Economic Recession : Nigerians Seek Other Sources of Income

As the economic recession in Nigeria continues to take its negative  toll on Nigerians unabated, the people are now seeking alternative sources of income to keep body and soul alive.

Such sources of income include online money making opportunities,which although may be risky, but the attractions are, without doubt, mouth watering.

According to the anchor of one of such programmes, Prophet Kayode Samuel, investing in the billion coin and sports trading are some online opportunities, Nigerians are already embracing.

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”Sack  your boss is a registered company and by the Grace of God, we have taught several people how to become their own boss. About a  month ago, we started training on the billion coin and D9 sports trading. The billion coin is a crypto currency. When you invest, you make good money. You can use the billion coin to buy or sell, even you can use it to buy land and car”, Prophet Samuel stated.

In his views a Director of the company, Dr. (Pastor)Olawore Olasupo called on those in need of extra income to key into  the two programmes.

”People should wake up from their slumber to see the light,this is not Yahoo business, this is not MMM, it is not fraudulent and it is not questionable.It is an investment that they can partake in and get weekly returns. They can invest little and begin to make their money. We have several groups for this purpose”, Dr.(Pastor) Olasupo stressed.

However, in a Telephone chat with Federationews2day, a management staff of the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN), speaking incognito, advised members of the public to  be careful, the way  they invest in programmes and cross check with the Apex bank  or knowledgeable financial experts on the credibility of  such investment opportunities.



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