Management Should Treat Workers Equally- UI Non-Academic Staff

Non Academic Staff at the University of Ibadan have called on the management of the University to be liberal int its dealings with the different category of workers, when it involves meeting workers’ demands.

The workers, speaking incognito to Federationews2day,  lamented that the recently released funds for the payment of the arrears of earned allowances tilted in favour of the Academic staff of the institution.

”University management should treat us equally, when it comes to payment of arrears of allowances, a category of staff should not be given preference, it creates bad blood and acrimony”, they stated.

They also urged the university management to expedite action  on their other  demands, while stressing that workers were facing great difficulties meeting their financial obligations.

In a chat with this medium, the Chairman of the Non Academic staff  of Universities(NASU) in the institution, Comrade Oluwasegun Arojo appealed to the workers to be patient and place their trust in God.

”I must tell you that human beings are insatiable and human beings need something every now and then.  We need virtually everything, but the fact is that we can’t get all of it. But we are thankful to God, God has been faithful to us, many of our colleagues have passed on. For the fact that we are still alive, we must be grateful to God.”.

”We agitated for so many things, some came, some are yet to come. We are not really giving up, we believe the remaining demands will still come. So, I want our members to  put their trust in  God and believe God. I still want to assure them that whatever we are expecting, will surely come, they shoud be patient for our demands to be met”, Comrade Arojo concluded.


Zimbabwe: Chombo Found With Us$10 Million Cash – Claim

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Finance minister Ignatius Chombo was reportedly found with US$10m in cash at his Harare home after the property was raided by the military Wednesday morning.

The minister, said to be one of President Robert Mugabe’s most corrupt officials, was among the first ministers detained by the army as Generals deposed the 93-year-old Zanu PF leader from power.

The unverified claim that Chombo had bags of cash at plush home was made by independent Norton legislator Temba Mliswa.

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“Just for your own information, Minister Chombo’s house which was invaded as he got arrested had US$10 million,” Mliswa claimed in an interview with Al Jazeera.

Meanwhile, also reported to have been detained were higher education minister Jonathan Moyo and local government counterpart Saviour Kasukuwere.

The two were said to have sought refuge at Mugabe’s private Harare home where the veteran leader was being held hostage.

Source : New Zimbabwe

N100 million not Enough To Clear Pensions and Gratuities-Abia Pensioners

Pensioners in Abia state have lamented that the N100 million provided by the state Government to offset  backlog of gratuities owed retirees was insufficient considering the high number of them who are yet to be paid.


The pensioners who made this known through  the state Chairman of  the Nigeria Union of Pensioners(NUP)Chukwuma Udensi, stressed that the backlog of arrears of pensions and gratuities could only be cleared, if the state Government set aside money on a monthly basis for this purpose.

”Government provided N100 million after  our  meeting for payment of gratuities  the money did not go anywhere near the amount being owed retired workers”.

“If the Government accepts our suggestion and releases this money monthly, they will be able to liquidate the huge backlog of gratuities owed to retired workers of Abia State and save lives.

“We have been begging and worrying the Government; they have not done anything to show that they are ready to clear the backlog of arrears of gratuities and pensions owed retired workers in the State.

“We have cried and cried; we have cried out all the tears in our eyes, there are no more tears in our eyes. We now depend only on God to save our members who have been dying frequently”, Chief Udensi lamented.

Buhari Should First Deal With His Appointees Who Are Corrupt-CAN President

The President of Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN), Rev. Samson Ayokunle has advised President Muhammadu Buhari, to, in the first instance, deal with his appointees who are corrupt,  before he takes the fight to other places.


Rev. Ayokunle made this call in a chat with Journalists at the 12th convocation of Bowen University, Iwo in Osun State.

“We need to caution the President in particular that the fight against corruption may not be too far away from around him. Those hands that are not right around him, he should be courageous enough to deal with them.

“The signs that we are seeing, because we are not babies, the hand writing that we are seeing is that he has to, first of all, he should deal with the corrupt persons around him before he will be able to deal with those in distant places. He is doing a good job in that area but he must do more”, Rev Ayokunle concluded.

Equatorial Guinea VP Teodorin Obiang sentenced in France


A French court has handed down a three-year suspended jail term to Equatorial Guinea’s Vice President Teodorin Obiang for corruption.

The 48-year-old, known for his lavish tastes, is the son of the oil-rich West African country’s president.

He was absent from the trial, where he was found guilty of embezzlement.

His assets in France will be seized, including a mansion on Avenue Foch in Paris. He also got a suspended fine of 30m euros (£27m; $35m).

In November, Swiss prosecutors seized 11 luxury cars belonging to Mr Obiang. They said he had plundered his country’s oil wealth to buy luxuries, including a private jet and Michael Jackson memorabilia.

Equatorial Guinea’s President, Teodoro Obiang Nguema, is Africa’s longest-serving leader and human rights groups accuse him of systematic repression of opponents.

The Paris judge found that the president’s son had used his position as agriculture and forestry minister to siphon off payments from timber firms who were exporting from Equatorial Guinea.


Mr Obiang’s forestry company Somagui Forestal was “an empty shell used solely to channel public money”, prosecutors said.

The case against him was triggered by anti-corruption campaign group Transparency International and a similar NGO, called Sherpa.

Mr Obiang denied the charges, saying his wealth had come from legitimate sources. His lawyers accused France of “meddling in the affairs of a sovereign state”, AFP news agency reported.

In 2000-2011 Mr Obiang acquired a collection of luxury assets and properties in France, including the €25m Avenue Foch mansion. He also boasted 18 luxury cars in France, artworks, jewellery and expensive designer fashions, the court found.

It is the first of three French investigations into the alleged “ill-gotten gains” of long-standing African leaders and their families.

The French daily Le Monde reports that the family of Gabon President Ali Bongo has 39 French luxury properties, while 24 are owned by the family of Congo-Brazzaville’s President Denis Sassou-Nguesso. They also have about 200 bank accounts, French police say.

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Cultists Rob Journalist in Ibadan

Cultists at the  Olorunsogo, Molete, area of Ibadan on Tuesday morning attacked and  dispossessed the Editor-in-Chief of Federationews2day(    Solomon  Adewunmi  of his valuables.

The cultists led by one Pelumi,  at about  10. 30 am, in the morning(24, Ocotober, 2017) harmed with butcher’s knives, forcefully collected  Adewunmi’s wrist watch, wallet containing money and vital documents and micro tape recorder.

The hoodlums who operate from the house of one late Mr. Idowu, a retired Police officer, beside a white two storey building, at the back of Femola bus-stop in the community, have for a long time threatened to deal with the Journalist.

Of worry, is the fact that adults, who belong to the Landlords and Tenants Association in the community, covertly support the activities of the criminals, who, have continued to attack  and dispossess innocent citizens of their valuables, despite the regular patrol of the Police.

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If Govt. Enforces ”No work No Pay” Clause, Nigeria Will Become A Slave Labour Camp-SSANU

The Senior Staff Association of Nigeria Universities(SSANU) has warned that if the Federal Government  goes ahead to enforce the ‘No work No Pay’ clause in the labour law, the country will become a slave labour camp.


SSANU  GAVE this warning in a chat with Federationews2day, through its National Vice President, Western zone, Comrade Alfred Jimoh.


”If there is a tripartite agreement, it is binding on all sides, so Government will now provoke and push workers to go on strike, only to rely on ”No work, No Pay”, so if ”No work No Pay”, is applied in Nigeria, then labour would be threatened and labour would not be able to agitate for workers’ rights any longer. And after this, we are going to have a very bad slave labour camp, where you are just asked to continue to labour, whether they trample on your rights  or not, whether they give you your salaries or not, you cannot go on strike, because if you go on strike Government will not pay you”.

”This kind of policy will work in climes where people have respect for collective bargaining. It  works in some other countries, because those countries don’t trample on the rights of their workers, they will respect  Collective Bargaining(CBAs)entered into  with the workers and these workers will have very rare occasions to go on strike. And when they go on strike, before you count two, three days, they resolve the matter and the workers will return to work”.

”My position is that such policies cannot work in Nigeria, if Government wants  to ensure that it works, they must also fulfill their own part of the agreement of what is in the law”, Comrade Jimoh stated.

SSANU also declared  that the Federal Government has no moral justification to enforce the ”NO work, No Pay”, clause in the labour law.

”If you as a Government signed an agreement in 2009, and this is 2017 and you have not consummate the contents of this agreement, and workers have written severally, have threatened strike severally and you did not do anything on it, in 2017, that is eight years after that agreement was signed and workers now embark on strike as the last resort, the question that people should ask this government, is that will  the Government have the  moral right, to now apply ”No work, No Pay” for such workers”.

”That the Government  does not have the moral right, moral justification, to say it would now begin to implement, ”No work, No Pay”, it would not work in Nigeria. Yes, we know the Government wields all the powers, but we will challenge them, we will challenge Government, because on so many occasions, Government bring policies to bear and because those policies go unchallenged, Government goes freely on it, it is not everything that Government pronounces  that will become law, even the laws that are made we will challenge the proprietary in the court of law. Then the court will now say this is what this law means. For me, I think that ”No work, No Pay”, can only work, where Government has  respect for the sanctity of Collective Bargaining Agreements(CBAs)”, Comrade Jimoh concluded.

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Mexico’s September Earthquake Prompts Calls for Anti-Corruption Push


The recent earthquake that devastated Mexico City prompted increased calls for tougher anti-corruption measures, as many say bribery allowed for greater structural damage.

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Corruption has long plagued the country and has stunted economic growth.

“This is the issue that we need to solve in order to close the circle and really have a much better economic performance,” the Governor of the Bank of Mexico, Agustin Carstens, told the newspaper Reforma in an interview that was published on Wednesday.

The September 19th earthquake that killed hundreds and left many more wounded may have resulted in less loss of life and damage if the existing strict building codes were correctly implemented.

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“The problem is corruption, officials taking bribes to give the green light on bad building,” political scientist Lorenzo Meyer explained to TIME  magazine.

Citizens are disgruntled with corruption and impunity and display less patience with the government, as shown in surveys cited by sociologist Gema Santamaria.

Tens and thousands of individuals are awaiting answers to their requests for engineers to access structural damages.

The most controversial of these investigations is over a private school in Mexico City that collapsed in the tremor tragically killing 19 children and six adults.

There are questions of whether the owners of the school expanded the building unethically. As mentioned in The New York Times, the school, “had been cited twice for building without a permit — first in 2010 and again in 2014. Both times, the school applied retroactively for a permit, paid the fine and resumed construction.”

When President Enrique Peña Nieto toured a town wrecked by the earthquake, a local student yelled, “Grab a shovel” as others booed, The Guradian reported.

With Mexico’s next presidential election approaching in 2018, an agenda for the upheaval of corruption appears to be a strong qualifier for those seeking a place in the next administration.

Source : OCCRP

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Our Working Conditions Are Poor and Deplorable-Oyo Teachers

As Teachers, on Thursday, all over the world celebrated the World Teachers day, those in Oyo state have insisted that their working conditions were very poor and deplorable.


The Teachers, who stated that  the thoughts of their unpaid salaries, have overshadowed any room for  celebration,  however acknowledged that the fact that they were still alive was a good reason to give praises to God.

They made reference to the deteriorating state of schools and the unfriendly environment , they work, as factors that have further affected their morale negatively.

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At the Teachers House, Oluyole estate venue, of the celebration with theme ”Teaching in Freedom,  Empowering Teachers” in Oyo state, the state executive of the Nigeria Union of Teachers(NUT)executive, secretariat staff, executives of the 33 Local Government chapters of the NUT in the state and  the representative of the state Governor, the state Commissioner for Education, Prof. Adeniyi Olowofela and other invited guests formed the bulk of those who attended the programme.

The state Chairman of the NUT, Comrade Niyi Akano was conspicuously absent, even as some of those in attendance discussed his recent retirement from service.

In his remarks, the secretary of the NUT in the state, Comrade Waheed Olojede maintained that Teachers in the country deserved better treatment.

‘’The declaration of 1966 arose from the meeting of the Ministers of nations, who decided to draw attention of the entire world to the importance of Teachers and the teaching profession and they have come to realize  from that meeting that teaching is the mother of all other professions, and that a Teacher is a moulder, is a builder and so they deserve to be recognized, they deserve to be celebrated and of course they deserve adequate remuneration corresponding to their statuses’’.

” I want to say that elsewhere in some other countries of the world Teachers are taken as some Lords, who must be worshiped, who must be celebrated and who must be given the right quantum of remuneration. But  it is surprising and worrisome here in Nigeria, that Teachers are seen as mere instruments, who must be used and discarded with,  what they experience or go through, in the hands of  a very few, who have today, risen to positions of authority, you now see Teachers becoming objects of neglect, objects of discrimination, objects of starvation and objects of ridicule, which is quite unfortunate.

Comrade Olojede called on Government at all levels to key into the declaration made by the Ministers of nations, by giving Teachers adequate attention and remuneration.

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ULC Strike : Oyo Workers At their Duty Posts, As Commuters Wait Endlessly For Commercial Vehicles

Workers in Oyo state have continued to go about their normal duties, despite the ongoing industrial action embarked upon by the United Labour Congress(ULC).


A visit to the state secretariat and some other establishments indicated that the workers did not down tools, even though they expressed satisfaction with the present situations of things.

However, on Tuesday, commuters had difficulties in getting to their destinations at the state  capital, Ibadan, as there were few commercial vehicles on the road, while commuters waited endlessly for the vehicles. Those who could not wait for long, trekked to their destinations.  In addition, some filling stations were without fuel.

In a chat with Federationews2day, the Chairman of the state council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), who doubles as the Chairman Public Service Joint Negotiating Council, Comrade Emmanuel Ogundiran maintained that members of the TUC and Nigeria Labour Congress(NLC) were at their duty posts, while insisting that the ULC was not yet registered and therefore was not competent  to call out the workers on strike.

”As at today in Nigeria, we operate only based on laws and ethics, there are only two registered and recognized labour centres, the first is the Nigeria Labour Congress, that is for the junior staff and some craft unions and the second one is the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, which is the umbrella centre for senior staff unions or senior staff associations.

”We know ULC came about  as a break away faction of the Nigeria Labour Congress, but as at today that union or conglomerate of unions is yet to be registered and recognized. If they are registered and recognized, maybe they have the right to do so. As  a matter of fact, when you look at it, out of the unions that broke away to form the ULC, we know that NUPENG is a major factor and NUPENG is not on strike, NUPENG has never called out its members on strike, the junior staff of airport and maritime workers union, they are members, they also broke away, they even made publications that they are not on strike, in the public service we have the National Union of Typists and Stenographers, they are also with the so called ULC they are  not on strike”.

”NUBIFIE is a member of ULC, they are not on strike, so where  does ULC derive its power, and which power ? Because these registered and recognized trade unions know that if they proceed on that strike, they risk their certificates of registration  been withdrawn, because it is an  illegal act, they risk losing their membership, their members risk losing their jobs. So, they know what it takes, because it is not according to the laid down labour laws, for a non registered conglomerate of unions to declare strike”, Comrade Ogundiran concluded.

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