Shafaudeen In Islam Worldwide Rounds Off Annual Ishrat

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The 34th  annual Ishrat and  19th Walimot ‘L Qur’an, of Shafaudeen Is Islam Worldwide was rounded off on Sunday at its international headquarters, Wakjaye, Iwo road, Ibadan, Nigeria, with the grand finale featuring a lecture  titled  ” Restructuring or Revamping the Recessed Economy : The Preferred Alternatives”, delivered by the Founder and Spiritual  Head, Prof. Sabitu Olagoke.

The grand finale also included the   the launching of three books written by Prof. Olagoke: 1) Religion, Beyond the Opium 2) Nigeria and Issues of Security 3) Disability in Voyage of life and an award ceremony.

An official of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Chief Benjamin Maduka Obiechiena and the Oyo state Police Public Relations Officer, Superintendent of Police, Adekunle Ajisebutu, received awards among others.

In addition, the Chief Imam of Ibadanland, Alhaji  Sheik Abubakar Agbotomokekere performed the Walimot Quran blessing for newly anointed spiritual title holders.


Providing Free Health Care For the Indigent, Without Catering for Health Workers Is Nothing-NAUHP

As the Federal Government positions to provide free medical services to 3,000 residents of Ibadan, the capital of Oyo state, through the University College Hospital(UCH)Ibadan, Allied health professionals in the hospital insist that the figure is a far cry from those in actual need of  medical services in the state. Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Allied Health Professionals(NUAHP)UCH branch, who also doubles as the Deputy President(South) of the union, Comrade Oulsegun Sotiloye explains why this is so. Excerpts :

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What is your reaction to the free medical initiative of the Federal Government soon to commence in Ibadan ?

It is ordinarily to be a good development. Government giving free medical services to indigent patients. However, when you compare the number that will be attended to, 3,000, Oyo state alone, if I am not mistaking will be having about 3 to 5 million people. And of this number, your guess would be as good as mine, as regards the indigent patients.  The number that will be catered for, is a very small fraction of the number of indigent patients in the state. It is like a drop in a mighty ocean, we still have a long way to go, we need to revamp our primary health care programme. So that people will have health centre close by, where they can readily access affordable, quality and accessible health care. As we have it now, most people who are enlightened or have the financial capacity to come to UCH, which shouldn’t be.  The UCH as a tertiary health institution should be attending to special cases that cannot be attended to at the primary health care level or the secondary  health care level, but because these other tiers of health care are virtually non existent, that is why we have a situation whereby, almost everybody comes to the UCH.  If we have primary health care that is well funded, well equipped and well manned by health care personnel, a lot of the cases that end up here, would have been nipped in the bud. Even the preventive aspect of health care would have been taken care of, at the primary health care stage. My advice is that, it is good, but there are other things, we can do to prevent people, coming down with all kind of diseases, we are having. As I am speaking to you, our members morale is very low, because quite a number of our agreement, we had with the Federal Government are yet to be implemented, this is very worrisome. So, saying you are taking care of indigent patients and the people who are supposed to care for them are not happy, it is not a very good thing.

Black Ops, alternate facts and damn lies: The ANC’s escalating credibility crisis

Ranjeni Munusam

South Africa


As more details emerged at the weekend about the covert operation to pump up the ANC’s election campaign and spread fake news about opposition parties, the party continued to deny knowledge and involvement. It has “nothing to do with the ANC” was spokesperson Zizi Kodwa’s response to a report of a secret recording implicating ANC general manager Ignatius Jacobs in the war room operation to influence public opinion during the election period. This is not only about the criminal acts and big personalities being shamed. It is also about the erosion of trust and further diminishing of the ANC’s credibility. By RANJENI MUNUSAMY.

There is already a big problem deciphering the messaging of the ANC. Who carries the true voice of the ANC? President Jacob Zuma? ANC Secretary-General Gwede Mantashe? ANC Deputy Secretary-General Jessie Duarte? National spokesperson Zizi Kodwa? ANC chief whip and communications subcommittee head Jackson Mthembu? ANC elections head Nomvula Mokonyane?

All these people speak for and on behalf of the ANC. Rarely do you find them saying the same things.

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Then there is the problem of who is the authentic ANC? The national executive committee elected at the last national conference in Mangaung in 2012? The Zuma camp elected at Polokwane in 2007 – before they all turned on each other? Thabo Mbeki’s ANC? Nelson Mandela’s ANC? The ANC in exile? The struggle veterans who have served in the party structures for over 40 years?

Kebby Maphatsoe?

Of course, the ANC prides itself on being a “broad church” made up of and representing people from all walks of life. But it is problematic when the interests and messaging of those who lead the party are conflictual. It is even more of a dilemma when doubt is cast about whether the elected leadership represents the true values and essence of the ANC.

After the ANC’s decline in the 2014 election, it was quite clear that the 2016 local government elections would be an uphill climb for the party and that they were in serious danger of losing control of the metros. It is hardly surprising therefore that the ANC would have employed new tools, particularly social media, and additional resources for its election campaign.

But if there was confusion previously about the ANC’s voice and messaging, the 2016 campaign splintered these even more. It became difficult to identify what exactly the ANC was telling its voters with an explosion of people speaking, seemingly on behalf of the ANC.

Official campaign messages were drowned out by crude attacks on the opposition, social media bullying of journalists, celebrity “twars”, government spokespeople usurping the ANC’s voice, and concerted efforts to present the ANC as “trendy”. Selfies of people in ANC regalia flooded social media. The ANC even held a fashion show to showcase its brand. The “dab” was all the rage.

It certainly was an energetic and obviously high-budget campaign. With all this activity, the ANC suffered heavy losses in the election, dropping to 53.9% nationally and losing control of three metros. One of the main reasons for this is that through all the noise and Twitter trends, the ANC did not pay significant attention to the issues that impacted on voters. Delivery failures, corruption, wastage of taxpayers’ money, scandals involving ANC leaders and the refusal to be held accountable all created negative perceptions among the electorate.

It is convenient to blame the media for generating and fuelling these negative perceptions. But the reality is that the ANC created the basis for adverse commentary in the media by failing to do its job or doing it badly.

We now know that the ANC campaign went beyond what was apparent and engaged in a “black ops” manoeuvre to influence public opinion. Amabunghane  that a covert war room was set up on behalf of the ANC with a planned budget of R50-million to pay people to create false narratives favouring the ANC and targeting opposition parties. This included printing fake opposition posters, which is in violation of the Municipal Electoral Act and the election code of conduct.

The story broke after public relations consultant Sihle Bolani, who worked on this covert campaign, brought a case against the ANC for non-payment. It created a sensation because of the large amount of money and the personalities involved, one of which is Shaka Sisulu, grandson of struggle icon Walter Sisulu. The story also proved that certain people were being paid for their pro-ANC tweets.

On Sunday, amaBhunganerevealed in the City Press that Bolani had secretly recorded meetings with ANC officials at the party headquarters, Albert Luthuli House. The recordings implicate the ANC’s general manager Ignatius Jacobs in directing the campaign to take a “dig at [the ANC’s] opponents” and also confirmed that R50-million was the targeted budget for the campaign.

Despite attempts by the ANC and Sisulu to distance themselves from the activities of the war room and to play down the black ops campaign, there are serious implications.

The claim that the ANC’s senior leadership did not know about the war room is no excuse for what happened. How could millions of rand be raised in the name of the ANC without the knowledge of the officials? The fact that it was done during an election campaign is even more damning as all parties should be extra careful to avoid scandals during an election period. Second, how could a covert operation be run from the ANC headquarters without anyone else knowing about it? What else goes on in that building, possibly illegally, that the officials do not know about?

The most serious indictment on the ANC leadership is why so many people felt comfortable in engaging in surreptitious and illegal behaviour on the ANC’s behalf. Did they not fear getting caught out and facing negative repercussions for trying to manipulate South African voters?

Is it that the prevailing atmosphere in the ANC is to disrespect the public and to treat people like idiots? Was that the reason this group of people felt it was perfectly acceptable to raise millions of rand and wilfully engage in behaviour to deceive voters, all in the name of the ANC?

The ANC cannot simply wash its hands or throw someone under the bus. If it wants to affirm its credibility, there needs to be a thorough investigation into who was involved, how the money raised was spent and a disclosure of all the activities of the war room. Those who committed illegal acts, such as producing fake opposition party posters, should be charged.   

But the ANC also needs to ask itself some hard questions.

Why has it surrendered its brand and its voice to a range of people who use and abuse them as they please? Why are government spokespeople speaking for the ANC and using the party to elevate their own status? Why are celebrities engaging in social media fights on behalf of the ANC? Why do so many people feel entitled to use the ANC brand to amass wealth for themselves?

And why is the ANC’s image so diminished?

The answer to these questions is that the ANC leadership has lost control and is disrespected by the very people who claim to be advancing their cause. If the ANC wants to deal with the chaos in its communications structure, it must shut down the gallery of illegitimate people peddling “alternate facts” and outright lies on the party’s behalf.

The ANC should wake up to the fact that neither “fake news” nor “paid Twitter” has helped the party win votes or public confidence. The social media pseudo-celebrity pack are in fact doing further damage to the ANC brand and eroding the credibility of the party.

Hillary Clinton had the world’s biggest stars campaigning for her and still lost the US elections to someone who could not even get a G-grade celebrity to sing at his inauguration. The next election in South Africa will be won by whoever best taps into people’s interests and needs. And there will be dire consequences for those who continue to lie to and disrespect the people of this country.

Photo: ANC’s Top Six at the January 8th rally in Soweto, 2017. (Greg Nicolson / Daily Maverick)

Source : Daily Maverick

US: Trump’s Immigration Actions to Harm Millions

Will Return Refugees to Persecution, Devastate Families, Threaten Public Safety

(Washington, DC) – The two executive actions, on immigration and border policy, that United States President Donald Trump signed on January 25, 2017, will severely harm millions of immigrants and US citizens, Human Rights Watch said today.

A young boy holds US flags as immigrants and community leaders rally in front of the U.S. Supreme Court to mark the one-year anniversary of President Barack Obama’s executive orders on immigration in Washington on November 20, 2015.

Trump’s order also seeks to drastically expand the use of the sprawling and abusive US immigration detention system, directing federal agencies to rapidly increase detention capacity and detain nearly all non-citizens pending the outcome of their deportation proceedings. Human Rights Watch has documented how the overuse of immigration detention exposes people to dangerous custody conditions, and negatively affects their right to a fair deportation hearing.

In another executive order, Trump announced border enforcement policies that would threaten the rights of people seeking asylum. These policies expand the use of a fast-track deportation procedure known as expedited removal and promote the criminal prosecutions of people entering the US illegally. Expedited removal and illegal entry prosecutions have already been shown to have a pernicious impact on the rights of asylum-seekers and long term residents of the US, many of whom have families who are US citizens, as well as on individuals, including children, fleeing persecution and violence who seek protection under longstanding US and international law.
Immigrants and community leaders rally in front of the U.S. Supreme Court to mark the one-year anniversary of President Barack Obama’s executive orders on immigration in Washington, November 20, 2015.

Trump Administration: The First 100 Days


President Donald Trump has promised to move quickly to implement his agenda for change in the US. Many of the policies and pledges made by Trump and his cabinet nominees pose profound threats to the rights of people both within the US and abroad. In the coming critical weeks, Human Rights Watch experts will provide rolling coverage and analysis of the rights implications as the new government’s agenda unfolds.

What the Trump Refugee Ban Means for an ISIS Survivor


 HRW’s Sarah Margon spent a damp, cold day this weekend at Khazir camp, about an hour outside of Erbil, which houses thousands of Iraqi civilians who have fled Islamic State control. There to learn more about the detention of  many of these young men  by Kurdish authorities, the immediate impact of President Donald Trump’s new executive order “hit me like a kick in the gut,” she writes.

Trump Ban Creates Chaos at Airports; Judge Issues Stay

President Donald Trump’s execuitive order suspending the US refugee program for at least 120 days and banning entry of nationals from seven countries created chaos at airports, prompting protests. Late in the day, a New York judge issued a temporary stay preventing the deportation of some travellers already in the country, Reuters reports.

Will Immigrants Personal Data Be Used To Help Deport Them?


A little-noticed provision in one of President Trump’s executive orders this week stripped federal privacy protections from many immigrants, raising fears among advocacy groups that information people willingly submitted to the federal government during the Obama administration could now be used to help deport them, writes the Washington Post. “The U.S. shouldn’t do a bait-and-switch with sensitive personal data. We have to be able to trust that the government will use and share that data only in the way it said it would,” ” says Sarah St. Vincent of Human Rights Watch.

Trump’s Refugee Scare-Mongering Has No Basis in Reality

In suspending the U.S. refugee resettlement program, President Donald Trump is turning his back on the very people who are most in need. Mr. Trump’s scare-mongering on refugees is out of all proportion to reality,  writes Bill Frelick in the Globe and Mail.

US: Trump Delivers Blow to Refugees

United States President Donald Trump announced several policies that will cause tremendous harm to refugees and do little to address terrorism and other national security threats, Human Rights Watch said today.


“Trump Refugee Order “likely to hurt the people most in need”

President Donald Trump today signed an executive order that he claimed would clamp down on refugee admissions to the US. While the text has not been released yet, media reports suggest it will suspend the refugee program for 120 days and bar Syrian refugees indefinitely. The following quote can be attributed to

Grace Menge, senior US researcher at Human Rights Watch comments:

“Trump’s latest executive order is  likely to hurt the people most in need: those fleeing violence and terrorism, and on Holocaust Remembrance Day, no less. Its decision to drastically curtail the refugee program would abandon tens of thousands to the risk of persecution or worse and cede American leadership on a vitally important issue.”

Trump, Iraqi Oil and International Law


In an interview with ABC this week President Donald Trump  repeated his  position the US “should have taken the oil” from Iraq during the occupation of the country following the 2003 US-led invasion. But Trump’s position would violate US law and military regulations that go back to the American Civil War and longstanding US international legal obligations. HRW’s Sarah Saadoun  explains.

HRW’s Fred Abrahams: Trump & Torture

In an ABC News interview this week President Trump insisted that torture “works,” claiming his advisors told him so. That comes amid reports that Trump is considering executive orders that include reviewing whether to resume the once-secret “black site” detention program and revise the Army Field Manual to determine whether certain “enhanced interrogation techniques” can be used. HRW’s  Fred Abrahamsdiscusses the torture issue in an interview Brent Goff of DW News.

Jettisoning Women’s Rights: “Common Ground” for Russia and the US


Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump are scheduled to speak on Saturday, the first call since the Russian leader called Trump to congratulate him on his election victory.

HRW’s Janet Walsh, Acting Director, Women’s Rights Division, comments: 

Trump and Putin will talk by phone this weekend about “common ground” for Russia and the US. Sadly, jettisoning women’s rights seems to be part of Trump’s and Putin’s common ground. Today, Russia’s State Duma voted to  decriminalize some forms of domestic violence. That’s right: decriminalize. The US, through Trump’s executive actions this week, is putting women’s lives at risk around the world. Trump reinstated and expanded the global gag rule, a pernicious and cruel policy that will limit women’s access to lifesaving reproductive health services, including abortion.  And an executive order to gut US funding for international agencies, including those working to prevent maternal mortality, is in the works. Common ground, indeed.

Showing Up Is Not Enough, Theresa May


British Prime Minister Theresa May will meet with President Trump at the White House tomorrow. She has said  being a female leader is the “biggest statement” she can make to the president about women’s rights when they meet. HRW’s Amanda Klasing begs to differ.


Trump’s Immigration Actions to Harm Millions


The two executive actions, on immigration and border policy, that United States President Donald Trump signed today will severely harm millions of immigrants and US citizens, Human Rights Watch said.


No Mr. President, Torture Does Not “Work”


In an ABC News interview tonight President Trump insisted that torture “works,” claiming his advisors told him so. Despite torture being illegal under US and international law, the claim that it works flies in the face of the conclusions of the more than 6,000-page Senate Intelligence Committee report on the CIA torture program, which found, based on extensive evidence, that the program was not an effective means of obtaining accurate information or gaining detainee cooperation. Trump’s defense secretary, James Mattis, reportedly toldTrump he had “never found” waterboarding to be useful. And just a few weeks ago, a group of 176 retired generals  wrote to Trump to tell him that torture was counterproductive to US national security and that “lawful, rapport-based interrogation techniques are the most effective way to elicit actionable intelligence.”

Source : Human Rights Watch

Dugbe Market Traders Seek Divine Intervention Over Dwindling Sales

Traders at the  Dugbe Market, Ibadan, Nigeria have embarked on a prayer session to seek divine  intervention towards addressing dwindling sales and other challenges confronting traders as a result of the absence of adequate facilities in the market.

The Traders who turned out in large numbers, at the market venue of the prayer session, lamented that the toilets in the market were not enough to cater for the large number of people in the market.

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They also complained of  irregular electricity supply and lack of potable water, while appealing to the Oyo state Government to consider their plight, by doing the needful.

At the prayer session, were the Otun Iyalaje of Ibadan land, who doubles as the Iyalaje of Dugbe market, Chief(Mrs.) Victoria Lawal-Coker,  Babaloja of Dugbe market, Alhaji  Rasaki Bello, Iyaloja of Dugbe market, Alhaja Limota Adepoju, the Babalaje of Dugbe market, Alhaji Moshood Ayinde,  Chief Security Officer of the market,  Mr. Kelvin Iwuji among other dignitaries.

Trump defends executive action, says ‘This is not a Muslim ban’

By Rebecca Savransky


President Trump on Sunday released a statement stressing the importance of keeping the country safe and denying that his executive order amounts to a Muslim ban, amid protests and backlash from lawmakers.

“America is a proud nation of immigrants and we will continue to show compassion to those feeling oppression, but we will do so while protecting our own citizens and border,” the president said in the statement.

“We will keep it free and keep it safe, as the media knows, but refuses to say.”

Trump said his policy is similar to what former President Obama did in 2011, when he “banned visas for refugees from Iraq for six months.”

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Trump also pointed to the Obama administration for identifying the seven countries included in Trump’s executive order.

“To be clear, this is not a Muslim ban, as the media is falsely reporting. This is not about religion – this is about terror and keeping our country safe,” he said.

“There are over 40 different countries worldwide that are majority Muslim that are not affected by this order.”

Trump said America will be issuing visas again to all countries once “we are sure we have reviewed and implemented the most secure policies over the next 90 days.”

Trump on Friday signed an executive order calling for a 90-day ban on nationals from seven predominantly Muslim countries entering the United States. The order also includes a 120-day halt on admitting refugees and an indefinite pause on admitting refugees from Syria.

“I have a tremendous feeling for the people involved in this horrific humanitarian crisis in Syria,” he said.

“My first priority will always be to protect and serve our country, but as President I will find ways to help all those who are suffering.”

A federal judge in New York on Saturday night granted an emergency stay, temporarily halting the removal of people detained following Trump’s order.
The move appears to mark the first successful legal challenge to the Trump administration and affects those who have arrived in the U.S. with previously approved refugee applications or were in transit with valid visas. Similar rulings were later issued in Virginia, Massachusetts and Washington state.
Protests broke out across the country on Saturday and Sunday to protest the president’s executive order and to call for the U.S. to welcome immigrants and refugees.
Source : The Hill

Who are Those that Want Destroy Our Country Nigeria ?-By Eze Dr. Alex Anozie

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Press Release

Whoever muted the idea in which Umaru Musa Yar’dua University, Katsina rolled out  the demonic decree of banning every other religious association or union except Islam in the University should be arrested immediately for very serious interrogation , because I suspect that there must be an hidden agenda to kick start a destructive religious war from that university, which could spread to  other universities in the country, and that could result in  the end of the country, Nigeria, if not nipped in the bud.   The security agents should waste no time, whatsoever, in arresting the situation.

If this devilish idea is allowed to go on,  then we must have through that way, given approval for the end of this country called Nigeria.

The Umaru Musa Yar’adua University authority should be ordered, immediately, to reverse the destructive and demonic directive.


Eze Dr. Alex Anozie(Ezendigbo Oyo state)

A Big Well Done To ECOWAS And African Union Leaders-By Eze Dr. Alex Anozie

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This is to express my sincere kudos to all ECOWAS and African Union leaders, for their bold, courageous, quick action, they applied  in making sure that Yahaya Jammeh of The Gambia obeyed the Gambian constitution, by leaving office, as he was voted out by Gambians.  This very action has saved Africa and the whole world, another round of crises that could have followed, if he did not leave office.

A lot of benefits comes from this particular action of the African leaders, which include, the fact that very other stubborn leader, who may be tempted to go the destructive way, that Jammeh attempted to thread, will have a rethink.

In my recent Press Release, which went out to the Press, I requested the African  leaders not to waste anytime before acting, this they did, and it has paid off. I am calling  on the new President to go back to The Gambia and start his service to his country with the fear of God, and let justice and fairness be his watch word in all his actions. He should allow all sleeping dogs to lie, in the interest of peace and reconciliation.

Good Luck to Gambians and long live Africa.

Eze Dr. Alex Anozie

Ezendigbo Oyo state