ULC Strike : Oyo Workers At their Duty Posts, As Commuters Wait Endlessly For Commercial Vehicles

Workers in Oyo state have continued to go about their normal duties, despite the ongoing industrial action embarked upon by the United Labour Congress(ULC).


A visit to the state secretariat and some other establishments indicated that the workers did not down tools, even though they expressed satisfaction with the present situations of things.

However, on Tuesday, commuters had difficulties in getting to their destinations at the state  capital, Ibadan, as there were few commercial vehicles on the road, while commuters waited endlessly for the vehicles. Those who could not wait for long, trekked to their destinations.  In addition, some filling stations were without fuel.

In a chat with Federationews2day, the Chairman of the state council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), who doubles as the Chairman Public Service Joint Negotiating Council, Comrade Emmanuel Ogundiran maintained that members of the TUC and Nigeria Labour Congress(NLC) were at their duty posts, while insisting that the ULC was not yet registered and therefore was not competent  to call out the workers on strike.

”As at today in Nigeria, we operate only based on laws and ethics, there are only two registered and recognized labour centres, the first is the Nigeria Labour Congress, that is for the junior staff and some craft unions and the second one is the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, which is the umbrella centre for senior staff unions or senior staff associations.

”We know ULC came about  as a break away faction of the Nigeria Labour Congress, but as at today that union or conglomerate of unions is yet to be registered and recognized. If they are registered and recognized, maybe they have the right to do so. As  a matter of fact, when you look at it, out of the unions that broke away to form the ULC, we know that NUPENG is a major factor and NUPENG is not on strike, NUPENG has never called out its members on strike, the junior staff of airport and maritime workers union, they are members, they also broke away, they even made publications that they are not on strike, in the public service we have the National Union of Typists and Stenographers, they are also with the so called ULC they are  not on strike”.

”NUBIFIE is a member of ULC, they are not on strike, so where  does ULC derive its power, and which power ? Because these registered and recognized trade unions know that if they proceed on that strike, they risk their certificates of registration  been withdrawn, because it is an  illegal act, they risk losing their membership, their members risk losing their jobs. So, they know what it takes, because it is not according to the laid down labour laws, for a non registered conglomerate of unions to declare strike”, Comrade Ogundiran concluded.

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Agitations : Nigerians Should Follow The Path of Constitutionality and Law- Senator

Nigerians with grievances have been called upon to follow due process and the rule of law, while agitating for a change in the status quo.


This call was made  by the Senator representing Delta Central Senatorial District in the upper chamber of the National Assembly, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege.

“Whoever has genuine grievances should follow the path of constitutionality, law, dialogue, love, brotherhood and peace. We are one. We have the resilience and infinite capacity to handle all challenges confronting us as a people”.

“Every Nigerian should feel at home and protected wherever he or she finds himself or herself in the territory of Nigeria”.

“So I want to strongly advise and appeal for peace and urge our security agencies to be vigilant and maintain the peace at all times. We don’t want our fellow citizens to be intimidated, harassed or killed extra-judicially for whatever reasons”.

“I must advise also that this should not be a pretext by any security agent to harass our peace-loving people. That shouldn’t happen at all.  Let’s constantly engage with ourselves in wisdom as we build a better society for all, Senator Omo-Agege  concluded.


Igbos Must Pray for All That will Bring Total Nigerian Citizenship -Ohaneze Ndigbo

The apex Igbo socio-cultural organization, Ohaneze Ndigbo, has called on Igbos  at home and in diaspora to use this year’s  Igbo day to pray for Justice, Peace, Equity  and full Nigerian citizenship.


This call was made on Tuesday  by the Chairman of the National Organising Committee of the 2017 Igbo Day celebration, Dr. Greg Ibe, in a news conference,  at Enugu.

“Our prayer points are numerous. It ranges from justice, peace, equity and all that will bring us in total belonging to this country called Nigeria.”

“Against the backdrop of the current challenges of Ndigbo and as a way of seeking divine solutions to these problems, Ohanaeze Ndigbo has decided to use the annual Igbo Day celebration for 2017 to mobilise Igbo across the globe to pray and seek the face of God for Nigeria and Ndigbo in particular”.


Bore Hole Drilling : Govt. Should Introduce Regulations To Stop Quackery-AWDROP PRO

As sub-standard bore holes take over the Nigerian landscape, the Association of Water Well Drilling Rigs Owners and Practitioners(AWDROP)has declared that unless the Federal Government regulates the industry, the activities of quacks will continue unabated.


Indeed, Nigerians have repeatedly expressed worry over the increasing rate of newly constructed bore holes that have seized functioning.

They blame this situation on the sharp practices of some stake holders in the industry.

However, the National Public Relations Officer of the Association, Mr. Richard Ajayi, insists that lack of regulation by the Federal Government is responsible for the present state of things.

”This association is trying all its best to ensure that quackery in bore hole drilling is reduced to the barest minimum. And this association cannot do it alone, except in collaboration with Government, by regulating bore hole drilling activities. And if Government fails to listen to  what this association is saying, then we all will have to bear the consequences”.

”So, it is better they realize now, than later, when our underground water has been bastardized. We  liaise with the Bureau of Public Procurement(BPP), when the issue involves award of Government contracts. Contracts are awarded indiscriminately. If Government fails to regulate  us, and we are trying to regulate ourselves, then people will say that there is no Government policy. Those going all about claiming to be our members, are not our members, because most of them do not adhere by the code of practice, they always say that there is freedom of association. Contracts are not awarded to professionals. The BPP is not following the laid down procedures in the award of contracts. We are just doing things the way we like”, Mr. Ajayi concluded.

Heavy Downpour Wrecks Havoc In Calabar

An heavy downpour of rain  has wrecked havoc in Calabar, capital of Cross River state, as over 30 houses have been submerged.

The downpour, which lasted for seven days, non stop, swept off perimeter fences of several buildings, roads were submerged, while it also obstructed the  free flow of traffic in different parts of the  Canaan city.

The  heavy rain prevented business owners from opening for business, with several of them lamenting their  losses.

Areas affected include, Target/Murray Streets, IBB Way/ Navy Barracks, Parliamentary Road, Akai Effa, Palm Street among several others were flooded and roads submerged, causing traffic jam in the town.

The rains are usually very heavy between the months of August and September.

Traditional rulers Should Expose Criminals in Their Domains-Taraba Gov

Taraba state Governor, Dairus Ishaku has  called traditional rulers in the state to expose criminals in their domains


The Governor made this call, when traditional rulers in the state paid him condolence visit  on the death of the immediate past Governor of the state, Danfulani Danbaba Suntai.

He advised them to be at the forefront of the drive to maintain peace and order, while assuring that the state Government will deal decisively with trouble makers.


We are Tired of Half Salaries-UI Junior Workers

Non Academic staff of the University of Ibadan have lamented the hardships they are currently experiencing as a result of the continued payment of half salaries by the university management.


According to the workers, it has become impossible for them to meet their domestic obligations, due to increasing financial responsibilities and mounting debts.

”We cannot do anything meaningful with the half salaries the University management, has for several months now, been giving us. It is a serious issue and  an urgent solution should be worked out, before the situation degenerates. We are tired of half salaries”, the workers declared.

In his reaction, the Chairman  of the Non Academic Staff Union in the University, Comrade Oluwasegun Arojo appealed to the university management to explore ways ensure payment of full salaries to the workers.

”The country is actually having issues with the economy, it is glaring that the system is sick. From that angle,  we want to see how we can have matters resolved completely. What Government has been doing is to rob Paul to pay  Peter. Right now, there is a challenge of shortfall in the university and I am sure it is a peculiarity of the  universities. What we are demanding from them, is that our salaries be paid fully. Really there is a challenge,  we are just only appealing to them. Whenever we meet our management, they keep giving excuses that Government did not pay them. Whatever Government releases is what they use and they have been pro rating it. So, we just hope that sometime very soon, we will come out of it”, Comrade Arojo stated.

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Buhari Must Remain in Office To Avoid National Instability-APC Chieftian

It is imperative President Muhammadu Buhari completes his four year tenure to avoid national instability.


This assertion was made  in a statement by a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress(APC), Chief Charles Udo Udeogaranya.

”Nigeria needs president Buhari to be well and alive to conduct the 2019 general elections successfully and hand over power peacefully or otherwise, oversee any major restructuring that National Assembly members may approve”.

“This is imperative, in order to avoid national instability that may crack the centre due to the high level of hopelessness among many Nigerians who have totally given up on governments at various levels”.

“I continue to plead with all Nigerians not to give up on Nigeria as I see hope for a better Nigeria 2019 ”.

Chief Udeogaranya lamented that healthcare delivery  in the country was in a sorry state saying ”“We all are aware that infrastructure wise, particularly on medical services, Nigeria lags way behind other countries of the world and therefore it would be safe to say that anyone demanding the president to return to Nigeria hurriedly is not wishing him well.

“We all are aware that infrastructure wise, particularly on medical services, Nigeria lags way behind other countries of the world and therefore it would be safe to say that anyone demanding the president to return to Nigeria hurriedly is not wishing him well ”, he concluded.

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Ondo Workers Demand Full Payment of Their Sept. 2016 Salaries

Workers in Ondo  state have called on the state Government to look inwards, in a bid to ensure the full payment of their September  2016 salaries, even as they insisted that they would not accept percentage payment of their salaries.


The workers made this call in a statement signed by  both the  state Chairmen Nigeria Labour Congress(NLC) and Trade Union Congress(TUC), Bose Daramola and Sola Ekundayo respectively.

”Government should look inward to augment and pay September 2016 salary in full to all workers and pensioners in the state.  Percentage payment or fractional payment in whatever form is unacceptable to Ondo state public servants and pensioners”.

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“While assuring Your Excellency of our support and loyalty at all times, it is our wish that the entire workers of Ondo State will receive their September 2016 salaries and pensions without further delay,” the statement stressed.

Before now, the state Government, had  in a meeting with the workers representatives, disclosed that  75 percent of the Paris Club refund, which is N5.7billion, would not be enough to offset all the outstanding salary and pensions for September 2016. This had made  workers in the state very uncomfortable.

Nigerians Should Shun Hate Speeches and Songs-Vice President Ezendigbo in Diaspora(South)

 Nigerians have been called upon to shun hate speeches and songs, as a result of its destructive tendencies.


This  call was made by the Ezendigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state and Vice President Ezendigbo in Diaspora, Eze (Dr.) Alex Anozie.

”May I use  this medium to advice against the use of  abusive and insulting utterances, while trying to  make public their divergent views. I sincerely believe that  people can make their points known without necessarily using abusive, insulting and foul language. All and sundry should as much as possible do away with such. Acting President Yemi  Osinbajo should do everything possible to see that  this very misunderstanding gets resolved peacefully without delay, and history will remember the Buhari Government for good. Let us all continue in our  relentless prayers and avoid hate talks and songs, I believe it is  the  devil at work, let us join hands together to shame the  devil and his cohorts, so that at the end of the day Almighty God the creator of Heaven and Earth will take all glory”, Eze(Dr) Anozie concluded.

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