US police train in counterterrorism in Israel, attend 9/11 memorial

By Daniel K. Eisenbud

“In our communities, for a lot of police officers, it’s a job, and I think that it’s more than a job for a lot of the officers in Israel because they are protecting their homeland.”

For the second consecutive year, the Police Unity Tour, a delegation of 52 American law-enforcement officers from 12 states, arrived in Israel to train in counterterrorism techniques and attend an annual 9/11 memorial service outside Jerusalem.

According to the delegation’s leader, Michael Safris, chief of the Essex County’s Sheriff’s Office Deputy Division, the Police Unity Tour was established in 1997 to honor officers killed in the line of duty.

“We are here to honor fallen police officers from the US and Israel,” he said on Monday.

“The motto of the Police Unity Tour is ‘We ride for those who died,’ and last year when we came here we did a one-day bike tour with Israeli officers, and in May we had 12 Israeli officers ride with us from New Jersey to our police memorial in Washington, DC, to participate in a candle-lighting vigil for fallen US officers,” Safris said.

During their stay, the US delegation will be based at the Beit Shemesh police academy, where they will participate in multiple counterterrorism training exercises, meet with elite units, and be briefed by Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich.

The delegation will conclude following a September 11 memorial service held at the 9/11 Living Memorial Plaza in the Arazim Valley.

Safris, 72, who is Jewish and has hosted Israeli police delegations in the US for the past 10 years, said he has visited Israel 40 times.

“From all my trips, I know the delegation forms an important relationship, and if something happens in the US or something happens here, we stay in touch and honor each country’s fallen officers,” he said. “The relationship and comradery developed over the last two years is one of the reasons we keep coming.”

In terms of heightened antisemitism in the US – recently manifested by violent white supremacists who chanted “Jew will not replace us!” while marching in Charlottesville, Virginia – Safris said the country is indeed becoming alarmingly polarized.

“There is definitely a big divide, and I think people feel more emboldened by some of the things that President Trump said, or didn’t say,” he said. “There is a definite uptick [in antisemitism].”

Asked if security for Jewish people and organizations has been heightened in the US, Safris responded “100 percent.”

“Jewish communities have hired security directors and people now have to sign in at synagogues and community centers,” he said. “It’s a lot different than it was over the last year.”

Safris said what distinguishes the Israeli police internationally is their commitment not only to law enforcement, but to Israel’s existential struggle.

“In our communities, for a lot of police officers, it’s a job, and I think that it’s more than a job for a lot of the officers in Israel because they are protecting their homeland,” he said.

“We have a lot of discussions about this when we are here,” Safris said. “It’s not just about keeping Israel going, but keeping it strong. You know, you can’t put down your weapons; you gotta be strong and act quickly, otherwise it’s going to be a lot worse.”

“They are protecting a way of life here,” he added.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, who met with the American delegation, said Israel’s ongoing security threats and the police’s efficient handling of them makes it an ideal arena for officers from across the globe to train.

“In terms of counterterrorism tactics that have been used and implemented at numerous scenes across the country, where unfortunately terrorist attacks have taken place, the Israeli police have used those tactics to minimize injuries, as well as find rapid solutions,” he said.

“Over the next few days, the Police Unity Tour will learn and see a number of these tactics across the country,” Rosenfeld added.

 Source : Jerusalem Post

Festive Period : For The Past Three Years We Have Being Borrowing To Celebrate-Oyo Workers

Workers in Oyo state have expressed reservations over the poor condition they have marked festive holidays in the last three years.

The workers who cut across religious divides, noted that only the grace of God had enabled them to pool financial resources together to celebrate such holidays.

”For the past three years, we have always went about  borrowing money to celebrate during festive periods. Salary arrears still linger, no conducive  working environment, consultants everywhere, Government has not treated us well, it is sad and unfortunate”, the workers who refused to mention their names lamented.

In his Eid El Kabir message to workers in the state, the Chairman,  State Public Service Joint Negotiating council, who is also the Chairman of the Trade Union Congress(TUC)and the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria(ASCSN) in the state,  Comrade Emmanuel Ogundiran  outlined the experience of workers in the state, while advising them to be prudent in their spending habits during the festive period.

”In those days they do give us opportunistic to send some of our Muslim brothers and sisters to the Holy land for Hajj, they give us pilgrimage  slots. In the last three years nothing of such, they used to give us Jerusalem slots, in the last three or four  years nothing of such. Even during festive periods, they do  give us rice, milk, these days nothing of such We will never go cap in hand begging anybody. We believe it is the right  of the Government to celebrate its workforce. We will continue to say it that they are not  a better stakeholder in this project called Oyo state than we are. And we are  the geese that lay the golden eggs, which they consume. We are  the tools  with which the work of this state is  been done, but what do we have ? But we always thank God because we are  alive, we are surviving and we will still survive this.

”I wish all our Muslim brothers and sisters a blissful Eid El Kabir and knowing what the economy of the country and the state in particular is saying, as I wish them a very good moment during the Eid El Kabir, I want them to be mindful of their spending, they should cut  their coat according to  their cloth, they should  not over spend, knowing that we are approaching the period during which our  wards and children, will be  resuming back to school, in the month of September, they should make  sure they plan for their children and not to overspend during the festive period”, Comrade Ogundiran advised.


President Muhammadu Buhari’s Nation wide Broadcast

I am very grateful to God and to all Nigerians for their prayers. I am pleased to be back on home soil among my brothers and sisters.

In the course of my stay in the United Kingdom, I have been kept in daily touch with events at home. Nigerians are robust and lively in discussing their affairs, but I was distressed to notice that some of the comments, especially in the social media have crossed our national red lines by daring to question our collective existence as a nation. This is a step too far.


In 2003 after I joined partisan politics, the late Chief Emeka Ojukwu came and stayed as my guest in my hometown Daura. Over two days we discussed in great depth till late into the night and analysed the problems of Nigeria. We both came to the conclusion that the country must remain one and united.

Nigeria’s unity is settled and not negotiable. We shall not allow irresponsible elements to start trouble and when things get bad they run away and saddle others with the responsibility of bringing back order, if necessary with their blood.

Every Nigerian has the right to live and pursue his business anywhere in Nigeria without let or hindrance. I believe the very vast majority of Nigerians share this view.

This is not to deny that there are legitimate concerns. Every group has a grievance. But the beauty and attraction of a federation is that it allows different groups to air their grievances and work out a mode of co-existence.

The National Assembly and the National Council of State are the legitimate and appropriate bodies for national discourse. The national consensus is that, it is better to live together than to live apart.

Furthermore, I am charging the Security Agencies not to let the successes achieved in the last 18 months be a sign to relax.

Terrorists and criminals must be fought and destroyed relentlessly so that the majority of us can live in peace and safety.

Therefore we are going to reinforce and reinvigorate the fight not only against elements of Boko Haram which are attempting a new series of attacks on soft targets kidnappings, farmers versus herdsmen clashes, in addition to ethnic violence fuelled by political mischief makers. We shall tackle them all.

Finally, dear Nigerians, our collective interest now is to eschew petty differences and come together to face common challenges of; economic security, political evolution and integration as well as lasting peace among all Nigerians.

I remain resolutely committed to ensuring that these goals are achieved and maintained. I am so glad to be home.”

Thank you and may God bless our dear Nation.


Oyo Residents Call for More Funds for Road Repairs, As Joyce B Road Dwellers Commend Govt.

Residents of Oyo state have called on the state Government to urgently make adequate funds available to the state  Roads Maintenance Agency(OYSROMA) for the repair of bad roads in different parts of the state.

The residents, who spoke on condition of anonymity, cut across Ibadan, Eruwa, Igboora, Oyo and areas in the Oke-Ogun Geo-political zone of the state.

”The quality of road repairs could be said not to be impressive, go to Oke-Ado, and see for yourself, the rains are here and the rehabilitated roads are in bad state.  It looks like materials are been economized in the road repairs. The state Government should release more funds to the agency, to enable it carry out quality road repairs”, the residents’ spokesman, Mr. Siji Ahmed advised.

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However, residents of Joyce B road, have commended the agency for rehabilitating the major road in the area.

According to a release by the Agency’s Information Officer, Mrs Adeyemi, the residents expressed their appreciation for a job well done.

”We appreciate the present administration in Oyo state, for their efforts in making Joyce B road conducive and motor able. Before now, our experiences was nothing to be happy about. But we thank God for the rehabilitation”, they stated.


Ozubulu Killings : Govt Should Pull Down the Church If It was Built With Drug Money-Vice President Ezendigbo in Diaspora(South)

Security agencies have been called upon  to do the needful, if established, that the Catholic Church in Ozubulu, Anambra state, where 13 people were shot  dead and  many others  severely injured, was built with proceeds from hard drug business.


This call was made in a Press Release  dated 9 August, 2017 and signed by  the Ezendigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state and Vice President Ezendigbo in Diaspora(South), Eze(Dr.)Alex Anozie.

”If after all proper investigations, and it is confirmed that the particular Ozubulu Catholic Church was built and donated by a drug lord from his ill gotten wealth, please let the church be pulled down without delay”.

”I am of this opinion, because like I said, if it is confirmed to be so, the souls of those innocent people, who were massacred in that gruesome incident will join hands with the conscience of anybody wanting to walk into that church again to worship henceforth and forever to work against the answering of anybody’s prayers from God, who is Holy, in that church, therefore the church deserves to be pulled down”.

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”When this is done it  will make our  church leadership and even that of the Muslims to sit up and do what they should be doing, and abandon the rampant  preaching for money by most Churches and Mosques. It is  common knowledge that everywhere in our country now,  only the rich ones are appreciated and worshiped because of their wealth, nobody bothers to know the source of  the wealth been flaunted about. Who is even sure,  that God did not  allow this particular Ozubulu incident to happen  in order to open the eyes of the world to the wicked crimes going on in our assumed holy place of God. These are the things that have killed our societal integrity and  discipline, because every youth now have the belief that if one is not stinkingly  rich,   life is not worth it, because he is nobody in society”.

”We all heard how the drug lord built roads for the community, and the churches, and in the eyes of the community, he is an hero. Some  of our politicians who  stole the country’s wealth in billions of Dollars, have embarked on this kind of gesture in various communities and churches, that is for those of them, who are bold enough to come out to do such, there are many who out of fear of been suspected or exposed of their crime, just steal the wealth and go out to any part of the world and stash the money away in banks, thereby  developing the economy of those countries, while our country’s economy is disintegrating rapidly. And when the looter passes on, the loot gets stock permanently in those countries”; Eze (Dr.) Anozie noted.

He lamented that it was the absence of Government in these communities that resulted  in the intervention of questionable characters in issues of development.

”If the Federal and State Government had built roads for the communities, the way it ought to be and had the wealth of the country not been stolen, these criminals would have seen no reason to build anything for the communities with their blood money”.

” There are no jobs for our youths, no electricity, no easy transportation system working, no good water, no salary for workers and pensioners, no good health facilities, our leaders are all going abroad to treat themselves, flood is threatening to consume the whole country, due to erosion and bad drainage systems, our security agencies are  increasingly finding it difficult to cope, as a result of their negligible number and inadequate equipment. This is happening because the country has no wealth anymore to cater for these challenges. Fellow Nigerians, we have a lot of work to do. May the soul of those unfortunate people, who lost their lives in that gruesome murder rest in peace in the Lord. I seriously condole with the people of  Ozubulu community and the  Anambra state Government over this wicked act. May God give them the fortitude to bear the loss”, Eze(Dr.)Anozie concluded.


Government has Lost the Support of The People-Prof. Olagoke

The political class in Nigeria are currently engaged in unending  acrimony, intrigues, backstabbing, blame game and unpatriotic schemes. In this interview with Federationews2day, the Founder and Spiritual Head of Shafaudeen Worldwide, Wkajaiye, Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria, Professor Sabitu Ariyo Olagoke says political office holders have lost the support of the people. Excerpts:

prof 1

Insecurity and Corruption is the order of the day in Nigeria, Nigerians  are worried and now insinuate that the political will is no longer there, what is the way out ?

They have the political will, but they don’t have the political might, their intention initially was to redeem the situation in Nigeria, the economy, security situation and even enthroning good governance. But getting there they discovered that Nigerians have been morally debased. Corruption is at its highest, to the extent that the treasury has been looted to the point of not been able to pay workers’ salaries. So in this particular scenario, the masses whose support they are supposed to enjoy became antagonistic because they have been impoverished, unfortunately what they would have done to continue to enjoy the support of Nigerians was to cut salaries from the top across board, so that they will depend less on borrowing and the perception will be that they are there to serve, through self-sacrifice, which every country including the United Nations is advocating. Unfortunately, they have continued the game of impoverishing the masses, not paying their salaries and the wasteful spending continues.  And what would have endeared the people to them is no more there. The people are working without salaries and the  case of unemployment is on the high side. So, they have the will to do it, but they do not have the might again.

They have lost the support of the people. And those state Governors who are still having their people in place, it must be through coercion, the coercive approach.. A situation whereby you create Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs), without putting infrastructure on ground, a situation whereby you fail to pay workers’ salaries and a situation whereby you do not allow elections into the Local Governments to take place, all these are some kind of coercive means of preventing the people to react, either positively or negatively, incapacitating the people. So without the might, which is no longer there, eventually they have lost the will, they had the will before, but they have lost it because they are now in disarray.

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The President is indisposed and outside, and the Vice President, who is acting is not having the majority support of the people. Even between the Executive and the Legislative arms, they are eyeing the number one position, someone to emerge as Mr. President, in case of any eventuality.

The country is just like a cursed nation in which nothing works again ad everybody is just at the mercy of God. So, that is Nigeria’s situation, it is a bad scenario. So, the solution lays in the opposition, not the People’s Democratic Party this time. The solution lays in stopping to recycle people into political positions.  Let us focus on the youth, encourage them to join politics, and whoever wants to sponsor them for any political position, should critically examine them at the party level, so that they do not gang up against the masses to continue the game of shame.  I was abroad recently, London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester, everything was working. You see technology in the real life situation.

You will see science impacting positively on the people, you see education working. They don’t need to consult the Church, Mosque or Ifa oracle, before they do anything there Education there, is more of a culture, here in Nigeria it is a luxury, most of the public schools here are not patronized by the elites. They prefer to send their children abroad with looted funds. Unfortunately, all sectors of the Nigerian economy are bedeviled. South Sudan seceded, it continues to be at war, so our salvation is not in secession, our salvation is in ensuring everyone realizes his or her negative contribution, and corrects it. Nigerians need a general change of attitude towards work, towards the nation, towards the home, towards themselves, it is highly imperative; we resort to that on time.


Economic Recession : Nigerians Seek Other Sources of Income

As the economic recession in Nigeria continues to take its negative  toll on Nigerians unabated, the people are now seeking alternative sources of income to keep body and soul alive.

Such sources of income include online money making opportunities,which although may be risky, but the attractions are, without doubt, mouth watering.

According to the anchor of one of such programmes, Prophet Kayode Samuel, investing in the billion coin and sports trading are some online opportunities, Nigerians are already embracing.

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”Sack  your boss is a registered company and by the Grace of God, we have taught several people how to become their own boss. About a  month ago, we started training on the billion coin and D9 sports trading. The billion coin is a crypto currency. When you invest, you make good money. You can use the billion coin to buy or sell, even you can use it to buy land and car”, Prophet Samuel stated.

In his views a Director of the company, Dr. (Pastor)Olawore Olasupo called on those in need of extra income to key into  the two programmes.

”People should wake up from their slumber to see the light,this is not Yahoo business, this is not MMM, it is not fraudulent and it is not questionable.It is an investment that they can partake in and get weekly returns. They can invest little and begin to make their money. We have several groups for this purpose”, Dr.(Pastor) Olasupo stressed.

However, in a Telephone chat with Federationews2day, a management staff of the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN), speaking incognito, advised members of the public to  be careful, the way  they invest in programmes and cross check with the Apex bank  or knowledgeable financial experts on the credibility of  such investment opportunities.


Land rights in Georgia: the stench of corruption

By Oliko Shermadini, Transparency International Georgia


When corruption is disguised as a legal procedure, it can often be difficult for ordinary citizens to fight back. But legal procedures can also be used to win the day. This is the story of how Transparency International’s Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre in Georgia helped a group of villagers win a legal battle against local authorities who had essentially stolen their land. 

On a piece of land about the size of 18 football pitches on the edge of the small village of Didi Lilo just outside Georgia’s capital Tblisi aggressive scavenger birds swoop down on piles of stinking refuse. Parents keep their children indoors because the birds are so dangerous and the smell so noxious.

For generations a group of 17 local tenant farmers grew wheat on this land. It helped them through bad economic times, when food was scarce following the collapse of the Soviet Union and during the civil unrest. “We milled the wheat into flour and baked bread for our family and we used the grain to feed our chickens and livestock,” said Marine Tsopurishvili, one of the villagers (pictured). “It helped us survive as there was no other work around.”


Marine Tsopurishvili (second from left) stands with villagers in front of landfill.  

When the rights to the land came up for auction in 2006, the 17 villagers joined forces to buy it. Four years later when they tried to register the land on a new electronic cadastral map they found they couldn’t: it was listed as state property.

It was during a fallow year, when the land was left uncultivated that the fences went up and the garbage started pouring in. That’s also when the villagers started their fight to get the land back. They wrote letters and produced ownership evidence but were continually stonewalled. During the court proceedings, representatives from the Public Registry, Tbilisi City Hall, the ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and the group that operates the landfill all argued that because the property was not registered as belonging to the villagers on the electronic map it was state land.

Transparency International Georgia operates an Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre for citizens who find themselves beaten back by a system they cannot understand. When one of the Didi Lilo villagers showed us their file, we realized that the authorities, for whatever reason, were acting in bad faith.

Corruption is the defined by Transparency International as the misuse of entrusted power for personal gain. We did not try to argue that this was a case of corruption because it was clear that we could win on procedural arguments.

During court proceedings, representatives of the state claimed that at the time of registering their ownership of the land, the villagers had not registered an electronic cadastral map, and that the paper version of this document did not show any overlap between the landfill area and the land owned by the citizens.

According to Georgian legislation, however, property rights may not be restricted on the grounds that the cadastral map has been registered as a paper document. The majority of land registered before 2010 had been registered this way.

In land dispute cases, the Public Register is obligated to take into account all the data available. The villagers had done everything by the book: they had registered the land, provided a privatization plan and relevant cadastral information that clearly shows its location.

The state claimed that the plot overlapped with state land but refused to provide the 2010 maps to prove this. In court we argued that that state bodies had acted in agreement to intentionally, illegally and without compensation seize a piece of land from the rightful owners. The state was happy to take the villagers’ money in 2006; and just as happy to doctor the system and seize it back in 2010.

In 2014, the Georgian Public Defender had also recommended the Public Registry reconsider its decision, but to no avail. We used the Public Defender’s report as evidence in court.

The dispute lasted for 3 years but ended on March 22, 2017, when Tbilisi City Court (court of first instance) granted our claim and recognised the ownership rights of the villagers. The court decision granted our clients’ requests for registration.

The next step is to get compensation. The land is now unfit for agriculture. According to a private audit estimate, the disputed piece of land had a market value of GEL 1.3 million (US$536,103) prior to its seizure. We plan to demand compensation for damages, which will include the above market value as well as compensation for damage incurred as a result of a 10 year property rights violation period.

The state can of course appeal the decision but we will be ready to continue the fight. The villagers of Didi Lilo may not have agricultural land anymore but they are clearly entitled to compensation for the illegal seizure.

Oliko Shermadini started working at Transparency International Georgia as an intern in 2012. Since then she has been involved in different TI Georgia projects, including working at the Advocacy and Legal Advice Center. 

Source-Transparency International

Do Nigerian Workers Have A reason To Celebrate ?

The scene was that of workers with gloomy faces, clad in various vests, with their trade union names embedded on the vests, moving in and out of the Lekan Salami stadium venue of the 2017 workers day celebrations in Oyo state.

Even though the atmosphere indicated that all was not well, the organizers still went on with the programme of events.

Workers in attendance discussed their various experiences in the last few years,  with worries written all over their faces, while taking solace in the saying ”When there is life there is hope”.

For quite a while, some labour leaders had been silent on the plight of workers in the state, to the  chagrin of most workers, who insist that such attitude is an abberation, this is as most state Governments are at a lose on the legacies to be left behind on completion of their tenure.

The complain  by the Chairman of an industrial union ,that he was  yet to be given the special vests designed for  Labour leaders, is a reflection of the communication lag in most unions. The Chairman was eventually given a tight  fitting vest, which was obviously too small for him.

The large number of law enforcement agents and security operatives at the venue was a source of discomfort for the workers.

Do workers in Oyo state and Nigeria as a whole have a reason to celebrate ?

Professor Sabitu Olagoke is the Founder and spiritual head of Shafaudeen Worldwide, Wakajaye, Ibadan, Nigeria.

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Professor Olagoke provides an answer. ”Workers do not have any cause to celebrate today, but to gather together, on pryer in a sober reflection mood. Workers are the engine of development of any nation, workers activities all along over the years have been moderate and  regulated through  laws and policies. Unfortunately Government is always at the violation end of the promises and policies. The way we treat workers in Nigeria, is like incapacitating the geese that lays the golden egg. Presently, workers in Nigeria are been traumatized and bullied, through the non payment of salaries by their political head employers. And along the line, they have been divided into fragments, so that they will not be able to speak with one voice”.

Of worry is the ”hot and cold’ attitude” of those, workers in the country rely on to achieve satisfactory remuneration and working conditions. This has made workers to be at the mercy of their pay masters in the public and private sectors.

”When you compare the dynamism of the present labour forces in Nigeria, you will agree with me that they have been incapacitated. They are not as viral as before, this is because of the divide and rule tactics of Government, destabilizing them and disorganizing their structure.  Workers those days, were known to fight for the cause of the poor., but today, some of their executives, in fact, romance with their employer oppressors in the name of Government.  Even, some union executives, milk dry the stipends of their unions. And in Nigeria today, most of them cannot really correct the aberrations, of Government because they prefer to compete with Government in self enrichment, while they collaborate in snubbing public schools  or having their children study abroad, while deceiving the masses, who really need their help and upon whose mandate they are carrying the banners of the unions. If all these anomalies are not corrected, the hope of the common man will be permanently dashed, essence of governance is to work to be able to serve the people, who gave them the mandate to serve. Nigeria needs constructive opposition, not necessarily from the inner fold or politically disgruntled parties, but from unions, who are expected to be objective and neutral in pursuing the cause of sanity for the common man, Professor Olagoke noted.

For Comrade Waheed Olojede, who is the Chairman, Nigeria Labour Congress(NLC)Oyo state council, some people  in far way Chicago, United States of America(USA) in 1887, lost their lives for the cause  of workers of the world. ”Today is a day to remember them and of course, to pray for them and of course to pray for their families.  This is why ,we say that even in the face of all odds, as workers of Nigeria we must celebrate to remember them and pray for the repose of their souls. Secondly,  I want to say that in reality, workers are not happy, not only in Oyo state, but the entire country. Today, Government at all levels are indebted in one way or the other, promotions are not effected as and when due, salaries and pensions are not paid, nobody is even talking about gratuity any longer. Workers are groaning, they are not happy, they are hungry, notwithstanding that, we have to celebrate ourselves.  No matter the situation, we we must gather  to celebrate ourselves and to also believe that life must continue, in whatever way, in whatever situation we find ourselves”, Comrade Olojede asserted.

Some union leaders in Oyo state have their own opinions. Comrade Emmanuel Ogundiran is the Chairman Trade Union Congress(TUC), Oyo state council. Comrade Ogundiran is of the opinion that workers have a cause to celebrate .

”Workers have the cause to celebrate because we are alive,  the nation we  call Nigeria is our common project, it is still surviving, so workers have the cause to celebrate. But who should celebrate workers and who are the workers celebrating themselves ? What you are seeing  here, it is the workers whop are celebrating themselves, to give thanks to God that they are alive, they are surviving.Also to give thanks to God that this project called Nigeria is surviving”.

”But normally we have a word for employers, be it state, be it private, they are the ones to have looked back and celebrate their workers  because without us they cannot be, without us they cannot survive, nobody would have seen them as employers. But because we are working , we are the geese that are laying the golden eggs that they are eating, it behooves on them to celebrate their workers, but what do we have ? It is the workers coming together to celebrate themselves, even for that alone it is worth celebrating.

However, Comrade Ogundiran insists that when other indices and indicators are used, the workers day is not worth celebrating. ”What is the value of the Naira ? How many factories are closing down ? Look at the public service itself, is it looking like the way it used to look like, No !, it is not worth celebrating”.

For Comrade Olusola Fatoki-Cole, Chairman Non Academic Staff Union(NASU)Oyo state council workers have every cause to celebrate. ”By the grace of God we have every reason  to celebrate, to celebrate for been alive for been alive I think is the major reason  for us to be celebrating, we are hopeful that today may be bleak, but after the dark cloud, there will be sunshine,. by the special grace of God, we have every reason to thank God. I t is only the dead, who have no cause to celebrate, but we are still alive and God has been preserving us, for the fact that our salaries are not paid up to date, for the fact that they are still owing us some months of salary arrears, but we thank God that we don’t have any cause to be on the sick bed, even though that is the wish of some people, who are against the workers in this state, but God has proved them wrong.  God has disappointed them,  that in spite of hunger, in spite of starvation, God is  keeping us alive. So, we have every reason to celebrate.

Indeed, Comrade Ademola Babalola, Chairman, Medical and Health  Workers Union of Nigeria(MHWUN)Oyo state council believes that workers have every reason to celebrate, even as he counsels workers to remain steadfast, as the present difficulties they are passing through is for a short while.

”Workers have a cause to celebrate. Come what may, whatever they may be facing or they may  be encountering, we believe it will be just for a while, it would come and go. So, we believe by God’s grace everything would soon be alright.

What about the workers  who have passed on to glory, as a result of the uncomfortable situation ? They do not have nay reason to celebrate. So sad.

Kenya: President Kenyatta Orders 18pc Minimum Wage Increase

Nairobi — President Uhuru Kenyatta has ordered an 18 percent increase in the minimum wage. He said he appreciates concerns by employers on ballooning wage bills and asked Industrialisation Cabinet Secretary Adan Mohamed to hold a meeting with them to discuss non-labour factors that impact production.

“After consultation with key stakeholders, I have directed that the minimum wage be increased by 18 per cent. In addition, we have increased the non-taxable bonuses and overtime to Sh100,000,” he said at the 51st Labour Day celebrations.

President Kenyatta also told workers seeking jobs overseas to only use approved agencies.