of their people, let them be able to decide, that  it is on this project we want to expend our resources, we want to build bridges, we want to classrooms, if need be, we want to build markets if need be, and they should not be constrained by someone who sleeps in an air condition  office hundreds of kilometers away, who has never been to that locality, who does not know their needs in that locality, to take the decisions on their behalf, these are the things we seek for and we know that they are admirable things to seek for, for Nigerians, our situation is in tandem, and we have taken  up the gauntlet, because there is no one to speak for the ordinary Nigerians,  the ordinary Nigerians reside in the Local Governments, they know us, because we  work closely with the, we know where the shoes pinches and we have taken up this responsibility on their behalf and we believe that this time we shall not fail , we shall succeed, because that is what is the best interest  of Nigerians.



The only thing Igbos hate about Nigeria is Injustice, Corruption and Killings-Vice President Ezendigbo in Diaspora(South)

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Recently, the Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo,  warned  that all those fanning the embers of disunity in Nigeria would be dealt with in accordance with the laws of the land. The Acting President’s statement has attracted reactions from several Nigerians cutting across ethnic divides. Eze Dr. Alex  Anozie, the Ezendigbo nala Ibadan and Oyo state, who also doubles as the Vice President, Ezendigbo in Diaspora(South) has  joined  the growing list of Nigerians who have reacted to prof Osinbajo’s statement. In this interview with Federationews2day, Eze Dr. Anozie insists that the Igbos,  who are the first among the tribes that love Nigeria most, would  be ready to live in a united Nigeria  devoid of injustice,  corruption and killings . Excerpts :

The Acting President has stated that those  found to be threatening innocent Nigerians and sponsoring disunity would be dealt with by security agencies. What is your reaction to this statement ?

It is a good initiative, the Acting President is doing very well, God has bestowed him with wisdom. This issue is very fragile, delicate and sensitive and it must be handled very cautiously.  I praise him for that courage he has, in coming out bold in making that statement. Be that as it may, I still want to say  that the truth is bitter, but let all of us be bold to say the truth. All these agitations coming up from different parts of the country, there are reasons for it, injustice, deceit, corruption and killings, here and there, lives and property are no longer secure, militancy here and there, kidnapping here and there. Igbo people think that if they are on their own,  they might be able to arrange things, the way it would be more suitable for them and they would live in peace, lives and property would be secure. The crime rate would  reduce, they are thinking that, may be, in their own separate entity,  they would be able to manage all these areas and live in peace.  They may be wrong and they may be right. Igbos are the section of the country  that love Nigeria more than every other tribal grouping in Nigeria. And that is why they are investing everywhere they find themselves. Igbos are all over the country. This is a straightforward statement, that Igbos have confidence in Nigeria and that Igbos love Nigeria. If they do not love Nigeria, if they are  not committed to one Nigeria, they would not have been investing. There is no other  tribe that is scattered all over the country, like the Igbos, there is no other tribe that is investing all over the country, like the Igbos.  In the North, Igbos’ properties are in trillions, in the South West, Igbos’ properties are in trillions. If they do not have confidence in Nigeria would they have been investing in that manner ? They would have been going to the South East to invest. So, that is the number one reason why everybody should be able to agree with the Igbos,  that they love Nigeria. The only thing Igbos hate about Nigeria is injustice, marginalization, lack of equity, corruption and killings, life has lost value completely in Nigeria. Human beings are killed like  mosquitoes everywhere and the Igbos have much value  for life.  There is no hope that there would be a  stop to these happenings, the Igbos are not happy about this.  The Igbos are desperately in need of peace and security.  If they  are assured today, that all these social vices, all over the place would stop, Igbos are very willing and ready to continue with one Nigeria.  Yes, injustice must stop, indiscriminate killings of  human being must stop. The 2014 national conference started and ended with an agreement reached  by Nigerians. Now, the Government has  refused to make use of the report  of the conference Why ? After the conference, a section of the country came out to say that they do not believe in the conference. This was exactly the same thing that happened before the civil war. It was one of the things that resulted in the civil war.  Before the civil war, agreement   was reached and signed, at Aburi in Ghana, by the representatives of both sides. But surprisingly, when they got back home,in Nigeria after 48 hours, the agreement was swept under the carpet. Had it been the Aburi agreement was implemented, we would not have fought the civil war and several lives would not have been lost on both sides. The same issue has been given another name, restructuring. Everyone is now  talking of restructuring. For how long shall we continue to deceive each other ? Is it not better we tell each other the  bitter truth ?  Had it been justice had been reigning in Nigeria, had it been fair play, truth,  equity and the fear of God had been in place in Nigeria, there would not be need for all these agitations everywhere. Nobody wants to leave Nigeria, Nigeria is a beautiful country, no doubt about that, there is strength in our diversity, no doubt about that, but the truth is that injustice with impunity is in this country, but if the Igbos are  assured that all these vices would be no more, I am sure they would have a change of mind.

No Sign That Oyo Govt Is Ready to Pay Backlog of Salary Arrears-Chairman Senior Civil Servants

Senior Civil Servants in Oyo state have lamented the  nonchalant attitude of the Oyo state Government  to issues concerning their salary arrears, allowances, gratuities and pensions.


The civil servants made  their position known through the Chairman of the state chapter Association of Civil Servants, Comrade Andrew Emelieze, in a chat with Federationews2day in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Comrade Emelieze, who is the immediate past chairman of the  state council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC) expressed reservations over the mounting debt owed workers by the state  Government, without any sign that same would be paid  very soon.

”So far so good, the situation has remained the same, it is still the  same old story of   backlog of arrears of salaries, pensions and gratuities for workers all over the state  , working  with government, whether at the state or Local Government level, salaries are been owed now, for four to five months, as regards the state workers, they are yet to collect their March salaries, despite the fact that the Governor has  gone on air to say that he has paid March salaries, which of course he  has not paid and the situation is so critical that those at the Local Government, whose salaries used to be regular, we wouldn’t know what happened, but their situation is even now  worse than those  working at the state level, at the, some are being owed six months, while some are being owed eight months”.

”We have discovered that nothing has  changed, it is as if the Oyo state Government, is waiting for, probably workers to take action., before they can act, because  we have not seen anything extraordinary done by the Oyo state Government, we are just waiting for probably miracle to happen,  before they can pay. Miracle in the sense that for a responsible Government, in situations like this, we should expect initiatives, such as we can see robust master plan proposals and actions been taken to see how funds can be generated, Paris club refunds have been coming, there have been bail outs, I think that is only what they have been depending on to come, besides that we’ve not seen anything concrete been done and this has been recurring in the past two years”.

”For a serious Government within the past two years, they would have been able to come out of this, last  year they were owing,  two years ago they were owing, this year they are  still owing, we wouldn’t know when they would pay, so we are  really not happy, workers are getting more frustrated, same as all over the country, here in Oyo state workers are now contemplating suicide, people have lost hope in the system, people have lost hope  in the Government. The way it is now, nobody will tell any worker  what to do, they have known that they have to take  their destinies in their hands, the system has failed us, the APC Government has  failed us. President Buhari and his Governors have failed us”, Comrade Emelieze concluded.

Those Telling Igbos to Relocate Are Trouble Makers-Vice President (South)Association of Ezendigbo in Diaspora

16  youth groups in the North of Nigeria, some days ago, issued a press statement, directing the Igbos residing there to relocate within three months, specifically by 1st October, 2017. Nigerians are already reacting to the directive by the groups. One of such Nigerians, is Eze Dr. Alex Anozie, the Head of Igbos(EzeNdigbo nala Ibadan and Oyo state and Vice President, Association of Ezendigbo in diaspora(South). Eze Dr. Anozie says that nobody has the right to issue such a directive under the law. Excerpts :


What is your reaction to the directive issued by some groups in the North for Igbos to relocate within three months ?

I think it is either that they have slipped off from the point or maybe they have refused to make use of the constitution. Maybe, they have refused to obey the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which guarantees freedom of  movement, freedom of association and freedom of residence and this, all and sundry must condemn because by their action, they have come out to challenge the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Secondly, we are in a new order entirely, Nigeria of today is not Nigeria of the sixties. We now realize that we are Nigerians and Nigeria belongs to all of us.  So, nobody can order anyone to leave any part of the country without constitutional backing, maybe someone committed an offense or a group of  people committed an offense and they were tried and found guilty and the law says that they should leave, if there is ay law like that in existence. But apart from that, any group of people coming up to sany to anybody that they should leave any part of the country, those groups are not only illegal, but are trouble makers and they should be treated as such. I want  to congratulate Nigerians who are already speaking out. I have not seen anybody giving support  to the unfortunate press statement.  Everybody are speaking against  them, including Government, ethnic groups and associations, including none Igbo associations are also speaking against this statement. I also want to congratulate Afenifere and some Yoruba personalities, who have spoken , condemning the statement in strong terms. I also congratulate the Governor of Kaduna state, Mallam Nasir El Rufai, for taking a drastic action, by ordering the arrest of the signatories to the press statement. This is Nigeria, we have all agreed  that we should remain in Nigeria. Any day, if we are going to disintegrate or restructure, let us sit down, discuss it, argue it and agree on what to do peacefully. The crime, they said the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra(IPOB) committed was that they appealed to Igbos all over the world to stay at home to remember the millions of their brothers and sisters, who lost their lives during the 1967 civil  war and this was done without any violence. There is no law stopping anybody who opts to sit at home, from doing so. And some people are now taking it as a crime and because of this, Igbos should leave the North, it is most unfortunate. It is unfair,  the Igbos are demanding for justice and truth to prevail in Nigeria, let us sit down to talk, everybody will come out with their points, telling us why we should disintegrate or why we should remain as one Nigeria or why we should restructure. We will disagree to agree. At the end of the day we must reach an agreement and the agreement  ought to be carried out.  By the way, there was the 2014 National conference report, which all parts of the country contributed to, but up till this moment, nothing has been heard of the report. I don’t think we should have any problem in this country, it is a very beautiful country, and everyone is proud to belong to it. Nigeria belongs to all of us, Igbos have invested in every part of the country.  One aspect that distinguishes Igbos  from other tribes, is that anywhere they are, they invest, make money and acquire property there, they have their homes there. Telling Igbos to leave, is just out of context. It is not done. But my final word is that whatever the situation, let us sit down, talk and agree. And whatever we want to happen, it should  be done peacefully. The leaders in the North should speak out and condemn this act. People should stop issuing out threats, because it is dangerous.

Government Cannot Serve The People in A Divided House-Prof. Olagoke

Unfolding events indicate that the Nigerian Judiciary no longer has respect for the Executive arm of Government.


This assertion was made by the Founder and Spiritual Head of Shafaudeen worldwide, Wakajaiye, Ibadan, Nigeria, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke, in a chat with Federationews2day, in Ibadan.

”It is a case of bundles of contradiction, because the system of Democracy relys on the Judiciary, Legislature and the Executive. A situation whereby the Executive is  no more respected by the Judiciary, suggests that the house is already divided. And once you have a divided house,  there is no way you can serve the people as expected under Democracy”.

”Because the purpose of Democracy, is for us to be able to  have  peace and development  and the consequent security. So, now that the Judiciary is at war, because that is  means, with the Executive, it means the house of APC is collapsing. So, they must find solution to it, those who were  alleged and indicted, should continue to sit at home and ensure that they answer the queries given them, that is very essential, because Judges must realize that  the Almighty God is the Apex Judge, so in a nation where justice is not prevailing, then that nation will collapse, so, we have to be careful, most especially, they have to be mindful of the younger generation”, Prof. Olagoke concluded.

Ndigbo in Oyo state Pass Vote of Confidence in Eze Dr. Anozie


Igbos in in Oyo state have  passed a vote of confidence in their head, Eze Dr. Alex Anozie.

The community, comprising all the people from the states  in the South East Geo-Political zone of Nigeria, hinged their decision on the forthright and purposeful leadership of Eze       Dr. Anozie.

They expressed concern over the unbecoming activities of some  individuals, geared towards sowing the seed of discord among the people, while advising Igbos in the state to be wary of such individuals.

They reiterated their resolve to continue to stand by the communiqué issued on 28 June, 2014 and signed by the state President of Ohaneze and Igbo leaders from Saki, Oyo, Iseyin, Eruwa and Ogbomosho.

The communiqué had stated ‘’We the various Igbo communities, Trade unions and Traders associations residing in Ibadan and Oyo state, under the umbrella of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Oyo state, do hereby  raise and endorse this communiqué  today, 28th of June, 2014, confirming our total support  and solidarity for Eze Dr. Alex Anozie, as the only Ezendigbo, Onyendundigbo nala Ibadan and Oyo state, sequel to his been democratically elected and sworn in as same since the year 1997 by Ndigbo. This is in addition to the High court judgment of 28 February 2014, which favours only him (Anozie)as the person in  that position with such titles’’.


Similarly, the Ohaneze Ndigbo has made a passionate appeal to media organizations in the country-print and electronics- to resist all attempts by some personalities who  have been bought over and sponsored by ‘’those who lost out in the leadership struggle’’, to use these channels to disseminate wrong or  false information to the public, on the ‘’EzeNdigbo’’ title issue.

”Our Igbo title, Ezendigbo,  is not the title of any other ethnic group and can never be. The interpretation of Ezendigbo is purely ”the leader or head of Igbos”, no more, no less. Anybody that is giving it any other interpretation outside the above is on his own. We also know that there are Oba Yorubas in Abuja, Kano, Kaduna, Abakaliki, Owerri, Jos, Togo and many other places in the world nobody is raising eyebrows. If Ezendigbo means King,  then Oba Yoruba in all the above mentioned areas outside Yorubaland means King as well ”.

”We go further to buttress our point by calling public attention to an NTA Network Programme which was aired on Friday the 12th of May, 2017 between 6.30am and 7.00am. The topic was the Peace and Unity of Nigeria. During the course of the programme, the Oba Yoruba of Kano was clearly shown on air, Ezendigbo, Kano was clearly shown on air, with their ethnic titles boldly inscribed on the screen”

”So we now begin to wonder why such should be possible in Kano and other parts of  Nigeria and even in foreign countries, only to become impossible in Ibadan and South West as the individuals are making people to believe”, the Socio-cultural organization concluded.

Minimum Wage-Govt. Is Deceiving Workers-Oyo Labour Union Leader

Nigerians at home an abroad  are presently confronted with how to make ends meet. In both the public and private sectors, employers of labour are not ready to review remuneration and working conditions of their  employees, even though the hardships brought about by the economic recession are not abating.


In the light of this Nigerians are speaking out, Comrade Andrew Emlieze is the immediate past Chairman of the Trade Union Congress(TUC)in Oyo state and also the current Chairman of the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria in the state. In this interview with Federationews2day, Comrade Emelieze speaks on the national minimum wage. Excerpts

Do you think Government is  ready to review the N18,000 minimum wage ?

It is  horrible, it is pathetic, it is equally regrettable, that over the years there have been negotiations, there have been agreements, that five years after, there will be a review of the national minimum wage. Currently what an average Nigerian worker, whether you are a manipulative or a managerial staff is N18,000 minimum wage and we can see what the economy is saying, despite that, there has not been any attempt by Government to see what they can do, to help the workers come out of this  their  horrible plight. The last time a review was done was in  2007. Regrettably, the recent pronouncement by Government, coming out of the Minister of Labour, that Government cannot pay N56,000, that has been demanded by the central labour unions in Nigeria, that is the Nigeria Labour Congress(NLC) and the Trade Union Congress(TUC), They have said that they cannot pay it, we don’t expect such a reckless statement from the Nigerian Government, they said it, it is quite unfortunate, it is regrettable and it is such that they are challenging the sensibilities of not just the Labour centres and the Industrial  unions, but the sensibilities of the Nigerian worker

Of course, what is more annoying, is that , if Government is saying that they cannot pay N56,000 minmimum wage, if that Government is sincere, they should be able to tell us this is what we can pay, if they’ve not made such pronouncement, that means the Government is deceiving us.